Life Unexpected Series Finale Review: "Affair Remembered"

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Last night, we sadly said good-bye to The CW's unexpectedly wonderful little series, Life Unexpected. Since there were plenty of loose ends to tie up, it was broken down into two one-hour parts.

I wasn't sure how the writers would be able to conclude this show, especially since there were so many climatic situations and unanswered questions. But I think they did about an average job. I wasn't too disappointed and yet, at the same time, I wasn't thrilled with the ending. 

End of the Lux Line

The first hour of the show ("Teacher Schooled") answered all the immediate questions. We learned right away that Cate and Ryan lost their unborn baby. This is a horrible situation to go through and it felt a little anti-climatic. I expected Cate to go off on the deep end when she learned that not only did she have a miscarriage, but she will never be able to ever have children.

Cate's reaction seemed strange, but even more strange was Ryan's. Throughout this season, it was pretty clear how important it was to Ryan to have his own flesh and blood offspring. By the end of the show, he declared that it wasn't important to him. What mattered to him was Cate.

In the last episode, we learned that Emma was having an affair with Jack, Baze's father. This was a huge shocker and, of course, Lux was in ear shot to hear the whole thing. Lux uses this to her advantage to get back at Baze for being a lousy father. 

I know many people were not a huge fan of Emma, but I liked her! I was very surprised to hear that the affair went on for four years. That's pretty gross. You can't blame the guy for not being able to be with her again. So... that was the end of Emma.

The most intense scene had to be when Cate and Baze confronted Lux about having a secrete relationship with her teacher, Eric.

Who else knew that Eric wasn't knocking on Tasha's door? I was surprised that he would come clean to Math, though. Eric and Lux were "good" together in some ways, but what Cate pointed out was right. It was wrong on so many levels.

I am happy that the writers did not let this relationship drift into happily ever after. Yes, their age difference wasn't that big, but she is a teenager and he's an adult. Period. End of discussion.

Cate on the Finale

The heated argument between Cate and Lux continued on through the final hour of "Affair Remembered." I knew this blow up would finally make Lux crack and see that Cate is here to stay. What Lux needed more than anything was a sense of security and that no matter how dark and twisted her past was, she did have a loving and caring family.

Most of this hour seemed to drag on more than anything else. The couple scenes of Jones and Lux hanging out alone seemed odd. Of course, by the end of the episode, we learned why these scenes were created:

Two years passed and Lux was the speaker at her graduation. Even though Tasha was sitting next to Jones, it turned out that Lux and Jones must have been together for sometime. They kissed and hugged while Tasha took pictures of them. All I can say about that? Weird.

Meanwhile, Julia was at the ceremony with child in tow, sitting next to Ryan. Ryan was sitting next to Cate. And Cate was sitting next to Baze. It all seemed too picture perfect. Everyone getting along? Get real.

As it turned out, Ryan was with Julia and Baze and Cate were finally a couple. As much as I always routed for Baze and Cate, I felt jipped. Five minutes before this ending, Cate and Ryan were going strong. Why would Julia having his baby change this? 

I guess the writers knew they had to end this one way or another. It's sad that we didn't get to see Cate and Baze become a couple, but I am glad that they will live on happily ever after. Are you?


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Okay so I just watched both seasons and can't believe that is all!! I really enjoyed this show and am really sad that it isn't going to be on anymore. they need to show how Baze and Cate got back together and how Lux, Jones and Tasha are doing in college...


i think it needs to come back just the way it was with all the cast i love this show so please bring Life Unexpected back because 2 season it's enough


Tiana, I completely agree!!! I have actually been in a similar relationship, and I think that there were certainly other ways to go about it than ending it and never going back. Personally, I think Lux would've been able to make her point rationally after talking with Cate at the end of the episode, and perhaps it would've/could've/should've been an 'until-you're-18' ban on Eric instead of a 'forever-and-ever' ban. Does it freak anyone else out that Austin Butler (Jones) and Shaun Sipos (Eric) look exactly alike??? Geez, put them in a room with Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans, Glee) and people will think they're at a triplet covention. But I digress. That part of the story made me a bit sad because I think it was really cheap to have them end up together when they were never the best match. As for the rest, I think it was really well done. There was a ton of stuff I'd wished to see that we didn't get to because they couldn't have any more episodes. I was glad that it seemed that Lux overcame her dysgraphia (really agraphia because it was acquired), and that Cate and Baze finally got together!!! I was never a huge Ryan fan (sorry Kerr, I love you though). If I had the money, I would totally buy the rights to "Life Unexpected: The College Years" just for more Shiri/Britt and Kris/Shiri goodness. But alas, I will watch Lost Girl for Ksenia and re-watch LUX and cry and cry and cry ;)


I didn't like the end because, I personally thought that Lux and Eric should of ended up together... Come on the guy drove her to see the ocean the night that they met and as the series go on you can see how much they care for each other, I know the fact that she's a student and he's a teacher does't make the relation ship very right, but if it feels right for then, why not? Jones might be a nice guy but Eric will still be in Lux's heart no matter what, and Jones or any other guy could ever change that, first REAL love will always be the biggest of them all! if he had touched her in any way that she didn't like I would totally understand that but actualy he was the one who didn't want to touch her because he didn't want to hurt her....


The purchases I make are entirely based on these arctlies.


i was so disappointed that the series ended just like that! what happened in the 2 yrs? honestly i needed Ryan to be with kate and with julia? i am sure we cld have 2 more full seasons... the story cld get interesting if maybe ryan found another love and not julia... julia was a apin in the ass...shldnt have resurfaced... i liked kate but she let me down several times. eric should look for lux after college we needed to see that,.... its one drama that shall ever keep me glued to my tv set..thnks to the production!


sad that it has ended; reallly wanted to see Cate and Baze be a couple (goofy loving funny couple). Shiri Appleby and Kristoffer Polaha are great together, hope to see them do something again soon.


I was so shocked that the season just ended so abruptly. I really did't want the show to end. I miss all the drama. To me it was like the show had so many situations but was magically fixed by the finale. There should have been more power driven behind the episode. I am happy that Baze and Kate ended up together, but before the jump they weren't even heading in the direction of being a couple. The show was forced to have everyone be with the people they were mention to be with even though the show didn't hint at it in the beginning of the episode. I wish they do a few more seasons leading up to last few moments of the finale to clear up how everything happened. I am still a fan of the show and I will keep watching reruns.


I really felt cheated at the end of the show. I felt like they were trying to wrap things all nice and tight and please everyone having the show end like they invisioned when they first started it, but for me, it didn't work. Specially when it comes to Baze/Cate/Ryan. This last season Cate fought for her marriage, she fought to be together with Ryan because she loves him. And Ryan fought for the same thing, he fought to be together with her. Yes, he wanted a baby of his own, but Ryan was, throughout the whole show, the adult, the rational one. He wouldn't have left Cate and get together with Julia just because of a baby. I see him being a part of the kid's life and being content that he has a child in this world, even if it's not with the woman he loves. Baze/Cate just doesn't work, not after two seasons, maybe if the show had a longer run, they could make it work. But for me, Baze will always be the popular jock you had a crush on and wanted him to notice you. It doesn't matter that it's 15 years later and you are on a high school reunion, you still want him to notice you, see how well you turned out, how you're beautiful and have a slamming body or whatever. They had very little time to build their relationship to make a Baze/Cate ending plausible. I thought I was cheated that they took the easy way out: make it so it's two years later, everyone exchanged loved ones and no one thinks it's awkward. Tasha/Jones/Lux is the same thing, they couldn't handle Lux not being in a relationship and it was already too late to introduce someone new on the show. So it was: sorry, Tasha, you're so out of luck, Lux has to end the show with a normal relationship, you, we don't care so much. And the show was very contraditory. Before the two years later jump, there's this scene of Cate and Ryan back on the show playing Sex, Marry, Kill. They declare themselves to each other finally sounding like they found their stride in their marriage and then two years later, they're both with other people. I really like the show, I liked the premise, the characters, the writing. But the ending was disappointing. Again, I really felt like they were just trying to please everyone by making it a Cate/Baze. Because that was what they wanted. I think they forgot that sometimes, the couple doesn't have to end together. Dawson and Joey didn't and the ending of Dawson's Creek was good.


Yeah I think they should go back in time, and show how they all got to where they were....2 more years! I'm upset about this show going off the air. Now I have to find something else to watch.

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