Southland Review: "Fixing a Hole"

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Are some holes too big to be fixed? That’s the thought that went through my mind as I watched tonight’s Southland, aptly titled “Fixing a Hole." It highlighted problems that could and couldn’t be repaired.

John continued to seesaw his way through his addiction. First, he grabbed for his pills, then he threw them on the bathroom floor, then on his hands and knees he scooped them back up. Thankfully, he dropped them in the toilet, as I found myself silently praying that he wouldn’t fish them out again.

Fixing a Hole Scene

Cooper couldn’t hide his pain and withdrawal symptoms, but every time someone offered him a hand, John slapped it away. Stubborn and prideful, John wasn’t ready to accept help and probably won’t until he hits bottom. That’s going to be a very scary place.

Somehow, even doped up or going through withdrawals, John was still a great cop. He knew that runaway was telling the truth and he wouldn’t let it go. He refused to allow lazy police work to let this kid fall through the cracks. Now we know why. When John was a kid, no one listened when he said his father molested his sister. No one believed him until his father raped and killed his girlfriend. It explained a lot about John.

To Ben’s credit, he stuck by his partner. John may have been erratic and surly but Ben followed his lead in the investigation saying, “If I’m going to get fired, it might as well be for doing the job the right way.” It showed how much Ben has grown since season one.

We also saw Lydia and Josie getting along well. These two have finally started to feel like partners. Unfortunately, they almost lost their witness, but it was a great scene. They  talked and laughed over lunch when they suddenly realized that their witness had been in the ladies room an awfully long time. The expressions on their faces as they looked at the empty chair, then back at one another, were priceless. I had to replay it.

Sammy’s dark hole was about to get deeper. He hunted down Nate’s killer and kidnapped him. He made the man dig his own grave. Then, in a move that might just save him, he walked away. Could you believe it when the man complained that Sammy was just going to leave him out there? You’d think he’d be grateful he didn’t blow a hole in the back of his head.

I was impressed with Sammy in this episode. Despite his midnight ride off the deep end, he has really been there for Nate’s family. He’s stepped up and taken care of things, perhaps a little too much. I’d guess Mariella felt that way, too, and that may be why she’s decided to move to her parents' place in Texas. Nate’s family has been Sammy’s only anchor. How will he handle it once they’re gone?

With the season coming to a close, who do you think will lift themselves out of their hole and who will sink deeper? We’ve got two more episodes left to find out.


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Alcoholic witness was Kay Lenz


Who was the actress that played Lydia's drunk witness last night (Feb 22)...."fixing a hole". She used to play in a lot of TV roles in the 70-80's ??


Shawn Hatosy was great - his character will truly be lost when Nate's wife moves away. I couldn't help but think of his role in "Alpha Dog" during the hole digging scene. Same device, completely different character and motivations.


Like Mr. Orlando, I was happy that John won this round with his addiction. I do wish the production would be a little more consistent with this story arc, however. Last week, John (with Ben's help) was moving a dilapidated trailer with nary a sign of back pain. This week, he was back in his hole again. Ben has been loyal to John and that's good to see. Even loony Dewey has noticed that John is having a substance abuse problem; how long before his watch commander notices? Where I differ with the review is Sammy letting Nate's presumed killer live. I have a feeling that may come back on him in the future. Lydia & Josie have been getting along for a few episodes. They have a few disagreements, but what co-workers don't? Perhaps Jenny Gago, who plays Josie, will move from recurring to regular. Two episodes left to Season 3. Tell two friends.

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