Cougar Town Review: "Cry to Me"

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Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays, brought with it all sorts of laughs on "Cry to Me."

All Jules wanted for Christmas Valentine's Day was to have Grayson open up about his father passing away. Am I the only one finding Jules more and more annoying these days?

Bored on Valentine's Day

Don't get me wrong. I loved the episode and the rest of the crew (sans Trav) really are pretty freaking hilarious. But on tonight's episode, Jules really bothered me.

Why pick and pick at the man you love? It was pretty clear how hard it was for Grayson to say, "I love you," let alone open up about his father passing on the anniversary of his death. If Jules really thought of anyone but herself, she would have realized how hard this was for Grayson.

Instead, Grayson came around and proved once again how much he loves Jules. Maybe he couldn't gush about losing his father, but he was able to cry in front of her. Wow! It amazes me how much he's changed in the last year.

Ellie was hilarious as always. She never has qualms about saying out loud exactly what she (and everyone else) is thinking. Really, people! There should be NO reason to have your Christmas decorations up seven weeks after Jesus' birthday. We all know we could take a peek at our own neighbors and see something still lingering around. It's like a pandemic, I tell ya!

And yet, as mean and crazy as Ellie can be to Andy, he always knows how to bring her back to reality. I love how much these two really do care for each other. Nothing says I love you like stealing all the neighborhoods leftover Christmas decorations and setting them on fire. You're in the noms for Husband of the Year, Andy.

I understand that Trav has to somehow get in on the storylines, but that doesn't mean I am a huge fan of the winning, annoying post-teen pre-man. Having Bobby and Laurie take creepy pictures of you, Travis, doesn't make you funny. Only creepy. The only way Trav will really interest me these days is if he and Laurie get it on.

At first, I didn't get the title: (See You Soon) Cougar Town (Stay In Touch @Vdoozer, @Kbeigel or @CougarTownRoom), but then I realized it pertained to the series premiere of Mr. Sunshine. Way to get me, writers, way to go.


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Yes, Jules can be annoying but all the characters help her to keep on the straight arrow. What's up with Ellie's face...her mouth looks like the Joker from Batman? Lol I love all the characters & hope the show sticks around along time!!


maybe it was just me...but sometimes I find that the situations in this TV show too don't kill me...what I mean is that a character like Grayson changed wayyy too much too soon...all the story feels so rushed...


jules was almost unbearable in this ep, i loved laurie though


Jules is becoming more and more like Monica...


I thought the Travis stuff was actually quite funny, thanks in large part to Dan Byrd, but it was also grounded in his weird relationships with his parents. I agree that his storylines sometimes feel forced because he shouldn't really be there all the time, but for me, that's a small issue. You can check out my full review of the episode here.


I have to disagree. I found Jules very agreeable, she's just a little bit crazy! Yes, she wants people to behave the way she wants to, but in the end she realizes she made a mistake. She's human (she's just a little weirder).
And I think Travis' storyline fitted, after all the episode was about giving women what they want, and eventually realizing that THAT wasn't what they really wanted.
I'm gonna miss Cougar Town during this long hiatus :(


I think this show is silly and annoying but husband likes it, although I do think it is funny that next week Courtney is going to be replaced with a Matthew Perry show ( Mr. Sunshine)


i think the first season was wayyyy betterrrr...thank god elly is still on the show ... otherwoise i would not watch it ...


I am annoyed by Jules too. They should bring her back to the way she used to be in the beginning. Through the way she behaves we forget why everybody likes her.


Michelle Edwards, no, you are not the only one. This is Courtneys most annoying part. The carachter has gone weird and to anoying, That is why I have stopped watching the show.

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Trav: Dude why?
Grayson: Don't call me boy toy.

(to Jules) Just trying to give you a surprise. Why are you struggling?