Royal Pains Review: "A History of Violins"

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On "A History of Violins," we got back a crew of former characters that I've been missing.

The first scene of the night brought in huge laughs, as the General got serenaded by Evan.

Being Wheeled Away

I knew Evan would come back from last week's fight with some kind of grand gesture to apologize to Paige, but I wasn't expecting him to epically fail it! I'd definitely go with the flower shop and use small letters there next time, Evan.

The General is probably one of my favorite reoccurring characters because he really intimidates Evan. Towards the end of the episode, though, you could see these two starting to bond. Could this mean that the General now approves of Evan?

I really do hope this means that Evan and Paige's relationship goes to the next level. I always wanted something to start between Evan and Divya, but that ship has sailed. I am fully on board Team Pavan!

Eddie R. may have been absent last week, but here he makes headway by playing a small role in breaking up Hank and Emily. I know I am not the only one happy to see this relationship meet its doom.

Now that Emily is out of the picture (fingers crossed!), Jill should regain her Hank territory. These two are just destined to be together. Why fight fate?

Last but very not least, Adam made a cameo! Divya got word that something may be wrong with him and the first thing she did was run back to him to check and see how he is. She even wanted to see if she was a match for him. These actions showed us clearly that Divya has strong feelings for Adam.

Hopefully, her feelings for Adam will make her realize that going forward by marrying Roj is a mistake. What's Royal Pains without Divya? Exactly. She can't leave for good.

The side story was another medical mystery that Hank was able to figure out within forty something minutes. Who knew you could get anthrax by being around infected hide? At least we all know the warning symptoms now.

No new news on Boris and Marissa's pregnancy, but we can't have it all, can we? 


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I was soooooooooo glad to see Emily go!!!! Did you all catch the fact that she was a mean and condescending bitch to Divya when she first came on the show??? And I kept waiting for her to give Divya an apology but that never happened. And besides that, she seemed underhanded to me. I think she was constantly trying to steal Hank's patients (even got a website!!) I know that there's still some drama to come between Hank and Jill, but at least she's out of the picture!!! YAY!!!


I really enjoyed reading this review and the comments! I work with USA so it's nice to get some feedback on the episodes.. Is everyone else hoping for a Hank/Jill reunion now that he's done with Emily? Remember if you missed last night's episode, you can watch it on our website!


I didn't get parts of the episode due to power issues, but I can definatly say all was forgotten when Hank broke it off with Emily. Plus, seeing th new comercial, I was sky high, Jank is back! I was also glad to see the Paige/Evan issue resolved. And The General seems like he's begining to like Evan, there's always that. While I don't neccicarily want Divya not to marry Raj, she can't leave! Fingers crossed for Jank and the Marissa pregnancy next week!


I was not saddened by the Hank/Emily breakup, but I did find it amusing that when it came Emily treating his father he was annoyed by the invoking of doctor/patient privilege seeing as how seriously Hank takes it.
I enjoyed the medical side of this episode better than the character love story side. It was a good way to handle anthrax and for those who don't know, most show fudge when it comes to how long something takes to get back from a lab.
FYI...if you liked the actress playing the teenage daughter, you can also catch her on Blue Bloods on CBS. I thought she did a great job here and was really able to stretch a bit.

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What do you mean lower case? Who apologizes in lower case?


Hank: Are you seriously pulling doctor patient confidentiality on me?
Emily: Sorry.