Off the Map Review: "Smile. Don't Kill Anyone."

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It was another fun night in the jungle and the opening sequence of the latest Off The Map was breathtaking. I can’t get enough of these sunsets and waterfalls. It makes me understand why Lily would choose to wake up in a place where giant spiders share her pillow.

Smile. Don’t Kill Anyone” was more fun than I expected, even given the origin of the title - the text Lily’s fiancé sent her just before he was hit by a car and killed.

I completely understand Lily holding onto that text for months but it was nice that Ben helped her realize she didn’t need to hold onto it forever.

A Doctor Time Out Scene

Otis and Ben survey the local scene.

I found the anaconda storyline both light-hearted and horrifying.

I had nightmares about giant snakes as a kid so that may explain my horrified reaction but it was fun to see the doctors take it all in stride. When they were crossing the river I kept wondering if the snake would react to the water and swim away.

It was unfortunate for the patient that I was right.

The proposal scene just before surgery was sweet. I wonder if every episode of Off The Map will have at least one heartfelt moment like this.

Mina is still my favorite character.  She gets some of the best lines in the show. 

I loved her growing annoyance with Ryan’s bubbly personality. Yet, I also enjoyed it when Ryan put her in her place after Bruno died. Whereas Tommy has a problem dealing with cultural differences, Mina simply has a problem relating to people.

As for Tommy, I found his story the least entertaining. I’m no medical expert, but I find it hard to believe he could make that girl’s scar disappear in one afternoon no matter how brilliant his plastic surgery skills.

I’m also hoping we get to see more of Otis and Zee soon. I wish we could have followed along on their walk on the beach.

Are there any medical professionals out there who can tell me if I’m correct about Tommy’s scar surgery? Should Lily have ditched her phone? How long do you think it will be before we see a Ben and Lily hookup? Or do you think he’ll end up back with Ryan?

So far I’m finding Off The Map a fun new adventure, as long as I don’t take it too seriously. How about you? Comments are welcome!


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Just saying I love this show but the only problem is is that you shouldnt show that much gore because its such a exciting show but i always have to look away.


Another comment the episode where the father and the daughter that he barely knew went diving and the girl had to get her leg amputated at the begginning where it showed the fish and sharks swimming around and then when the poool of blood showed up sharks would have been there in seconds and they would have been gone so maybe you should have mpore people watch it before its released people like me so that they can pick out the problems.


Just saying I was watching the episode with the rescue helicopter crash and when the red head was looking for the little girl, she fell and when shes lying on the ground the blood is on the left side of her face but then she looks up and the blood is on the right side of her face and then she lies back down and it's on the left side of her face again so the producers or whoever takes care of that should pay more attention.


To be fair, I just watched the episode on my laptop on Hulu, so I was not privileged with a 40" high def view of the scar. But after it "disappeared" when the surgeon closed it, I too was pretty skeptical. The only thing I could think is this: If someone has a full thickness (through the dermis) laceration that long, it will be gaping and look pretty awful. As an EMT, I learned fast that even though I could see fatty tissue, etc. in the tissue layers, a good doc would be able to close it and, assuming it wasn't a jagged tear, make it look like a simple cut with some sutures, leaving a very thin scar. I would be skeptical that it could heal without closing (especially in the jungle), but perhaps? So if that is what happened to the girl, then perhaps all he would have to do is suture the way it should have been done properly in the first place, leaving only a clean line of sutures. This is said with a HUGE grain of salt, as issues with necrotic tissue immediately come to mind, but as to "Is it possible?" Maybe. Is it probable? Uhhhhhm, no.


I'm finding this show blah...the constant battle between the old guard and the fumbling newbies is tiresome, there's no real depth to the characters and I know they're trying for something between Lily and Ben but there's no chemistry...mind you that didn't stop Sam and Addison or Teddy and anyone on Grey's! I think this show and its setting is one dimensional without any real chance for growth.
Hope to be proven wrong because I LOVE Martin Henderson and saw him play Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in Melbourne a few years ago!


I keep looking for 'Hawkeye' or "Trapper John" to show up. I am afraid they will run out of story line before the show takes hold but we shall see. Liked seeing Cheech M still active.


Speaking as someone who has lost someone very close to me, I don't think I would have thrown the phone away. Put it away, yes. I have a handcarved wooden box (carved by the person I lost) that I keep important things like that in. I seldom look in it anymore but it is there.


Well one thing I can say is that grey's has never been realisitic with its surgeries either. I'm a health professional and I know for a fact that most patients do not start speaking after surgery. They are always on oxygen and have at least a few tubes in them. They stretch reality and thats just how it is on tv so don't expect off the map to be the same.


Mina is the most compelling character. I hope they keep the romance out as much as possible. Its cheesy enough as it is.


im not a doctor, but it would probably depend on how she got the scar, and how deep it is. if it's just superficial, it's not that unrealistic, i don't think

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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I find it the height of irony that he's the one acting like a whore and we're the ones bathing like hookers.


Lily: I could never get naked in public like that, all Jane of the Jungle.
Mina: Please, stay your control freak self. I can't handle more naked people.