NCIS Planning Tony-Centric, Flashback-Driven Episode

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We just saw him act serious for the first time ever in "False Witness." Now get ready to once again see NCIS' Tony DiNozzo as you've never seen him before.

Before he worked at the agency, that is.

Executive producer Shane Brennan says a spring "origin episode" will delve into young DiNozzo’s life before he became an NCIS agent and one-half of Tiva.

Obsession By Tony

Michael Weatherly has been terrific this season as Tony.

TV's #1 drama already flashed back once this fall, offering a memorable two-part installment (see Parts I and II) centered on younger Vance and Eli David.

“The episode will reveal much about DiNozzo’s past as a Baltimore cop,” he says. “And yes, we’ll hear the first words exchanged between DiNozzo and Gibbs."

"It’s a memorable first meeting.”

Any guesses on what those words might be? Are you looking forward to seeing young Tony, or would you prefer an "origin" episode about another character?

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Too much Tony this season and not enough Abby.


You obviously know nothing about the fandom. The name Tiva is the combination of Tony and Ziva. It's the name for them as a couple. Tony is "one half" of Tiva.


Too bad the writer of this article doesn't watch NCIS - if he/she did, then they would know it's Ziva, not Tiva.


Can't wait for Tony's prequel. I must say until the last year or two, Tony always had a nice mix of clever (not over the top and moronic) humor, mixed with the ability to be dead serious and brilliant in the field. I want that Tony back for this episode and for that matter, from here on out.


SO EXCITED!!! I love Tony to death! He's the best character on the show :) I'm hoping that we'll get to see more serious-Tony. He's so adorable like that. They need to have more Italian-Tony, though. God, if he did an episode speaking Italian, I may just die of total happiness.


I cannot contain my excitement!!!!


Tony without humor? this is my favourite line from the very first episode
Dennis: NCIS. Never heard of it.
Gibbs: That`s embarrasing.
Dennis: NCIS anything like CSI?
Tony: Only if your`e dyslesic.


From what they say its the first time


Yeah I know but since Tony didn't exactly do anything when Gibbs did it, it couldn't have been the first time.


I can`t wait I lovve Tony

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