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Two steps forward, one step back.

After two great episodes, Greek stumbled a bit with “Subclass Plagiostomi.” The hour packed in so much that it lost its footing. I am all for the main characters getting their own stories, but a couple minutes here and there doesn’t make for a smooth episode.

From Subclass Plagiostomi

It was Casey’s time to shine in her Elle Woods persona for a mock trial against Evan. Once again, he proved to be a jerk, making a mess of Casey’s research for the project. For a mere second, I didn’t hate him. He had me fooled, telling Casey his feelings. But, of course, he was just trying to throw her off her game.

As much of an arrogant and heartless person he is, Evan is going to make a pretty good lawyer.

Mean Rebecca returned and was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed her and Evan together in their good times, but she had lost her edge. This week, it came back with a vengeance. Her jabs at Natalie and her sorority had me rolling. With only a few episodes remaining, Rebecca and the ZBZ’s better go out on top. I have no doubt they will.

Finally, some headway with the Omega Chi/Dale situation. Although the pledge talent show left Dale alone on stage in his underwear, it was a great moment. Not only did he have some moves, but it showed (not in a super corny way) who his real brothers are.

Maybe the reason Calvin had no idea about the plan is because he is always with the KTs. He dates one, he is best friends with one, he hangs out at their house all the time... he and Dale should just join the house already. Then maybe Cappie can finally get his book club back.

A few other thoughts:

  • Cappie and Ashleigh were pretty entertaining. In a way, they can bring out the grown up side of each other.
  • No screen time for Beaver and Catherine. This just isn’t right.
  • Ashleigh and Simon broke up. Is she headed into the arms of Rusty? What will this mean for Casey and the research assistant position?
  • Does anyone else cringe when Natalie “the gnome” is on? Definitely rooting for Rebecca to take her down a notch.
  • Loved the nod to season one ZBZ pledge class using the same dance and song for the talent show as performed in the Omega Chi front yard.

Overall, an episode that didn’t really bring the excitement. With the final semester coming to a close, there are quite a few arcs to wrap up. What does the future holds for our favorite Greeks? I'm anxious to find out.


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i liked the episode, but people who only enjoy the Casey/cappie storyline in Greek wont enjoy it... i love Even yes he is a jerk but it is clear why and i thank the writers for giving a nod for Casey and Evan because no one believed that he stopped loving her Rebecca was the 2nd best. it is very clear that in the show Casey and Evan are not the IT couple but they should be...loved the look on his face when he regretted being a jerk and looking back Casey is not blameless.


I definitely agree, it was disappointing, especially coming off last week's great episode. Good point about Evan being a good lawyer, though. Check out my full review here.


Really? I loved this episode. It took 2 characters who we're acting abit jerky this season (Dale & Evan) and made you finally see what they we're dealing with and made you feel for them. Atleast I did, Evan confessing he still thinks about his future with Casey then getting messed with by her really had me feeling for him. And Dale only getting into Omega Chi so they could mess with Rusty for Spring Break and publicly embarassing him on stage poor guy, I gave major props to Dale for finishing the song and of course for Calvin & Rusty for backing him up. FYI it's about time some hit Tripp, he so had it coming. Also thought the episode was great for showing interactions we haven't seen in awhile Rusty/Rebecca and Ashleigh/Cappie. Ash and Cap make for some good friends actually it was sweet how he was helping her out.

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