Life Unexpected Series Finale Review: "Affair Remembered"

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Last night, we sadly said good-bye to The CW's unexpectedly wonderful little series, Life Unexpected. Since there were plenty of loose ends to tie up, it was broken down into two one-hour parts.

I wasn't sure how the writers would be able to conclude this show, especially since there were so many climatic situations and unanswered questions. But I think they did about an average job. I wasn't too disappointed and yet, at the same time, I wasn't thrilled with the ending. 

End of the Lux Line

The first hour of the show ("Teacher Schooled") answered all the immediate questions. We learned right away that Cate and Ryan lost their unborn baby. This is a horrible situation to go through and it felt a little anti-climatic. I expected Cate to go off on the deep end when she learned that not only did she have a miscarriage, but she will never be able to ever have children.

Cate's reaction seemed strange, but even more strange was Ryan's. Throughout this season, it was pretty clear how important it was to Ryan to have his own flesh and blood offspring. By the end of the show, he declared that it wasn't important to him. What mattered to him was Cate.

In the last episode, we learned that Emma was having an affair with Jack, Baze's father. This was a huge shocker and, of course, Lux was in ear shot to hear the whole thing. Lux uses this to her advantage to get back at Baze for being a lousy father. 

I know many people were not a huge fan of Emma, but I liked her! I was very surprised to hear that the affair went on for four years. That's pretty gross. You can't blame the guy for not being able to be with her again. So... that was the end of Emma.

The most intense scene had to be when Cate and Baze confronted Lux about having a secrete relationship with her teacher, Eric.

Who else knew that Eric wasn't knocking on Tasha's door? I was surprised that he would come clean to Math, though. Eric and Lux were "good" together in some ways, but what Cate pointed out was right. It was wrong on so many levels.

I am happy that the writers did not let this relationship drift into happily ever after. Yes, their age difference wasn't that big, but she is a teenager and he's an adult. Period. End of discussion.

Cate on the Finale

The heated argument between Cate and Lux continued on through the final hour of "Affair Remembered." I knew this blow up would finally make Lux crack and see that Cate is here to stay. What Lux needed more than anything was a sense of security and that no matter how dark and twisted her past was, she did have a loving and caring family.

Most of this hour seemed to drag on more than anything else. The couple scenes of Jones and Lux hanging out alone seemed odd. Of course, by the end of the episode, we learned why these scenes were created:

Two years passed and Lux was the speaker at her graduation. Even though Tasha was sitting next to Jones, it turned out that Lux and Jones must have been together for sometime. They kissed and hugged while Tasha took pictures of them. All I can say about that? Weird.

Meanwhile, Julia was at the ceremony with child in tow, sitting next to Ryan. Ryan was sitting next to Cate. And Cate was sitting next to Baze. It all seemed too picture perfect. Everyone getting along? Get real.

As it turned out, Ryan was with Julia and Baze and Cate were finally a couple. As much as I always routed for Baze and Cate, I felt jipped. Five minutes before this ending, Cate and Ryan were going strong. Why would Julia having his baby change this? 

I guess the writers knew they had to end this one way or another. It's sad that we didn't get to see Cate and Baze become a couple, but I am glad that they will live on happily ever after. Are you?


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man that sucks this show is not on the air anymore...:( how can we get it back?


I think that the CW should make more seasons of Life Unexpected. It was a really great show and they left us kind of hanging even though they took us two years into the future to see Lux graduate from high school. There is a lot of things that they could go on with. The show was so much different from others on t v right now and it was family oriented which is nice. Also it was taped in my home town which is nice since I don't live there right now. It was great to see the street names and the neon signs(Made in Oregon and White Stag)which also made me feel like I was at home.


I jst watched da first and i loved da second season ends lyk dat i dnt even need it unexpected is a very good story..why didnt cathe n baze neva fully showed their affection for one another..seriously they shuld had have lyk 3 hot sex scences....

@ Ruth

What the hell is wrong with your spelling. .. you think talking like that is cool? You sound like an illiterate rachet moron.


I think they should continue the show cause it was really good and plus i watch the show all the time on the wii... Even they the ending was kinda bad it was still good so my vote is THEY SHOULD MAKE MORE EPISODES!!!! THATS JUST MY OPINION!!!!!


I can't believe how the cate and baze,ryan and juliet, or lux and jones just BOOM ended up together. They needed an explaination for this at least. Well, anyway i am sad the season ended, ha might be a little late since well it is two years later that it ended. How ironic. To tell the truth i was hoping since lux just graduated that eric the teach would be there and they would be back together. I am pretty certain that wanted that because like HE IS A TEACHER. I hope for a third season, but i can guarentee it won't.


I thought the episode was good but there were elements that didn't fit with how the story was the fact that ryan ended up with julia made no sense. If that was were they were going then why have him tell cate all he cared about was her and that they couldn't have kids didn't seem to matter. I get they needed to tie up lose ends and ryan and cate were never the end game but i just couldn't get how they fell apart not to mention by him ending up with julia and there not being a real reason it made it seem they both settled for someone else. As for bas and cate up to that point there really seemed nothing between them i could see it changing if ryan was out of the picture so i am guessing but since they are all so close then my guess is ryan left cate first.Lux/jones/eric i think the whole eric thing got tied up to easily the story went from 0 to 60 over night and although it was totaly wrong they seemed to wrap it up way to quick and jones this one is the only story that made sense. I like the scene they had on the basketball court it showed that she always liked him but never felt worthy of him as well in season one he told her that there would be a day that she would want to be with him until them we could be friends. As for the rest of the character math, fern and alice ete really made no sense all these people who never had a scene together end up together but all in all a good ending


I watched the show when it came on but had missed the final few episodes and just cuaght up on Netflix. I miss the show! I have pretty much boycotted the cw since they took it off the air. But I wanted Ryan and Cate to be together. Then they could have shared custody with Julia. I just never really saw Cate and Base and a couple. But i did like that Lux was calling them mom and dad now...i thought that was sweet.


What a great show!!! I watched and loved both seasons. But it shouldn't have ended like that cate and ryan were meant to be! My brother wishes there was a season 3!


Ok so, I watched both of the seasons on netflix and i immeadiatly fell in love with it. THe endidn was shocking and dissapointing. I loved cate and ryan sooo much! I just wanted them to end up together after everything they went through. why would Julia having a baby change that? I pictured Ryan together with cate but still in the kid's life. I guess i did want Baze to end up with someone...BUT NOT CATE!
Lux ending up with Jones was weird sure they made a good couple and i really liked jones, but they could've at least shown how they got together and get Tasha someone alse.
Well even though somethings didnnt end up like i wanted them to, I LOVED THE SERIES :)


I loved this series but the last episode?? that really disappointed me, it was much to rushed they could have gone so far with it and it just... ended. They really need to bring back this show, I loved it but am disappointed.

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