Glee Review: Making a Comeback!

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For the second consecutive Tuesday, Glee recaptured the fun-loving, toe-tapping, knee-slapping tone that made me fall in love with it in the first place.

And on an installment aptly titled "Comeback," I can pinpoint the reasons why:

The Justin Bieber Experience. Now this is how you do a tribute episode! Both Bieber songs fit in perfectly with the ongoing storyline, while the show managed to honor this artist and simultaneously mock him. Not too badly, as Glee clearly respects what the 16-year old has accomplished. But the incessant gushing was clearly a wink at Bieber and his related, scream-inducing Fever.

Tribute Band

Santana vs. Sue. You won't find a bigger fan of the latter, Sue-per character than yours truly. But the show veers toward the ridiculous when too much attention is focused on the cheerleading coach's schemes (shooting girls out of canons, dressing up like The Grinch, etc). Santana is actually a far more logical villain, as she's a member of New Directions and can worm her way into relationships and situations. See tonight, for example.

She's no slouch in the one-liner department, either, telling Sam that he has "full visitation rights" to the twins that "reside on her rib cage" and thinking James Earl Jones shot Martin Luther King.

Moreover, this episode actually incorporated Sue into the bigger picture, doing it realistically and intriguingly: she's the vocal coach of Aural Intensity?!? Oh, the possibilities.

Puck's hair.

The I am Too Depressed to Open This Pamphlet.

The Finn/Sam rivalry: I could question how Finn immediately went from being the inspiring leader of the football team on the post-Super Bowl episode to someone unabashedly trying to steal a fellow student's girlfriend... but I'd rather pretend that episode didn't exist and just take in the feud between this pair. There's no lesson trying to be taught here. It's just an enjoyable back-and-forth.

No Kurt. It's not Chris Colfer's fault, but this character sucks the fun out of every scene. As I outlined in my most recent column, Ryan Murphy isn't shy about admitting to an agenda when it comes to Kurt. And that's fine. It occasionally has its place. But it can also make Glee feel more like a Sunday School lesson than a musical comedy.

Artie's Post-Valentine's Day girlfriend funk theory.

Sue's plaid track suit.

The hospital visit. Because most of the episode was filled with jokes that addressed serious issues (i.e. Brittany stealing Rachel's comeback thunder via her unique style choice), Will and Sue's singalong with the cancer patients came across as adorable, rather than preachy. It was a beautiful respite from the laughter and a reminder, as Will himself said, that glee club can be very weird at times, but it can also do a lot of good.

I'll never forgive you for this, William, Sue said through tears. Great stuff.

What did everyone else think? Are they actually teasing a reconciliation for Finn and Rachel already? How awesome is Lauren? Discuss the episode in our Glee forum, in the Comments section below and download your favorite Glee music from it now!


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I love Glee, even like the episode, but I hate Justin Biebber with a passion. Though the songs were cute when sung by a guy like Cord Overstreet or the other Glee guys.


aside from the line "sponge hair, square chin", & the 'Rent' duet, I suffered thru watching this episode :/


Justin Beiber has NEVER sounded this good! :) But I really miss Kurt.
If they could drop the bullying crap and just focus on HIM and not his GAYNESS it's be so much better.
I miss his singing :(


The only good thing about this episode was Rachel, as it has been the last three episodes. And still, the episode is a serious downgrade over the last one. Mercedes proved at the end that she's a terrible friend. Santana's first few jokes about Sam's mouth were funny, after they kept running with it and her stupid "wants" lines, I just wanted her to shut up. Lauren Zizes does nothing for me and the only reason I'm tolerating that story line is because Mark Salling is actually stepping up and is bringing some great comedic timing to his lines. I hate how people give Brittany a pass when she's being really mean because she's a complete moron. The more her character speaks, the more I dislike her. Seriously, I was kind of over her by the end of the second episode of the season. Finn is a useless coward. Stand up for Rachel in PUBLIC. Tell her she's beautiful in PUBLIC. Don't break up with her for cheating and then turn around and do the same, conveniently forgetting that you did the same thing to Quinn with Rachel when you though Quinn was having your baby, you utter hypocrite. I liked the support he gave her simply because the scene before that was painful to watch. Schue is a terrible teacher. What was up with not calling on her to answer the anthem question when she was the only one with his or her hand up? And lately, every time I tune in for a new episode of Glee, I'm praying that Quinn will have been written off. Is it me or is Dianna actually getting worse as an actress? Honestly, I didn't/don't miss Kurt at all. I think the bullying story line was poorly handled and really hypocritical. Kurt isn't just a victim, he's also a bully. Them ignoring that just kind of made me over his character and any of his story lines, which is a shame, as I really like Chris Colfer. Next week's looks better. I hope it lives up to that promo video, which was the best part of the last episode to be frank.


No Kurt is not a good thing.


I thought it was good overall, but the hospital scene was too much. They need to get a better handle on Will and Sue... Check out my full review here.


I loved this episode very much!
I laughed so hard when santana was talking to sam and when lauren sung! I really like the way this is going, and finn being supportive of rachel is good too. Sam and Quinn breaking up is also a good thing. But immediatly moving on to santana is stupid, teenagers are all about quik romances but this is way to fast!


I love this episode!


I miss Kurt and his voice is on the level with Rachel so having him not sing for 4 episodes has been too long for me. Enough Blane! And always Mr. Nice guy Finn is slowing turning into a whining weazel,hope he can get back on track soon and Good Golly what are the writers doing to Santana ? At least Sue has been allowed to show,at times some humanity and heart, not Santana she is a bitch and not in a good way! It is getting very hard to like her character at all. I am very pleased the writers are showing Lauren to be so comfortable with herself and with a strong personality. That is a GREAT message !


Matt, I think you are way too hard on Kurt, and by extention Ryan Murphy. Not all gay men have an "agenda". Ryan Murphy saw a need to creste a storyline about bullying because gay bashing in particular was in the news. He has the proper audience and forum to do that. He does not just comment on gay bullying, he addresses all bullying. They all get teased and slushied for being "losers". This was just a hot topic at the time and a sorely needed topic of discussion. Kurt was originally cast as a comic relief character. Ryan Murphy actually created the role for him after Chris's audition. Comic relief characters are suppose to be scene stealers. The fact that Chris can act out dramatic scenes as well is a credit to the actor. Finally, this is an ensemble cast. It has a lot of characters and they do an excellent job at including everyone. Being happy that there was no Kurt in the episode is like being happy there is no cheese on a pizza. The pizza tastes better because of the ingredients, much like this show is better with all of the Glee club represented.

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