Army Wives Review: "Command Presence"

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After a rocky start last week, Army Wives was back on track with an excellent episode. I was genuinely concerned with the odd character reactions to situations on the premiere, and I'm very happy my fears were unrealized.

A New Baby

That doesn't mean everything is coming up roses. Trevor somehow found out about Whit visiting and TJ shoplifting and blamed any and everything on Roxy. Apparently, not a week will go by without me being unhappy with one of our leads.

If there is one thing Trevor cannot do, it's treat Roxy as if she is a bad wife and mother. Roxy works so hard to keep their family afloat, always so strong, but remains compassionate to the needs of her extraordinary family.

It was certainly awkward for one of Joan's first duties as Garrison Commander to reprimand TJ for the shoplifting. I do think she was being unnecessarily harsh in light of her personal relationship with Roxy. She doesn't want to look easy or to play favorites. But as strapped for cash as the LeBlancs always are, a $100 fine for each item stolen, especially when they were returned, seemed a bit steep. If she says it's base policy, though, who am I to question?

I don't know what possessed Roxy to go to Roland to complain about the hearing with Joan and TJ, but it was very awkward and I realized Roxy's strength may be a hindrance to her in the long run. Why did she turn down his offer to talk to TJ? The kid obviously needs help he isn't getting from his parents.

The discussion between Joan and Roland about it afterward was even more distressing. I'm still not sure Joan and Roland's marriage is going to to survive the stress of this new position. Roland is not himself. He seems unhappy, especially when he realizes that supporting a commanding officer requires him to be a "Command Presence." The many functions they have to attend, including interactions with dignitaries like the Governor, will make working on their family situation even more difficult.

As beloved as Claudia Joy is, it was heartbreaking to see her walk out of her law school graduation ceremony completely alone. Professor Chandler, who has been kind of sleazy in the past (meaning, I haven't always believed his motives to be free of feelings for Claudia Joy), was right there, taking her to lunch to celebrate. He also offered her a job. How very convenient. The self-satisfied nod of his head when she accepted didn't give me the warm fuzzies about their future relationship.

Michael forgetting about the graduation? Hello... it's the military! Everything is so regimented that there is absolutely no way he could have forgotten. These deployed men are going to be the bane of my viewing this season! Her extraordinary accomplishment went unnoticed, and it worries me that his distance will only bring her closer to Chandler as they work together.

Something is going to happen. I believe it will either involve Chase or Jeremy. With as much as Denise and Frank have been through over the years with each other and with Jeremy, I really hope it's not him, but I had a feeling of foreboding as Tonya went to sleep with Jeremy's picture on her lap. Other than that, I was just happy that Denise apologized to Tonya and asked her to come visit Molly. Finally, Denise is acting like the woman I know her to be, accepting and loving of Tonya. Even though she knows little to nothing about her, she does know her son, and trusting his judgment is our Denise.

Then there's Chase. Now that we've learned to live without him and Pamela together, she has chosen him over Boone, and called to tell him as he is riding out to what might be his last Delta mission. A lot happened in a very short time, and I have a bad feeling that either he or Jeremy will end up dead.

If it's Jeremy, it means Denise will forge a closer bond with Tonya (who will probably also be pregnant). If it's Chase, it means that the entire life Pamela gave up and chose again will again be thrown into turmoil. Both of these scenarios would lead to incredible story opportunities, as much pain as they might bring. The reality is that army life is dangerous, and to expect all of our characters to come out unscathed every year is a bit too optimistic. Both Jeremy and Chase are expendable at this point in the series.

Are you happy that this episode picked up the pace and brought us back in touch with our beloved characters? Do you have the same feeling of impending doom that I have? I know any tragedy will only bring our friends closer, but it's still difficult to image. After all, they're our family.


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I think it is Chase also....his dying does not affect anything major with the show. As said by others, Pam is already OFF base and his dying does not affect her position on base since she's already off base and it was addressed by the divorce. If one of the other husbands die it would mean that wife would have to move off base also...and the show IS called ARMY wives. I think that last scene was telling w/Chase's phone ringing and he not actually getting to speak to Pamela. That's what bothers me the most..the possibility of him dying without knowing that Pamela truly loved him and chose him. I hope his (if it is him) death comes towards the end of the episode and he at least finds that me that would be the saddest part of the episode...for him not to know that. On the other hand...I can see it being Michael also. Claudia Joy IS alone in that house and for her to move off base would not be a big deal...and I agree there is something brewing with Harry Hamlin and I just can't picture Claudia Joy's character's not her style..she loves Michael too much...It would be a way to address the end of the possibility of moving to West Point for the promotion...They may pull a switch...everyone EXPECTS it to be Chase...and's Michael or Jeremy...But I think it's safe to say, it's one of the 3. Just food for thought!


@Lassiter - Pamela has already moved off base, so that's not a factor. But I think the way they set it up, with Chase being called away on his final mission, would be the perfect way to have him killed off. And I don't mean perfect in a good happy way, I just mean, it would make sense. I think he has the most dangerous job out of any other husband on the show. Also, this might make room for Boone to have a more permanent role on the show, which I would like. I would HATE for it to be Trevor or Michael. If it were Trevor, I don't think Roxy's "strength" would prevail, I think she would crumble and go back to her old ways. And on a side note, I'm very dissapointed in the direction they took Trevor. I never thought he would be so quick to jump down Roxy's throat and accuse her of kissing Wit. He's never been that discompassionate before. And if it were Michael, I think the writers would be piling way too much on Claudia Joy. I agree with previous posters, losing a daughter was enough...for now.


I really hope it isn't Michael. Claudia Joy already lost a child, it would not be right for her to lose a husband too. I think it is Chase.


I honestly believe it will be Michael or Trevor. I don't see it being any of the others.


I have to say I really think it is going to be Michael or Trevor who dies in the next episode. They are playing too much towards it might be Chase or Jeremy so that is why it makes me think it is going to be Michael or Trevor. Remember Trevor said he didn't need the stuff from home to worry him since he is in such a dangerous area. I am pushing more towards Michael because I think they want to start something permanent between Harry Hamlin's character and Claudia Joy.


I don't think it would be Jeremy because Frank would have called and told Denise himself before the Army showed up. They are stationed at the same post.


I think it's going to be Chase that dies. Remember Pamela already lives off post in the apartment. They are already divorced so I don't see how that would effect the storyline as far as that goes. The fact that she has chosen him and given up a job offer in Atlanta seem foreboding to me. I see a relationship with her and Boone in the future. Just a guess though!


I am going to guess it is Jeremy, as Chase passing would lead to Pamela moving off base and not likely being as "involved". Although I suppose it is possible that it be Chase and they tie Pamela in with her friendships. Not liking either scenario :(


Once again another great ep. I love this season alot and it's one of the best with Roxy storylines being the best, I like that she is dealing with a teenage son. Then next I like Pam story,I wish her spin off would have been greenlighted cuz her and gaby U. would have made a great show. and I am liking to have Joan more on the show and get more storylines and not see more of the guys.I like it when they just focus on the ARMY WIVES.

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