Castle Review: "Setup"

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I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake.

Castle's much anticipated two part story arc kicked off with “Setup,” an episode that laid the groundwork for what will is sure to be one of the best of the season pay-offs of the season.

This show is no stranger to the extended story, having mesmerized viewers with last seasons’ “Tick, Tick, Tick” and “Boom.” As a loyal Castle fan from the beginning, these two episodes have marked my favorite to date. However, after watching this outing, there may be a new contender.

Adrian Pasdar on Castle

Adrian Pasdar debuted as Homeland Security Agent Mark Fallon. I was never Heroes viewer, but I do know that he was one of the highlights of the series. The guest star settled into this role comfortably and made quite the impression. So much so that there's even been talk of spinning the agent off.

The sensitive issue of a terrorist action in NYC was tackled and handled with class. The writers made a point to account for everyone’s emotions, not just those required for the job. You could feel the nervousness and fear, both hidden under a calm presence. Kudos to the staff for giving viewers the ability to really feel this situation.

This show is mostly known for extravagant investigations that stray far from reality, which is often why it's so enjoyable. But every once in a while, it takes on a case that has the possibility of being real, hitting home for fans in an eerie manner.

A lot of action was packed into this hour: a stripped cab, money laundering, nuclear explosives, a shoot out. We were left with the cliffhanger of who is really behind the bomb: is it the Syrian brothers? McCann, the other driver? What will happen to Castle and Beckett locked in that room?

With all the twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat, the private moment between Beckett and Castle seemed secondary. We got a glimpse of Josh and found out he is headed out of the country. With both him and Gina gone, it looks like the path has been cleared a lot for romance.

So... as we we impatiently wait for the follow up next week, let us know what you thought. Is this two-parter living up to your expectations or do you prefer the more unrealistic arcs? Is Pasdar a good addition to the team?  Are you anxious to see what lied in the balance for our favorite detectives? Sound off now.


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i loved the episode, ecpecially the part were castle and beckett was in the freezer and beckett saying she never thought she would die by freezing to death. the part were beckett passes out was also nicely done with the music cue and the emotion she gave before she was out. i also really like when castle pulled all the wires out from the bomb at the very last second and saved everyone, its nice to see him save the day. the emotions right before he done that was icely portrayed. the scene whee castle tells alexis and his mom to go to the Hamptoms was also really good. over all i really lved this episode because it showed a lot of talent from the main characters of the series.


I'm going on a rampage if they take the cheap "24" cop-out of the real evil-doers being some kind of white militia fighters or some pseudo-Republican cabal of businessmen...


@ StormComing , P**** Boy lmao
@ Austin Poet I have to agree with both of you.Rick Castle has been gone for some time. So now eveytime I do get around to watching,
it feels more like Murder He Wrote.


I agree with Storm Warning, let's have Rick Castle back!! How cool was it when he kept Beckett at odds, now he follows her around like a whipped pup, begging for a bone!


I almost forget, Castle and Beckett should most definetly get together.


I watched Pasdar on 24 and I really enjoyed the way he handled himself. I think another agent on the show would change the complection of the Castle series. If there were to be a spin off into another show, it would be worth watching, I think. I enjoy the Castle series as it is. I wouldn't want anything to change.


The show looked great this week - hats off to Rob Bowman for delivering a tight, pulse-pounding hour. Perfect guest star in Adrian Pasdar, who crafts a character you would want to star in another show, he's just that intense.
But here's the rub:
Just as whenever Glee decides to show me Sue's soft side, I always cringe slightly whenever Castle goes 'gritty.' The comedy undercuts the drama and vice-versa. Like when Beckett makes her 'confession' about her desire for a more equitable love relatioship, Castle's obvious response is cut short by a joke that literally lets the air out of the room. Joke falls flat. Also, they are starting to play a familiar card: the 'off the books investigation' - Beckett getting dismissed and the Castle/Beckett team outstrips the pace of the official investigation to get at the bad guys first (and always with zero backup).
What keeps me in the game, sap that I am, is always the idea that these two should get beyond the shadow of Moonlighting and join forces romantically. Just be done with it - it seems to be where they're headed anyway. Also YES: The 'Serenity' shout was pretty spot on.


I agree with PJ: the one thing that really bothered me was Beckett looking surprised at being locked in the freezer. I mean, I get why they ran in there--they didn't know it was a freezer, they were trying to get to cover--but once they were in there, wasn't it obvious what would happen? Why would the gunmen come in with guns blazing and risk getting shot when they could just lock them in? Beckett should have gotten them out of there when she realized where they were. In general, though, this was a great episode. Really serious from the get-go, some interesting camera work and music cues, tons of action and emotion. I'm excited for next week.


This episode is probably the most intense yet this season since the Triple Killer episodes. I like it and I love Adrian Pasdar. Though isn't it funny how Pasdar's character is involved on finding and stopping a nuclear bomb from vaporizing New York City in this episode when the first season of Heroes is about the same thing? I like his character though I have to agree, a little douchey. And Beckett's having issues with Motorcycle kind of sucks having issues with a guy when the issue is about him going away to save people. Oh and did anyone get the Serenity reference? The Oasis retreat thing Castle' mom is going to? And I really do enjoy the closeness between Castle and Alexis. Castle and Beckett, get together already.


A really good episode. Surprising, suspenseful, and they've finally got back to the subtle Castle/Beckett interactions after the other partners stuff. If they want to do a show around Fallon, they're going to have to redeem him first. I thought Jordan from last year would be a better bet.

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