Coming to NCIS: The Mysterious Ray!

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From the first episode of this season of NCIS, we've been hearing about Ziva's oh-so-amazing boyfriend Ray. We have not, however, seen the man ... but that's about to change!

According to EW, Ray will be making an appearance on the hit show, which just got renewed for season nine. We'll get to meet him "soonish ... and see the ripples he causes."

You can't help but think DiNozzo, whose jealously has been building for months and is running rampant lately, is going to blow a gasket when he meets this mysterious fellow.

But will he actually like Ray? That would be an interesting wrinkle.

Fair Ziva

Who should play Ziva's boyfriend Ray? What circumstances bring him to NCIS, and how do you see that playing out? Share all your theories and opinions with us below.

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I haven't gotten the impression that Tony is "jealous" so much as curious and wanting to know about "Ray." And I can't say I blame him--her judgment when it comes to "boyfriends" hasn't exactly been stellar.


Because of what she did in season 3 and she help kill kate


Cote has to stay! Ziva is GREAT & the team would never be the same. I might have to start watching Glee again (they are on @ the same time) Ray should be an all american guy, blonde hair, blue eyes & crap like that. OR a sexy european guy..or what someone else said a Rachel! I love the show the way it is, nothing should be changed. There is a reason this show gets the's good! Please don't mess with a good thing. If Ziva goes than Anthony should too. Have them run off together & send post cards. BUT, this can't happen..I love Michael W.(tony)


How can anyone hate Ziva -- she is tremendous and the main reason I watch NCIS. If Cote de Oablo goes - then so doI!!!


dont know why some people hate ziva shes the best.


I think she's going to run off with Ray at the end of the season and she'll be gone. We can only hope.


hes an undercover assignment just like renne benoit was


Man, why are there so many haters on here? Ziva is awesome.


When I was reading this, I thought, wouldnt it be funny if Ray was secretly like one of Tony's football cronies from OSU, and they got on so well, like they were cracking jokes and playing drinking games? But the other half of me doesn't want Ray to be around for long, or if he is, IN ONLY A FRIEND. The reason this show continues to rate is because of how the characters interact with each other. Breaking up thie dynamic would completely screw they show. Bringing something like this in that has the possibility to seperate the team is NOT what most of us hard-cores want to see. Although as I am thinking about it, this does seem a bit like Rivkin... Even thought the massive hype surrounding the Enemies Foreign/Domestic sotryline, most of us will agree that it was less than expected, I am still hoping Cote De Pablo will renew her contract at the end of this season. The show wouldn't be the same without any of the team, especially Tony or Ziva. All in all, Congrats to the writers for bringine us get another season!! Thank you soo much :)


I too am just plain tired of ZCIS. Enough with the non stop Ziva arcs. Let someone else have story for a change.

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