The Good Wife Review: Love Has Got to Do with It...

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Only because The Good Wife has set the bar so exceptionally high can I complain about the following developments from "Breaking Up."

While a tense episode overall, and one that moved at least one key plot forward, the installment did feel forced at times. The entire Derrick Rose storyline, for example, served as nothing but a way for Will to find out about Diane's plans.

It seems a little hard to believe that a random representative for the Bulls point guard would be privy to information that someone as well-connected as Will would not, especially when it so prominently affects him.

Former Colleagues

The show is also making things a bit too easy for Kalinda. We don't even get to watch her work her manipulative magic anymore; she just walks into a crime scene and both the police and state's attorney's office have no problem letting her act like she possesses actual, legal authority.

These are small complaints, of course, and they're mostly lodged because
The Good Wife is such a well-written, well-acted drama that I expect it to be perfect week after week.

That may not have been the case here, but I was still glued to every action and word. You've gotta admire any show that puts characters such as Cary and Will front and center. The latter, in particular, is meant to be a protagonist, the man most fans want Alicia to choose... yet the series has no problem taking him to the legal limit.

All Will cares about is winning a case and protecting his firm, even if it means making up lies to tell his client that would play as seriously unethical in any other situation. It's a credit to Josh Charles that we still root for Will, as he sells small moments - such as the hesitation when learning that Alicia kept Diane's secret from him - so well that Will never comes across as too cold or calculating.

Many humorous moments from the episode, as well, including: Cary snarkily stating "Hey, it's a reunion!" at the police station; Jackie wearing the tribal wig; and Owen (the fantastic Dallas Roberts) jokingly criticizing his sister for her lack of profound relationship advice.

The Good Wife has established such strong characters, rhythm and storytelling that one barely even cares when its main character is relegated to the sidelines, as Alicia was for the most part this week. I have a feeling that will change in the near future, though, now that the Diane/Will feud is out in the open and Alicia finds herself right in the middle of it.

Which side will she choose? Will the split really take place? I can't wait to tune in and find out.


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I love The Good Wife. The acting is superb. Cary is my favourite character with Alicia a close second. I wasn't overly impressed by this episode, it felt contrived and forced in places. Seriously, what is the likelihood of finding a gun in da hood? Puleeese. Otherwise the tension between Will and Diane was raw and sublime.


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It was fantastic as usual! It's such a strong show that it's hard to complain about anything! The case was interesting and sort of disappointing with it's not so optimistic outcome. The tension between Diane and Will was palpable. I genuinely believe Will is oblivious to Diane's plans. They're combative but he would never have thought of breaking away from her, ever. I love Diane but that situation sucks and shall be interesting and tension filled! Cary irritates the begoodness out of me...and yet I still kinda, sorta like him in all of his sleaziness and vindictiveness. Loved seeing Fred Weller pop up again. I'm an In Plain Sight fan and he did great!


that photo looks really weird, like it was shopped and kalinda's actions have always been pretty crazy


Agree this episode was the best was still lots of fun. I adore Owen he honestly steals every scene he is in. And Cary at his snarky legal eagle best. Is it just me or did Will seem seriously hurt by Diane? Is he pretending or did he have his own plan? I want to believe he really was blind sided because even though he may be slightly unethical I adore him. This does lead to the question what will his interaction with Alicia be after this, where will Alicia go with Will or Diane? I am hoping something happens and they stay together I think Diane need Will to balance her out and vice versa.


not surprising Will did not know what Diane was planning usually, the main person is always in the dark, in real life also, behind your back is the way business runs.


Excuse me...make that Will & Alicia finding gun.


Really like this very entertaining episode. I agree the part about Derrick Rose was forced. I also think Will & Diane finding the gun was a little forced. Best of all was Cary. Wow, does Matt Czuchry play this character perfectly or what? I liked how he said he had "learned from the best" to Will in reference to sneaky legal tricks. Finally, at long last Cary out-maneuvered the L-G-B folks at ther own game. It was great fun to watch. The coming break-up of L-G-B looks like it will be really tense.
Can't wait.


Love this show team Will all the way


Go with Diane!!!!

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