Parenthood Review: "Damage Control"

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Parenthood started out with a bang this week... in the form of a bird smashing into the plate glass door at Julia's; Drew deciding to sneak his friends into the barn at Zeek's for a few beers; Hadie lying and sneaking off to see Alex; Crosby and Jasmine arguing over how to parent; and Sarah swearing off men in the new year.

On "Damage Control," Julia and Joel spent their morning trying to nurse the fallen bird back to health after its run-in with their beautiful streak-free door.  They struggled with the decision to tell Sydney that the bird is involved in some afterlife activity.

Alex at Dinner

Julia felt using the concept of heaven would soften the blow, while Joel was adamantly against it. In the end, they went with Joel's idea of the honest approach. Of course, Julia then went all alpha and pulled out the heaven card anyway, as Sydney seemed to accept her explanation. 

I actually loved this scene. As a parent of young children, this is something I struggle with daily.  It was also nice to see Joel attempt to assert his will.

Adam, after hearing from Kristina about Hadie's secret relationship with Alex, headed down to the soup kitchen and invited Alex to the house for dinner. 

While Adam and Kristina liked Alex, they were conflicted by their concern for Hadie once they learned he is a recovering alcoholic, and decided they are not going to allow the relationship to continue.  When they broke the news to Hadie, she took it like any other sixteen-year-old on the planet would: via tears and anger. 

We saw what was coming next a mile away, right?  Hadie headed down to the homeless shelter and told Alex that her parents loved him.

Elsewhere, Crosby was forced to discipline Jabar. The latter consequently threw a tantrum on par with a three-year old.  This is really the first time we've seen Crosby deal with Jabar on an authoritative level, and let me tell you something: that kid has issues.  I have four-year-old twins who have never thrown a fit like that.  

Jabar was screaming that he hated Crosby. I thought that kind of hatred only happened when they turned into teenagers.  I guess I have a lot to learn!

Surprisingly, the Tearjerker Moment of the Week came from ... drumroll ... Joel!

While Julia was explaining the concept of heaven to Sydney, she employed the example of Joel's dead mother.  Later, Joel was watching Sydney play in the yard when Julia came up behind him and found him crying.  He misses his mother, turns out, and wishes she was there to watch Sydney grow up.   It was heart-wrenching.

Teardrop Scale: 4.5 out of 5.  This one hit home.


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I really thought that the whole Sarah storyline about her addict ex was the tearjerker moment for me... her speach about how little the kids really know about that time indicated hopefully a really strong storyline ahead.
and jabar at 5 wasn't too off bat for most 5 year old tantrums


I thought jabar's tantrum was not pretty average or at least it was in my household with my darling lovely siblings :P in fact i used to trash my room when i was in a tantrum in fact i have a vivid memory of pulling down my entire huge bookcase which is the height of my room i was in that much of a bad mood. I can tell you now the clearing up bit was never fun and eventuallly i learnt it simply wasnt worth it :)
Also adam and kristina couldnt have taken a worse action in my opinion


I am with addict666, Jabbar's tantrum was about average for a tantrum. Excellent episode. Well scripted drama. Alex seemed a little too honest and perfect. I am really curious how old he is in the show - what is the age difference between him and Haddie? The actress doing Sydney was excellent when freaking uot over death. She really made me understand why Julia would reach for anything to console her daughter. Smashing! Camille needs more script! SHe is great with the kids, and we have seen glimpses of her humanity and weakness relating to the infidelity. Love seeing Zeke and Drew together. Really shows some growth in Zeke. I loved his Spanish - "Hey Gringo - leave the beer."


i thought jabars tantrum was really tame

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