Greek Review: "Midnight Clear"

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This was exactly the Greek I had been waiting for all season. There was witty banter, a party, and all of the core characters in one room. It was classic Greek and it felt good.

As proven on "Midnight Clear," there is nothing like a snow storm to make you face your issues and there could not have been a more fun place than Dobblers for all the awkward questions and kisses.

Greek Snowstorm

I know that best friends fight, but I was so over the Casey/Ashleigh argument. With all the relationships that go on in this show, Casey and Ash’s friendship is at the heart and needs to stay that way. 

As for Rusty and Ashleigh... Rashleigh? Both of these characters are great, but I'm not sure I can get on board with the romance and tension going on between them. It just doesn’t seem natural.

It is a little awkward to watch, kind of like they're brother and sister. I'm intrigued by the possibility for now of Simon and want to see this explored a little more. Besides, how hilarious was it when everyone watched Ash kiss the professor? Classic.

This episode also marked the return of Evan being more than his usual cocky self. We saw him being the rude, selfish jerk we had gotten to know a few years ago. Obviously, no one is supposed to like this version of Evan, but I can’t help enjoy the nostalgia as the final semester comes to an end. (Side note: it was about time Rebecca got her spine back!)

I was excited when Dale decided to pledge and it felt as though he would be getting his own, real story. The arc was supposed to be funny, but it's having a hard time holding my interest.

Needless to say, Calvin’s 21st birthday was probably not his best birthday, but it was a great one for the viewers. This was a solid hour, bringing back that first season feeling, while setting up legit storylines for the end of the show. The only thing that could have made it better for me would be some Catherine and Beaver time.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Would you rather see Ash with Simon or Rusty? Glad Rebecca kicked Evan to the curb? What do you want to happen in the second half of the season? Do you believe in the law school curse?


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I LOVE the Cappie and Casey relationship/romance episodes.. The Script writers need to put Casey and Cappie BACK TOGETHER!!! PLEASE!!~!!




I am probably just paranoid. It really freaked me out when I read that they thought season 3 would be the last season and they still ended Cappie and Casey unhappy. If they were willing to end the show that way then I don't see why they wouldn't do it this season. Plus I am a little gun shy thanks to the way Lost acted like Sawyer and Kate never existed in their last season. ABC loves to mess with my head. I hope you are right that Casey wouldn't go back to Evan but I just have very little faith in TV these days. I am not a big fan of Rusty. I think he and Ashleigh are cute together but I don't love the pairing. I adore Ashleigh and I think someone as beautiful, happy and sweet as she is would have had a Cappie/Casey like relationship sometime during College. I have seen Amber with the guy that plays Fischer at several TV events (movie premieres) but not lately. I can't defend Evan. I used to try but when he got Wade and the guys expelled to get his house back I lost all respect for him. Plus he loves to say things to Cappie that just make me want to push him down a well:) I agree that Rebecca deserved more this season from Greek and I also think Cappie and Casey have been pretty much ignored until the last 2 episodes all season long and that really irks me. How do you ignore the best thing about the show? Rusty is on way too much. Every episode he has had a main storyline in every episode.


Loved the "No I am not!" and the kisses. For the series,Rebecca and Cappie had the best romantic chemistry. Cappie and Casey apart but interacting is too painful to watch however. Ashleigh and Rusty interact very well but I don't know if a romantic relationship would be good. I enjoyed Rebecca's interactions with Rusty in previous seasons. Rebecca hasn't done much this season.


I was happy to see it was a really good episode, I been looking forward to this episode for a while.
I'm excited to see what happens with the Casey, Cappie, and Evan love triangle.


In response to various comments: As far as I've heard, in real life Amber Stevens (Ashleigh) dated Danny Weaver (Ben Bennet) and is currently dating Andrew J West (Fisher). So no I believe her and Paul James (Calvin) never dated. Also I hardly doubt the Rusty and Ash storyline is over. There's an interview with Spencer Grammer where she was asked about the Rusty/Ash pairing & she said
"I think for Casey learning acceptance and being able to be supportive in other people’s choices and trusting them and loving them is something that we should all learn." Which to me makes me think it's not over between those two just yet. And though I may be only one of the few people to defend Evan though I will admit he can be a jerk a good majority of the time, I do believe deep down underneath everything there is a good guy in there. Cappie was the one who seemed to keep Evan grounded so I think without him Evan is kind of lost. Evan still having lingering feelings for Casey seems natural though, they dated for over 2 years, he lavaliered her, and now the futured that they planned of going to law school together has happened but there not together, and to add fuel to the fire Evan has once again lost to Cappie. I don't see Casey getting back with Evan though, the scene in the preview of her saying "Maybe I made a mistake" is obviously refering to something else in the scene, they've done this before with a episode were Evan says "Your making a big mistake" which seemed like a reference to Cappie but was really about the Gamma Psi Fire. Phew, and there's my 2 cents.


hey greek 101 i dont think they would get casey and evan together at the end of the show simply because it wouldn't make any sense at all is casey stupid enough to dump cappie for a serial cheater look at his track record he will never be faithful he cheated on casey,frannie and everyone else he is a complete db.the thing i have mentioned in my previous post i would like your opinion is ash and rusty it has been in the show effectively since the first season and if you have heard of chekhovs gun it would be horrible writing for that storyline to disappear so easily.
the problem with the storyline is that the actors playing those parts have little chemistry however perhaps you can tell me did amber and the guy who plays calvin have a real relationship during the show? they have on screen chemistry.


totvornottotv, I loved Cappie with Rebecca. I want him with Casey in the end (sorry) but Cappie with Rebecca is a close second for me. So you are not the only one.


They are setting us poor Cappie and Casey fans up for heartbreak. They are bringing Evan back into the relationship and it is not fun. Not for me anyway. When he said "what if we never broke up" in the preview for next week I had deja vu Lost all over again. (The (insert bad word here) of the Kate and Sawyer relationship) I am a die hard Cappie and Casey fan but I can't help but love him with Rebecca also. Probably because I didn't start watching until late so my first relationship that actually consisted of two people together that I watched was Cappie and Rebecca and I kind of got attached. Not that I always didn't want Cappie with Casey in the end. Every time I watch Rebecca whisper the words "no I am not" about who was the better lover my eyes fill up with tears from laughing so much. Dilshad killed the line. I am the type of person where if something makes me laugh I'll stick with it for life and that line is going make me laugh til I cry forever.


i didnt like cetain parts of the episode im sure everybody knows ashs relationship with the professor is going nowhere but she does this all the time she picks the hot guy who turns out to be jerk and then has her friends help her pick up the pieces.with her and rusty it has been foreshadowed throughout the series so it hasnt come from nowhere however i am surprised they decided to introduce that storyline and effectively kill it in one episode.casey showing concern for her little brother was not from a good place it was out of her own need to pretend like she has been there for her brother when in reality it has always been cappie who has helped him with relationships.Evan has always been a complete db and the events of this episode just highlight his complete disregard for other peoples feelings and he is a serial cheater.maybe im the only one however i liked cappie and rebecca together.

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