Southland Season 3

"Graduation Day"

It's Ben's final day as a rookie on the Southland season finale. He has to deal with his partner's worsening state.

"Failure Drill"

John's drug issues worsen on "Failure Drill." Elsewhere, Lydia is involved in a shoot out and Sammy focuses on fatherhood.

"Fixing a Hole"

Adams and Ochoa look after a witness prior a murder trial this week. Elsewhere, John and Ben ignore standard procedure to assist a needy child.


Adams gets suspended this week and ends up bonding with an injured witness. Elsewhere, Brown is haunted by a high-speed chase.

"Cop or Not"

Lydia deals with a celebrity murder case this week, while Sammy heads out on patrol. We also watch as John and Ben get frustrated over a security detail.

"The Winds"

A complicated rape case is at the center of this episode for Adams and Ochoa. Elsewhere, John bonds with a teenage boy while dealing with his father's parole hearing.

"Code 4"

Adams and Ochoa investigate a drug-related murder on this installment of Southland. It involves an unorthodox suspect.


Sammy deals with Tammi's major betrayal this week, while Ben seeks revenge against the man that raped his mother. This awful person gets released from prison.

"Punching Water"

Ben gets teamed up with Chickie Brown this week because Cooper is asked to keep an eye on Billy Dewey. Elsewhere, Lydia and Josie work on a series of gang murders.

"Let It Snow"

Southland returns for season three with this episode. It focuses on a new partner for Lydia and a desk job for Russell.

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