Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Je Suis Une Amie"

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Welcome to the weekly Pretty Little Liars Round Table, as our panel breaks down the most recent episode (reviewed HERE) of the ABC Family hit.

Below, Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal joins staff members Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger to analyze "Je Suis Une Amie" ...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I'll go with Hanna crying on the steps. Not because I was happy to see her in that state, but because it actually seemed realistic. We all know Hanna and Aria will speak again, but remember high school? It really does feel that tragic when you're fighting with your BFF.

Steve: The final one, only because it was so random. A note from Toby/Jenna in Braille?!? I didn't see that one coming.

Eric: Ella and Byron in the library, no doubt. Hot stuff!

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Do you trust Caleb?
Matt: I actually do. Every single character can't have some shady agenda. I'd like to think he and Hanna will develop a legitimate bond over the next few weeks.

Steve: No. I can't trust a guy that can't find the time to cut his hair.

Eric: No, through no fault of his own. I've just been conditioned to distrust anyone by that name since The OC.

There must be more to the Paige storyline... right?
Matt: Gosh, I hope so. Her showing up on Emily's doorstep, in the pouring rain, and apologizing was the most random, confusing scene in the show so far. And that's saying a lot!

Steve: Yes, of course. But the question is: in which direction? Is this some ploy on Paige's sake to attack Emily when she doesn't see it coming? Or could there be a romance on the horizon?

Eric: I think so. Expect Maya to soon return and a major catfight to ensue between her and Paige over Emily's affection.

Will Melissa make a good mother?
Matt: Yes. It's the father this kid will have to worry about.

Steve: We're assuming she's even pregnant. Would you really put it past Ian to somehow mess with her results? I just really don't trust that guy.

Eric: Only if it's a girl. We've seen how Melissa has poor taste in men. That just wouldn't bode well for a son.


I hate the only one expression of Emily she's like Annie (90210)


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
- I have to agree with Matt , I enjoyed the scene with Hanna crying but even more so because Caleb was there . I think he added a sense of compassion to the scene and made it that more heartwarming. Do you trust Caleb?
- Yes and no . Yes because so far he has proved to be this type of Superman when the girls need him (more specifically Hanna) and no because you never know . He might be a little more shady than he appears to be. There must be more to the Paige storyline... right?
- Definatly . I think she is gay but was trying to cover it up by attacked Emily , we've seen the same type of storyline on Glee. Will Melissa make a good mother?
- No . I'll end it at that .


1.All with Hanna/Caleb!
2.I do, Caleb's a good guy.
3.Wouldn't be PLL if there wasn't ;)
4.Erm, no. No way in hell.


I really like Caleb! But I'm a sucker for the 'good' bad boy (and btw like his hair as well.) I think we can trust him, he can't have anything to do with A right? He's just moved here. But A could have pulled some strings. And how could Melissa be a good mother. She's too competitive and she's got an evil vibe around her (but that also could be because of One Tree Hill).


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
This week have to be the scene in the library when the lights went out and Aria and Hanna were being chased by someone,It was very scary and I was screaming the whole time. Do you trust Caleb?
Yes and now moving on to that hair of his,can he please cut it off I will not take him nor Hanna realtionship for real until he cuts that ugly hair. There must be more to the Paige storyline... right?
Yes, I know for a fact pagie wants to loving from emily, we can all tell she is into girls. Will Melissa make a good mother?
I doubt she is expecting,I think either she is covering Ian or she killed Allsion and her and Ian are A thats my thoery and im sticking to it.


1. I agree with Matt
2. I trust Caleb, he is just some teenager trying to make a living.
3. Yes, she is probably gay.
4. I do not think so.

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