Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Moments Later"

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Pretty Little Liars returned with a fun new episode this week. While one of our critics has already posted her Moments Later review, more members of our staff have gathered for the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.

Is Aria handling the Noel situation correctly? How will Emily's parents react to her news? We tackle these questions and more below...

Should Aria tell Ezra about her conversation with Noel?
Matt R: Of course. Has keeping secrets gotten Aria and her friends anywhere positive? If she really wants to make things work with Ezra, she has to be frank about Noel's knowledge.

Steve M: No. What good can come out of it? I foresee Ezra panicking over the revelation and making a false step as a consequence, something neither he nor Aria wants.

Eric H: No way. How could she play the two of them off each other if she did? Use this to your advantage, girl! I'm talking twice the dates, flowers and dinners!

PLL RT - depreciated -

How will Emily's parents handle her sexuality?
Matt R: We already know the general answer: not well. But it's clear Emily's dad is trying to be as understanding as possible. I could see him taking a stand against his wife and this leading to major marital problems for that couple.

Steve M: Two words: boarding school. You saw the look on her mother's face, didn't you? No way she allows her daughter to be openly gay in their hometown.

Eric H: It won't be pretty. Her father will return to service abroad again soon, right? That will leave Emily with a conservative, image-conscious mom. Let's just say I see a lot of sneaking out of bedroom windows in Emily's future.

Will Melissa and Ian's marriage last?
Matt R: Who cares?!? Can we focus on something a lot more pressing: why is Ian back in town? There's no way he isn't mixed up in all this A-related business.

Steve M: Sure. It will last about as long as each attempt at a relationship by Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl.

Eric H: No, and here's why: they don't possess a solid nickname. Man? Ielissa? Nothing works.

Give this return episode a grade.
Matt R: B. It was nice to have the gals back in my life, but the show needs to pick up the pace and/or mix things up at some point. Every episode pretty much concludes the say way: with a mysterious message from A. Why are the characters even surprised at this point?

Steve M: A minus. I can't disagree with Matt that the messages from A feel more repetitive than suspenseful at this point. But I wish my fellow Round Tabler would be more patient. Intrigue is building because the series is taking everything nice and slow.

Eric H: A. In honor of the show's main antagonist, of course, Or, perhaps I should say, antagonistS!

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Shame on Steve for mentioning Chuck and Blair together with Melissa and Ian in one sentence^^


i love chuck and blair! haha but yea melissa and ian aint gon last.

Viviana b waldorf bass

why make fun of such an epic couple like chair♥?


Steve M: Sure. It will last about as long as each attempt at a relationship by Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl. Eric H: No, and here's why: they don't possess a solid nickname. Man? Ielissa? Nothing works. I have new favorite people(: And I love Chuck and Blair by the wayyy. And I really don't think Emily is actually lesbian because Maya is just everything her parents would hate so she's just rebelling or maybe she's just like so horny she's willing to be with anybody. I'm not saying that's the case for everyone who is gay or lesbian in real life. It's definitely possible for people to be homosexual, but I just don't believe that Emily is a lesbian because, gee, I don't know, the acting isn't believable. Just saying. The acting in this show sucks. I realize this now. Last year this show seemed so great but now it kinda sucks. I don't understand why they were so surprised A cut down that tree. Like seriously, A ran Hannah over with her car, I don't think a tree is going to stop her.


Steve M: Sure. It will last about as long as each attempt at a relationship by Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl. LOL, now that's saying something.


i agree with matt and steve about how A messages are repetitive and why are the girls really surprised at this point however when we found out A came into Hanna's room at the hospital and signed the cast was very spooky. like A was right there. maybe she say him/her and didn't know it. the messages may be repetitive but because A was in the room i thought it was adding another level to A's messages


um, @ matt r: if she wants to make the relationship work she has to not be a student. just pointing out the ludiacry of this entire plot. WHO CARES IF THEY'RE IN LOVE? IT'S STATUTORY RAPE


The iand and melissa marrige it´s part of Ian´s AGENDA.
She was whit him the day of the death of alison so she as her wife cant say nothing that incriminats him.


1. Yes
2. get her help
3. No
4. A

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