The Good Wife Review: "Two Courts"

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The Good Wife made like a circus performer this week. But it may have been trying to juggle too many balls at once.

Just consider all the developments that took place on "Two Courts." There was a face-reading jury consultant; a new money man on Peter's campaign; hints about Will and Alicia's relationship; Kalinda's unease at work; Will and Diane plotting against Bond; Diane offering Cary a job.

Even for a show as intelligent as The Good Wife, it was too much to handle in a single hour. With so much packed into one episode, there wasn't enough time given to each storyline.

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Did we really need The Jury Whisperer? Or the brief power play at Peter's campaign? Forget B plot. These felt more like D and E plots on an installment already jammed full of details and manipulations.

While intriguing in the big picture, the Will/Diane/Bond feud feels rushed. A week ago, Will was barring Diane from the office in anger (and protection of his clients). Then, just halfway into the very next episode, he's discovering Bond's true plans and striking a deal with his original partner.

Again, I'm excited to see where this goes, but my neck is a bit sore from the plot changing direction so quickly. My head spun a lot last night.

It also feels hard to believe that Bond could be so sloppy. Did he really think no problem would arise out of Blake working as Kalinda's supervisor? Or that no one would find out about his background checks?

If anyone out there works at a large law firm, I'm simply curious: is there typically the kind of transparency Diane is after? Can so much really go on behind the backs of various partners?

To the show's credit, it seemed to acknowledge in the last scene that an awful lot had been going on during the previous 58 minutes. Following so much misdirection and so much scheming, Alicia asked the jury foreman why he and his peers had arrived at such a speedy verdict.

Easy, he said. The guy was just... guilty. In that moment, it's hard to believe Alicia didn't flash to Peter. She's spent so many months analyzing this, or reasoning that. She told her brother last week that marriage isn't always about the heart; the head comes into play, as well.

In the end, though, might all the angles, excuses and logic Alicia has used to justify sticking with Peter be for naught? Might it really be that simple? The guy is just... guilty.

I'll leave readers with one final question: do you wanna see Cary back at Lockhart/Gardner? I'll take more of this great character any way I can get him, but it's been a lot of fun with him on the opposing side, hasn't it?


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The ratings after this episode are very low, can't the producers and writers put together a better story line that can involve the whole cast and spread the scenes out of the office for a change. We don't see anything other than work, alot more of the home life and family might get a better audience watching this show. There are a lot better programs at the 10pm spot keeping people in the 18 to 49 group changing their channels. The major networks don't care about how the looks they only want high ratings thats the bottom line or cancelation !!!


I love the show, but I do need to clarify that the jury consultant was not a face reader, he was reading facial expressions which are body language, the micro gestures visible on the face. Face Reading is reading the physical structure of the face. The face is made up of 144 muscles and 14 bones that all tell you something about the personality of the owner. Western face reading has been scientifically validated to 92% accuracy.


I always knew that sneak Bond was up to no good. He's tried to drive a wedge between Will and Diane, who have a wonderful relationship. And he brought brutal thug Blake in, even though he must know the kind of guy he is, since he got him off criminal charges when he was an enforcer for the meth gang. Finally it's coming out what kind of a bad influence Bond is for the firm, and Will and Diane are back as allies, the way it should be. Bond needs to be GONE, and the sooner the better. (And he should take Blake with him.)


I really like this episode! All the manipulation! i thought it was great!


Yea,i found this episode a bit disappointing too...though usually the episodes are quite flawless. The Bond-turning-bad all of a sudden and blake becoming supervisor was all just too rushed and unbelievable. The case wasnt very interesting either...and cary's really starting too kick-ass,i think its been a long time since we'v seen allicia be smart on screen.


I love how Will and Diane are finally on the same page again! This is all getting interesting! I'm really curious as to how this will eventually all play out. It was really funny watching Kalinda go all spoiled brat-ish on Alicia and Will. :)) Can't wait for the next episode!


I don't like the idea of Cary coming back to the firm. In courtroom dramas, you need a strong character on the prosecution side. The Practice, LA Law, both had lead characters in that role. Unless you want to develop a new main character for LGB to work against, Cary shouldn't be moving.

Whipped by damon

Even though there was a lot at play I did like the episode and I didn't find it hard to follow, the thing I found the least interesting was Peter's campaign. But I like that Will and Diane are now on the same side and although I love Cary being on the opposite site, I want him to be more involved so I am all for him coming over to Lockhart, Gardner, Bond! :)


You made me think about something: What are background checks for ? To find out about people's past, no? Then Bond would know Kalinda's past and he would use it against her, right? That or he would know she is dangerous, or not to be played with, at least.
My point is Bond is not using the background information he is getting, only ticking people off and reaping the consequences.
Not clever for a scheming man.


In a world filled with milti-tasking everyday for everybody, the multi-story line was perfect. I really like this show!

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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Will: I've got your back, Kalinda. Just make sure you got mine.
Kalinda: I always have... and I always will.

Will: Kalinda is to be given a salary bump over Blake's. He is not her supervisor.
Bond: No.
Will: Then we got a problem, because this is the deal. Either we bump Kalinda's salary above Blake's, or the waters won't be calmed.