Desperate Housewives Review: Paul's Shooter, Revealed!

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Ah, finally. Viewers learned who shot Paul Young on "Flashback."

The episode took us back to past conversations between Zach and Mike, as we got a glimpse into Zach’s lost existence and the demons with which he's dealing as a result of his relationship with Paul.

Arms Around Bree

Zach's dark, unsettling behavior was just what the show needed to keep us on our toes.  The question remains, though: what will he do next?

This drug addict is like a loose cannon. He’s already shot his father, and hid the gun in Bree’s couch. Perhaps next he will hold one of the ladies hostage to get his father’s attention. That is, after all, what he’s always wanted, right?

Elsewhere, Susan’s disappointment over losing her donor had me feeling bad for this little lost soul.  To be honest, I'm thinking she should have just gone along with it and taken the kidney from her stalker-like high school friend.

I think you can get over the fact that he made you a scrapbook and put your name in lights... well, glitter.  I mean, where’s the give and take, Susan?  He adores you, has a kidney that is a match for you, and you may die if you don’t have one. What's the dilemma here?

We got a bit of surprise in regard to Bree’s secretive behavior with Keith’s child. I was certain that Bree was going to be left with Charlie after giving his mom a check. I saw her running to the bank across the street, not to return.  Now that would have been an interesting twist: Breith raising his child in her immaculate, roasted salmon-smelling home.

Amidst all of this sad drama, the Scaivos provided the lighthearted drama this week when Grandpa Frank died on their couch during the family photo.  Who does that? To die on someone’s couch after complaining about their mediocre home and existence?  Oh, Frank, you truly are a jackass. 

And to then cover him with a sheet (one off of your many children’s beds, no doubt) and let him sit there.  I can only imagine how that couch must smell afterward.  I have a feeling their plot to not report Frank’s death until after his will goes into effect will backfire, leaving mom with Lynette, and still more bills to pay.  Cue the violins; I sense a economical moment coming for these two next week.

Gaby’s escape from therapy was impressive as always. I’d do anything to avoid telling my deep dark secrets, too... but I’m not sure I’d have any luck climbing out of a bathroom window onto a fire escape in heels. Now that is talent.  This woman has scaled houses in those things!  Don’t get me wrong, I can walk in heels like the best of them, but wow, I wouldn’t be surprised if next Gaby is walking a tightrope for some reason in her barely worn Jimmy Choos.

Overall, it was a good episode. It's nice to have the Wisteria Lane gang is back, isn't it?


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Well, I would certainly choose the same variant as Susan did! It would be impossible to live next to that guy, knowing that you have his kidney and knowing that he is madly and deeply in love with you! And I do not think, that Mike would like that stalker either, kidney does not make some stalker a friend! So, I think that Susan made the right choice!
Episode was interesting, but, yeah, I can agree about Zach, who shot Paul, they did not have to reveal the secret so soon, it would be more interesting without knowing that it was him, who shot Paul! Oh, well, what can I say - it is good, despite some things that could be changed a little bit :)


i'm disapointed to see they reviled that zach is the shooter so soon. i hate that this season doesn't have a mystery, i truly thought that the mystery will be Who Shot Paul, and that it will be someone less predictible than ZACH/ i meen c'mon that was SO obvious!during every season till now i always had questions in my head and could thoeries about the mystery. but i have no questions right now and its annoing... and, genrally this was a good episode, the best in a while, but for the long run, im dissapointed... and also, whats zach so mad about, sure, paul is evil to the neighbors but not to zach... what did paul DO to zach? steal him? he is better off with paul than with a junkie. WOW that came out LONG...

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