EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Gillies on Elena, Klaus and a Vampire Diaries Hook Up

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Can Vampire Diaries fans trust Elijah? In one word: yes.

That's what Daniel Gillies said to TV Fanatic this week, telling us in an exclusive interview that his Original is a man of his word. What, exactly, will this mean for Elena and company? Whose bed might Elijah find himself in? Read on. Find out.

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You make Elijah look so sweet that you don’t even want to dislike him, but he rips hearts out! The calm and collected bad guys are the scariest.
I never wanted to play him with any menace... He’s not a sweet person, [but] can you imagine if you’ve lived this long? He must have seen so much death, murdering someone must be like hitting a bug... I’m so lucky to play this character. Maybe that’s the joy you’re sensing... I love playing him. He’s so fun.

You and Nina Dobrev work extremely well together.
From the moment I walked on set, she was just immediately kind to me. It doesn’t happen that often. It’s the nicest crew and cast ever... Nina, she’s what? 21? I’m 34... She’s smarter than me. And boy does she work hard, she’s playing both roles. She’s there every day and she doesn’t bitch, and she’s tough and she knows she has a great thing. She cares and she always has a sense of humor. She’s just vicious and she rips on me. We tease each other all day and I think it reads in the performance.

Last week, we saw Dr. Martin take down a pack of wolves to save Elena’s friends. Does that make it safe to say Elijah wasn’t lying about his deal?
Yes, he’s clearly orchestrating these things. That was his mayhem. He’s acting as a godfather at this point... He’s ultimately playing chess with these kids.

Have you met Joseph Morgan? Are you excited to see what he’ll bring to the table as Klaus?
I haven’t. I’ve seen a little bit of his stuff, but I don’t know enough about Joseph to make a comment. I’m excited that there’s the idea that there could be a war between us, because I think that would be the most exciting thing in this show, like an exponential curve at the end of the second season.

Does Elijah know Isobel?
He’s aware of everybody. That’s the thing about Elijah, the only thing that slipped through the cracks was the potential of this doppelganger... The moment there is information to be had, he’ll have it. Nobody will be better researched or more equipped.

Will we see Isobel again this season?
They give me the script right before I film, and I have not seen any Isobel.

Any spoilers for the rest of the season?
Damon has been pissing me off lately, so I’ll give him a slap on the wrist if he gets too close. It’s funny; I’m talking as Elijah now. Elena is going to be in danger if they don’t do what I decree must be done. Also, I like the look of the Jenna girl, she looks sweet. I’ll go hang out with her for a while, she’s cute.

What else do you have in the works?
I’m finishing up post production on a movie called Broken Kingdom, which I performed in, wrote and directed. My wife, [Rachael Leigh Cook] stars in it as well, and it’s a very different role for her. She plays a real woman.

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I think that Elijah may be fine unless he has what it takes to save people than become an enemy. He may be ok from being one of the originals but looks can be decieving. Some originals can be good in some ways but sometimes evil in another way. I just know that having friends by your side can accomplish anything when people mostly need it.


I COMPLETELY AGREE with you Zoe men are allowed to cry. And I am in COMPLETE agreement with the last sentence you wrote. ALSO like I said before the interview that I found with Ian about Elijah's fight scene did not specifically say who and when Elijah would fight. The only thing I do know, is that it will be somewhere during season 2.:)


What's wrong with you? DAMON will always be my favourite. Give him a break, poor baby. He's ALLOWED TO CRY! YOU BASTARD ELIJAH-LOVERS! Damon's the sexy, drop-dead gorgeous man on this show!


Cant wait!i love him as Elijah and cannot wait for him to fight with Klaus!i just CANNOT wait!!!


I really like him and I can't wait to see him fight! Come on, with Klaus (but we did not see him yet) Elijah is one of the most bad-ass vampire on earth so when he will fight, I hope he will be awesome! I mean, even if he has to fight against Damon and/or Stefan, I hope those two (as much as I love them) will lose. I mean come on, they young vampires, and I would be disappointed if one of them is on the same level as him (I'm talking about a hand to hand fight, not with some gadget or the killing-original substance).
And Elijah be using Jenna could be could to give her storyline. I agree that Damon/Stefan/Elena & co have to be careful to trust him but until now, he did not let them down. I hope Elijah won't be killed at the end of the season, I would really like to see more of him. They could team up to kill Klaus (as we did not see him yet, my heart belongs to Elijah) so he could stay on the show (even as a guest character)


I think Elijah is very careful and thoughtful about what he does. He is very calm and unpredictable. I did not see it coming when he pulled those two vampire's hearts out. He is clearly a tough and smart guy. I read on the internet some interview with Ian and I think that Elijah is going to be involed in some sort of a fight with someone later on. It's not Damon though, I think Ian said that Damon would be observing the fight and would be looking at Elijah with respect because he would be impressed by Elijah's fighting skills. I read this a while back, like about a week or a few days before the second half of season 2 began. I am also going to be completely honest by saying that I cried when Damon cried when he killed Rose. It was so sad and emotional for me. I hope that Damon gets his feelings and mind straightened out because he needs to be ready for Klaus arrival. It doesn't matter to me if Damon cries or not. Team Damon ALWAYS!


I'm not surprised Elijah kept his word. If you recall he spared Rose not out of spite but because she's loyal to a fault. So yeah he kept his word and if Damon would think before he acts, he'll learn two things: 1) Elijah is Damon a few centuries from now; so he better look close and avoid whatever put Elijah on the path to self destruction.
2) Having been saved by Dr. Martin, Damon should work with not against Elijah if not; there will be a blood bath that no one gets to walk away from unscathed.


Fabulous interview with the hottie new guy on the Vampire Diaries. Elijah is my new fave. Love how when he's talking...slow low/calm. Then rips your heart out without blinking an eye. Damon used to be my fav because he was the badass sexy tough guy. It is true since Damon has become a bit of a crybaby, just not as sexy anymore. Elijah is the sexiest badboy we love now. Please give us some sexy make out scenes with him and...whoever you want baby.


Chill out, it's just a show! We're looking to be entertained. It's not that serious. We're just saying that Damon needs to get his act together before Klaus shows up. Elena can't afford to have Damon having a mental breakdown when Klaus blows into town. That's why I like Elijah, he has his shit together.


To the ladies griping about Damon's tears: the fella has not cried in over 160 years, give him a break. It doesn't make him any less vicious or dangerous, ie: the girl on the road and the newscaster in the bathtub. Females who start yelling, 'man-up' when a guy cries need to grow up and get real. It is a miracle that Damon can feel, never mind cry. Oh, and FYI: men do cry....all the time.

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You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


Dear Elena, yes you heard that correctly. Hell has frozen over. I'm writing it all down. Granted, I'm half a bottle in thanks to my 1950 Chateau Cheval Blanc, a bottle I waited 65 years to open. I used to spend nights sitting in my wine cellar convincing myself I could hear it age, tannins growing, fermenting, but appreciating its beauty didn't make time go by any faster. The bottle just laid there on its shelf, torturing me while I waited for Katherine and time stood still. Eventually I convinced myself that no sip of that wine could ever taste as good as I dreamt it would. And that is the story of why I drink bourbon. I don't know who I am without you, but I know that as long as I'm with you, time will stand still. So who is Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert? A selfish friend, a jealous brother, a horrible son? Or maybe with a little luck, I'll do right by you. Because you may be a thousand miles away or a hundred years away, but you're still here with me and my heart is right there in that coffin with you. Until you come back to me.