Pretty Little Liars Review: "Moments Later"

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Pretty Little Liars returned this week with an episode that focused on the immediate aftermath of Hannah’s hit and run.

Despite a few ABC Family teases, “Moments Later” didn't reveal the identity of “A”. However, the hour continued to build the momentum of the series and brought out delivered a few great revelations.

Gathering Around Hanna

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Hannah clearly has bad luck with cars and this latest incident has really left a mark. Suffering a broken leg and ankle, bruised ribs, and a damaged spleen, she doesn’t regain consciousness until the next morning.

Once she gathers all the girls at the hospital, Hannah reveals her belief that “A” is Noel because she saw him write “I See You” on Mr. Fitz’s car. This forces Aria to own up to her fling with the teacher. The girls are stunned by this revelation.

From there, the girls spend more time considering the possible identity of “A” because things have gotten a lot more dangerous for everyone. It couldn’t be Toby because he was arrested before Hannah was hit. Spencer mentions the tree carved with “Allison and Ian,” but the tree is cut down before she can show it to Aria.

Suspicion falls on Ian, but he was with Melissa the night of the camping trip and was actually marrying Spencer’s sister when the tree was most likely cut down.  Perhaps the biggest (and only) “aha!” moment of the night came when the girls realized that Ali’s killer and “A” might be two different people.

Outside of the advancement of the “Who is A?” plot, the episode gave some interesting developments for some of the characters. Aria confronts Noel about his whereabouts the night of the hit and run. He confesses to being at the campground and having followed her to Mr. Fitz’s car. He assumes that Ezra is forcing her to be with him and offers to help her by going to the principal.

Other than saying “It’s not like that,” Aria does very little to defuse this situation. She merely asks that he let her “handle it.” Obviously, she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, but she didn’t say much to dissuade his notion that there’s something sinister about her relationship with Ezra, which will probably cause lots of problems very soon.


Elsewhere, Emily seems to have finally grown a spine, which is probably a benefit of finally being honest about who she is and what she wants. She is desperate to talk to Toby, and this leads to a colorful and slightly humorous confrontation with Jenna:
Jenna: “I’m not going to let anyone else come between us again.”
Emily: “Somebody should’ve come between you two a long time ago, maybe a social worker with a bucket of ice water.”
Jenna: “I can’t imagine why everywhere thinks you’re the sweet one.”

Emily’s definitely not just the sweet one anymore. In addition, Emily comes out to her father, who surprisingly tries to understand her struggle, unlike her mother, who just wants to fix her.

Hannah’s recuperation in the hospital offers an opportunity to repair her relationship with Mona. Mona waves the “white bra” of peace and comments, in typical shallow fashion, “You just look sort of vague.”

The two girls make up over makeup as Mona helps her friend look less like a television star playing sick and more like her popular best friend. Hannah also has Lucas to keep her company, but things get awkward when he kisses her forehead while she sleeps. She tells him she just wants to be friends, and he leaves upset.

I feel really bad for him because he is such a sweet friend to her, but at least Hannah is being honest with him. At one point, Hannah hallucinates a meeting with Alison, who claims that telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time was what got her killed. As the girls continue to try and figure out what it all means, Aria notices a new signature on Hannah’s cast, one she doesn’t remember getting.

It says, “Sorry I lost my temper, my bad –A.”

Overall, an exciting start to the winter season. What did everyone else think?


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I am über pissed that the comments have revealed such immense spoilers from the books and it is seriously seriously irritating! I come here to recap some of the episode and leave with a bunch of information that was practically shoved down my throat. Thanks (as A would say) bitches.


The fire place that we see at the end of this episode is the same one that is in the house that Caleb and Hannah go too (the one that is in the episode Save the Date). Hannah says that Spencer's family owns the place and considering the fact during this episode, Melissa and Ian go on their "honeymoon," I'd say it was one of them that burned down the tree.


what if ezra is A??? i say this becus he approached her in the bar and then remember when he did the reading thing that guy just showed up and there seemed to be something between ezra and him and ezra seemed annoyed that he showed up? what if alison was seeing him? or what if its arias dad? alison was keen on blackmailing people and what if alison went to arias dad after she saw him cheating on his wife and threatened to tell her? but he killed her? i think the whole melissa and ian thing is so obvious tht they wont let it be them or lucas i know in the books a is mona for a part and then the whole twin sister thing. in many ways it could be arias mum maybe alison told her... i think its going to be totally unexpected.... i found it strange that the whole family just went to iceland at such a time almost like they wanted to be out of the spot light.
lol but then again it could be spencer melissa and ian....
or jenna could be alison.... its weird something about tht whole loss of sight thing dosnt sit right with me...


Noel isnt A. he was just angry and jealous.(I SEE YOU) anyways, they arent going to suspect A or the killer, until the last minute. that would ruin the shows! and for those who keep complaining about the suspense, just go read the books and forget about the series. unless of course you cant read.


are you referring to the books? the books are way different. fyi.


anyone think it's monna? she has way too big of a part for nothing. dont u think? its not like they make a big deal over who was arias friends in finland.
she had the motive: bb/c alison was ruining her life.
she has the means: she can spy on them whenever possible.
she's mean enough. she knows what shes doing.


SPOILER ALERT!!! A is in fact Alison's twin sister.


Snooki says that "What if Hanna was Alison and Alison was Hanna because Alison looks way to ugly and Hanna is prettier but nvm Hanna was fat back then I think but I love PPL!!!" tht is sooo rude you shouldnt be talking about ppl like that hello the golden rule treat othas the way you wanna b treated if u got a comment like that keep it to yourself cuz that is so offensive...


I think that Shawn and Noel could be a possibility. Because before he told Aria he was with Shawn and then said that he WAS there. So Shawn could've seen Hanna and ran her over to prevent her from telling anything. I also believe this could be true because Noel is very very Very concerned if Hanna is going to be okay. He also asks Aria once or twice if they have any leads on who hit Hanna.
But I also think Ian may be another possibility as "A". They just give off hints left and right. Plus Ian does not seem that concerned about Hanna, Melissa does. So that shows teamwork. Plus the tree. The tree scene i think definitely has to do with Ian. Or maybe Shawn and Noel did it as a favor for Ian. But he definitely had something to do with it. He knew he had to get it down so people would not think or maybe even know it was him.
But I also do think Alison's killer and A are two different people or maybe even a couple different people.
I think the killer might be Lucas!!!! He has a good reason to thats why. She always teased and harassed him. AND his in a season 1 episode his shoes were all muddy...and he was so close to i think telling Hanna!


hey ppl dont reveal stuff frm d books, it spoils it fr us!

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