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Clark, you are the light.

How ironic that an episode titled after a shining light of hope was mostly such a dark episode…especially that last scene.

I was initially bothered that, yet again, the whole Darkseid saga that has been awfully hit or miss this season was absent. The episode was so good, however, that I can't help but overlook the lack of movement on that front. 

A major highlight of "Beacon" for me was Lucas Grabeel's performance as a young adult Alexander. I didn't expect anyone could do such justice to Michael Rosenbaum's legacy, but Grabeel had the just the right levels of menace and anger, making me almost forget for a second there was ever another Lex.

Interesting TV

It's a shame that he's so young. He's a perfect fit as Lex, yet I can't imagine the writers would end the season without a fully adult Lex in some form. Since reports continue to suggest Rosenbaum has no intention of returning, I wonder if there's any way they can pull old footage of him or use CGI in some way. It would be tragic not to see the original Lex make one final appearance, especially now that it seems Lex is as invulnerable as Clark.

Was anyone else getting an intense Darth Vader vibe from Lionel's speech to Alexander about embracing and using the hate and anger inside of him to make him stronger? I half expected Alexander to whip out a lightsaber at one point.

The confrontation between Tess and Lionel, although brief, was another great moment for me, mostly because it was the first time the two have ever been on screen together. Despite her attempt to kill Alexander, which obviously was intended to be a mercy killing, I was relieved to see Tess stick by Clark's side rather than make a misguided attempt to try to seek acceptance from the father that abandoned her. I particularly appreciated how Tess cited Clark as the turning point in her life, which I think is overall kind of the point of the whole episode.  

Sometimes I think Clark desperately needs some sort of cosmic prozac, because he always tends to navigate toward the negative, which is odd because I thought that was more Bruce Wayne's modus operandi. Martha tried her best to build up Clark's confidence, and Lois and Chloe each expressed concerns to Martha about Clark needing to find inspiration. In the wake of the VRA, Clark has seemed to not necessarily give up all hope, but to somehow fear the future with a certain level of bleakness. 

Basically, he lost his faith in the people who look to him with the same, and he was as much in need of a beacon of hope as they need him to be one.

As evidenced by the video montage that Lois and Chloe put together for him, Tess is only one of thousands who derive inspiration from Clark. It was kind of touching to see all those people leaving those video messages, and to see Clark's reaction to the outpouring, especially considering they were actual viewers enlisted to participate in this episode. Even though these messages were intended for the Blur, they were, for all intents and purposes, a sampling of the appreciation the audience has for the writers and producers for leaving us so many wonderful memories of the last ten years.

My favorite moment was the conversation between Martha and Clark at the end where he spoke about the suit and having seen the future and his alter-ego, most of all when Martha spoke the line I began this review with: "Clark, you are the light."

We're getting so close I can almost taste it. If "Beacon" is any indication of how the remainder of this final season will play out, we're in for one satisfying ride.  


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No Megan, please, not as part of the Justice League, that would be... just can't imagine... just a few seconds cameo in the finale, that's all she needs. I hated the super-powered suit. That was terrible for Lana but I guess the kriptonite-bomb was the only way the producers could have provided an end for her and Clark so he could embrace his destiny with himself and Lois. I really prefered the good bye video in season 7. But after all, she gave Clark his beginning and no one can deny it. And for the very first time, we could see a homage to Clark Kent's tennage love. That's something we hadn't seen before and that's another reason I'm so thankful to Smallville.


If Lana came back don't forget she can't really interact with Clark due to the suit.... Bit it would be nice if she was part of the JLA just because she is clearly super powered now so could actually do something useful now instead of being a pain!


@ME Yes we did cover that when it was announced post-airing of 'Beacon' here: Very interesting turn of events, though yet to be "revealed" on the show. To date, he is still known to the characters as Alexander.


I just want to know how chloe's storyline will end hope the writers do her justice


Spoiler Alert dudes.. Just so ya'll know Lucas Grabeel isnt Alexander tho.......Connor Kent yo! look it up


please don't bring lana back,she annoyed the hell out of me lol i hated her but didn't at the beginning.i don't also like the fact it follows nothing compared to the actual superman moves as lex and clark wasn't that friendly and lex never even remotely understand clark/superman's powers and so on.even as LEX in the original superman films had no idea who superman was in real life so the seasons made me sense to me at all.if you are going to follow the movies then at least have them true to the original concept and scripts? anyway enough ranting from me.i'll look forward to the remainder of the series,i just hope they don't bore me to death like season's 1 through 5 zzzz


yeah Lynx, I could tolerate that^^


I'm happy to know Rusenbaum is returning for the Smallville finale. If you ask me, I will say yes, I'd love seeing Lana in the finale (after all, Clark, Lex and Lana were Smallville's beginning); but not in front of Clark and Lois, but somewhere around the world watching him on TV, smiling and saying the words "Well done, Clark... well done". And enough.


I agree with Jennifer, I don't want to see Lana come back...As I never but really never liked her, it could possibly ruin the end I'm putting so great hope into. I really don't like how Clark is when she's around (remerber the last time...he was sent back in his high school ways)


Fantastic episode! Good to see Martha again, and Lucas Grabeel was great as Alexander. And no, no one else wants to see Lana come back - at least I don't. She annoyed me. She always looked like she was about to cry.

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