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There is a battle underway in the TV world, unfortunately proving, thus far, the old adage to be true: 

Good guys always finish last.

Despite the creative nosedive taken by the song-n-prance phenomenon Glee in its sophomore season, it's still managing to pulverize the pulp out of its Tuesday night competitor, No Ordinary Family.

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Ratings evidence to the contrary, NoF has done a super job of depicting how the lives of an average family would be impacted if they suddenly developed uncanny abilities. To use the term "realistic" might seem a bit absurd, given the context, but it seems to me that the writers have gone to great lengths to allow for an organic, yet light-hearted, progression of their discovery.

We've been privy to the ups and downs, the successes and failures, the friction and cohesion, as they've started to slowly piece together the larger puzzle into which their collective pieces fit. The charming blend of drama, action and humor - as well as all the comic-book geekery that comes with the territory - has elevated the experience for me, keeping me fully invested in how all this is going to work out for the Powells.

I can, however, understand that for some who may have bailed early on, the first handful of episodes might have seemed a bit too expository in nature and taken a little too long to get to the good stuff.

In case you are among those who have defected away from this upstanding quartet of heroes to the sex-crazed, plot-starved minstrels of McKinley High, please hear what I'm about to tell you: 

It's about to get ridiculously good.

It has taken some time to build this house of cards, but with the end of last week's episode, a strategically placed card was yanked.  And it's all about to come toppling down.

Everything came to a head in "No Ordinary Double-Standard" as Stephanie got a taste of of the thrill of crimefighting; she and Jim learned of Dr. King's involvement in experimenting on prison inmates, giving them temporary abilities; Dr. King discovered, via video surveillance of his own rescue, that the Powells have abilities of their own; Joshua, Katie's super-powered boyfriend and formerly one of King's minions, mind-wiped Katie's knowledge of his past grievances; and Daphne discovered she has the ability to influence the thoughts of others, persuading them to do her bidding.

I'm fortunate enough to have pre-viewed the upcoming episode "No Ordinary Powell" and it blew me away as the best of series to date. It's "Heroes: Season One" good. I won't spoil it, but suffice it to say that a lot goes down in the span of one episode, and it sets up an interesting twist that should only create greater suspense and thrills moving forward. 

Among other things, here is some of what you can expect to see:

- A J.J. and Daphne crime-solving team up

- Insight into King's motivations

- A doppelganger showdown

- A choice with potentially catastrophic consequences

- A disappointing death 

If you've been waiting for the proverbial doody to hit the fan, this is the episode to watch.

I implore anyone with even a casual interest to set your DVR to record Glee (if you have to) and watch NoF LIVE this Tuesday. If you want to watch a thoroughly engaging show with a sharp cast that continues to build creatively, now is the time to align yourself with the heroes of No Ordinary Family.

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Christ, the cancellation of NOF has abolutely nothing to do with Glee, powerfull men in showbusiness or the time and day the shown is on. The one and only reason is BAD WRITING. Clished, cheesy, nonsensical, boring writing. Ex. the first 5-7 episodes was about George calling Jim in the middle of something, convincing him to come and check out a fire or car theft. Or about Jim and Steph arguing about who lied to who about the use of they powers. And the mere fact taht Jim is jumping around on rooftops all over the city, Steph using her running powers at her office alomost as if no one else was there and alot of other bad and boring writing like that. I saw episode 10 the other day(yes, i hang on all way to E10, but thats it) and in the end, where Jim and George is standing outside the trainstation after they stopped some trainsrobbers, more or less surrounded by cops, medical staff, curious bystanders, journalist and what not, George jumps up on Jim back and Jim takes of into the sky, with george on his back, making the usual thunderish noise when he does that. That was the drop for me. This is obviously a kids program and a bad one at that, so i sincerely hope it gets cancelled, so other more talented writers can have a go with another serie.


Interesting comparison, but I think the wrong demographic for NOF. That being said, I quit after the first 3-5 episodes but reading your rant/blog about it, I'll have another look at this show!


Why are people hating on NOF? It's a great show! The only reason why it's getting low ratings is because it's in a very bad time slot. I mean you gotta give a brand new show a chance of survival by it on another day in a different time slot where it can grow on audiences. NOF speaks to all audiences young, mid and old. When a show is brand new and is pitted against hot shows it has no chance of survival because people stick with what they know. By putting NOF on a different day and in a different time slot where it can and will survive because people will start watching more episodes and become more intrigue with the show. NOF is a great show it just needs to be put on a better day and time slot. If NOF does get a new airing day and time slot it will flourish. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!


I still watch Glee. I gave up on No Ordinary Family after the fourth episode.


Like real life, Glee has gay people in it. Does NOF have gay people in it? Hey, maybe it's a power in NOF. All the gays are invisible. ;-)


NoF started its season with clumsy storytelling, lazy dialogue and cheesy writing that was sending the show straight into the trash bin. It certainly had its redeeming qualities, but there was little for audiences to grab on to. The show started with little to no creativity and that's what is digging its grave. Glee, of course, has been lacking in quality, but had a strong first season to keep people tuning in.


@Alyssa - You have a point. Though I've been sitting on that title for over a week and couldn't resist the opportunity to use it. :-)


The best shows get cancelled because the networks want to be able to say they "tried" putting creative and wholesome shows on tv "but they failed". They fail, however, because they are strategically placed against shows on other networks that will fail them. It's about the socialization that those in power have continued to want to impose on the culture: political agenda primarily, immorality coming second. "We tried" - is the weak excuse they give every time. No Ordinary Family is our favorite show, so just put it in another time slot that doesn't compete with one of the hottest shows on tv that only twenty-somethings like. How about Sunday night?


I get what you're trying to do here. NoF might be a great show, but I don't think you're going to get fans of Glee to jump ship by bashing it. Glee may not be the best show ever made, but I like it and I'm not going to stop wathcing it. You should have just highlighted NoF's strengths and left Glee out of it.

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