Patricia Wettig Leaves Brothers & Sisters

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Patricia Wettig, who's played mistress-turned-quasi-family member Holly Harper since the beginning on Brothers & Sisters, has appeared on the show for the last time.

An apparent casualty of this year's reboot, the amnesia-stricken Holly left town to join also-departed daughter Rebecca in New York at the end of this week's episode.

The door reportedly remains open for Wettig's return, but it looks like a done deal for the foreseeable future. What do you think of the move? Is it a good one for the show?

Poor Holly

Patricia Wettig unceremoniously bid farewell to Brothers & Sisters this week.

The actress, whose husband Ken Olin (David) and daughter Roxy Olin also appeared on the show, had gained more prominence in recent seasons prior to this one.

Meanwhile, Pedro Pascal is joining the show in a potentially recurring role. He will play Zach, a homeless war vet who Justin (Dave Annable) takes under his wing.

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I love this show.I started watcheing, when they were repeats, I think it 's great. They family situations are great. I didnt see the shows after the carcrash that killed Robert off and Justin coming home,But now soap net is repeating the season again so i can see it.ABC seems to be the doom of everything.Including all the soaps they cancelled , Anyways I think B&S is the best show that has came along in years.I'm wanting to buy the final season, but cannot afford it right now , but will do it soon.


BRING BACK BROS & SISTERS!!! One of the best shows and casts on TV - you overschmaltzed yourself off the screen! Bring back the Walkers and all their bastards!! Pan Am - real soap opera Dreck!! I love Ken Olin!


I have not watched this show since the two women left the show. It no longer has that twist.


I have loved the program since the very first one. Every character is so good. I care about all of them, and truly wish it would go on forever.
Please try to make that happen.
Thank you.


Patricia Wettig's name is still showing in the opening credits. What makes you think she has left the show permanently? Her name wouldn't appear if she has.


so long to a good programme - do these people know if a formula works - don't mess with it? this probably will be the last season and it is a shame - cuz here in the uk on a thursday night would pur some wine and look forward to a great episode.


I wrote before but don't know if it went thru. I am so disappointed in this program with such good actresses and actors almost leaving at the same time it takes away from the program, which was once a favorite program of mine. It still is good but too many leaving and wondering if this program will return next year. I was very surprised Patricia Wettig leaving too and she was one of the best Actresses on there but all are good Actors, but why are so many leaving and almost at same time? I will still watch it but takes away something even with good replacement Actors as happened too much at almost the same time.


I don't understand why all of my favorite Actors and Actresses are leaveing this wonderful show. I just found out about Patricia Wettig leaving now, too. Did they get bored with their parts or just want a change? I can see over the years a few leaving this great show but too many leaving at almost the same time. I am wondering how much longer this show will last, it was a favorite of mine but with so many leaving and almost at same time I don't know if one of my favorite shows any more. The acting is fine but too many leaving is not a good thing on any TV program as good as this one. I hope replacements will make the show last another year at least and they are good Actors but still not the same . Sorry to hear about Patricia Wettig leave she was one of the best on that show. Hope no more leave as doubt if this show will run another year.


I am so upset that they killed Robert!Now Rebecca,Holly and David left too... what are the writers doing? This has been my favorite show from seasons 1-4 but season 5 is making me lose interest.I feel like my family is splitting apart...this makes me sad and angry because I have seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! Please bring back my favorite characters!


I agree with what everybody has said here. I used to love the show. I liked the people. I found the show enjoyable. I was annoyed when they killed off Robert. I don't know why Robert had to leave (probably better opportunities for the star), but they should have divorced him instead of killing him. They're changing too many things, and they're forgetting what the show used to be all about. It's like they have new writers who have never seen the older shows, so they don't know what happened before. But we do. And we don't like all these changes that are just pulled out of thin air. There's no continuity.

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