Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Salt Meets Wound"

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A got especially involved in the lives of the Pretty Little Liars on the latest episode of this ABC Family hit.

She broke up Alex and Spencer. She stole money from Hanna's mom. What will she do next? It's unclear. How did our staff react to "Salt Meets Wound?" Find out in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table...

What will A ask Hanna to do?
Matt R: Frame one of her friends in some way. Hanna will have to choose between her mom and a fellow Little Liar.

Steve M: Cryogenically freeze her head. I figure A is dead, but her soul is still alive and texting and she wants Hanna's help in freezing her body so that she can one day return to life and... what? Too far-fetched?

Teresa L: A is going to blackmail Hanna into giving her all of Hannah's old fat clothes. Since A has to stay hidden all the time and is constantly stressed about sneaking around watching EVERYONE'S schedules (Even Hanna's mom? Really?!?), she hasn't had time to exercise or eat right. The girl needs huge clothes now, and at least Hanna's old ones are probably designer.

PLL RT - depreciated -

Is this really it for Alex and Spencer?
Matt R: Yes, unless... wait! Might Alex be A?!? Just look at what letter his first name begins with. Wouldn't it be interesting if it was all that easy?

Steve M: I hope not. The show can't waste the talents of Diego Boneta!

Teresa L: Of course not. If Alex is now on A's radar, he'll start to be involved in more weird stuff, and will realize that Spencer wouldn't do that to him. He's also going to need Spencer's (and the rest of the girl's help) if A starts messing with his life, too.

Less trustworthy: Noel or Emily's mother?
Matt R: Emily's mom, hands down. I was convinced she was gonna sneak seafood into Maya's meal when she took that crying break in the cupboard and now I'd advise Maya's parents against eating those leftovers.

Steve M: It's probably Noel. But with a smile like that, I can understand why he gets away with so much. Focus on what's coming out of his mouth, ladies, not what you'd like to do with that body part.

Teresa L: Both have low morals. Maybe they can pull an OC and start sleeping together, a la Julie Cooper and Luke Ward. No? Too soon?

What grade should Ezra give Noel's paper?
Matt R: F. You gotta take a stand, E! Put a stop to this blackmailing scheme before it gets started. It's not like Noel has any proof.

Steve M: TY. As in: Thank You! Perhaps Ezra will wise up to how grossly illegal and immoral it is for him to be dating a student, now that the information is out in the open. I don't even blame Noel for exploiting it. Ezra should be grateful to him.

Teresa L: Ezra needs to take a page from A's playbook and stalk Noel till he finds some dirt. Then, they can just blackmail each other back and forth. Until then, Ezra should pretend that he's really busy and didn't have time to re-read Noel's paper, and didn't see his texts or calls, so he didn't have time to re-grade it. If he needs some pointers on avoidance, I know some jerks who are great at these techniques. Also, isn't Noel a girl's name?

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I don't think it's creepy to see Ezra with Aria as both actors are of age. I hope they keep them together. He's hotter than Noel. LOL. How come noone is suspicious of the blind chick whose name escapes me at the moment. Or Hannah's bitchy friend.


Oh Cmon you guys how about a word of Hanna and Lucas. They so have to get those two together.
Didn't love the outburst though. He can tend to be a little weird sometimes....
Oh I seriously thought Em;s mom was going to poison maya.

Anna maria

haha noel isn't a girl's name! In portuguese it's what we call santa claus..haha. Anyway, Noel is too hot to be mea! I like him..and come on, would anyone act differently if they found out about a teacher and a student?
A is really freaking me out right now. That clown thing was really creepy.. I really think Ian is the killer but he wasn't at the party...maybe he was in there before? Or maybe A and the killer are separate people..that's the conclusion I'm leading towards.
I like Lucas but I hated the way he acted tonight. Poor Hanna, she must be so freaked out. I felt sorry for Spencer and Emily too.


Davod O, I thought the same thing! A little too coincidental for me! lol


no, noel is a boy's name. noelle is a girl's name...

Amy jackey

i like your idea whipped-by-damon


Anybody think it was interesting that Noel wrote "A" on his paper...I know it meant to be a letter grade, but that could have been a hint!

Whipped by damon

There has been two instances in the last two episodes where the girls have talked about stuff that Hannah got given at the hospital..any chance that any of that is bugged or rigged with video! It would explain how A- know absolutely everything straight away!

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