Glee Review: Taking a Holiday...

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At various times, this episode of Glee was fun, frustrating, educational, profound, humorous, romantic and simply random.

Shall we run through all these aspects of "Sexy?" Let's give it a shot...

Will and Holly

FUN: I really wish every day were a Holly Holiday. Gwyneth Paltrow is perfect in this role, bringing an energy and snark to lines about wet hugs and sex tapes with JD Salinger, while sexing up performances such as "Do You Wanna Touch Me." Just great times all around any time she stops by.

FRUSTRATING: It's not so much that I hate when Glee preaches, it's that it does so in an unrealistic manner. Emma and Carl have never had sex?!? Brittany thinks babies come from a stork?!? These quirks are funny when used in a one-liner, but they become irritating when used as actual plot points. The series wants us to focus on such a serious topic as sex (or drinking, or whatever is on the agenda next) while presenting utterly cartoon-ish characteristics.

If the show wants to be considered a platform for social issues - and creator Ryan Murphy has made it clear that's his goal - I'd prefer if it tackled them from a more believable standpoint.

EDUCATIONAL: Wait, Kim Kardashian is only famous due to a sex tape? I've been thinking she was just oozing talent this entire time.

PROFOUND: Loved Burt's speech to his son and, while I take issue with Santana's revelation of love to Brittany (more on that below), I must applaud Naya Rivera's performance during "Landslide" and also during her big speech.

HUMOROUS: Emma considers the Real Housewives racy, Brittany is confused by breakfast and Holly thinks Will is wasting his "fine man butt." A lot of funny quotes, which is saying something considering the relative lack of Sue.

ROMANTIC: Will doing the tango with Holly? Hot. Holly finally admitting that she should open herself up to a relationship that lasts more than 36 hours? Vulnerable and sweet. Meanwhile, Puck may not have gotten to motorboat, but he got a smooch on the lips. That's almost as nice.

RANDOM: In many ways, this was a significant episode. Santana came fully out of the closet, Carl and Emma broke up and Quinn made her intentions clear to Finn (as well as her return to total bitch-dom). But Glee often feels like a hodgepodge of events and scenes thrown together around a weekly theme.

One second, Santana can't open up, the next second she's breaking down by singing a few lyrics. We haven't seen Carl in months, and then, just as suddenly as he appears behind the drums, he's gone again. Blaine and Kurt run into Sue in the coffee shop and are instantly convinced they need to sex up their routine, complete with bubbles that resemble... let's just say... something very personal to guys? It all just felt random and under-developed.

But then Holly was a ball of fun. And you can't claim there wasn't an attempt at character development, considering the admissions made by Emma and Santana. A hard episode to judge all around. What did everyone else think?


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I am so glad that others thought the same thing I did about this episode. Frankly it was so bad that it was hard to watch. At least that's my opinion.


I finally saw this episode!! :)


I know the comments suggest the overwhelming majority of Glee fans love Paltrow on the show, but I agree with the comment about the smug smile -- and won't miss her if she's never back. Kurt's father's message to gay men was devastatingly appropriate, I think by my friends who are/were gay -- especially the really close friend who died of AIDS and his telling me about what a slut he used to be (and the time he did a little impromptu performance along with the radio when "Like a Virgin" came on and how sad that is to recall). Anyhow, I'm sort of developing the impression that the characterizations of the characters has become sort of like an ensemble (like Saturday Night Live, for instance) where they play the personality types each does best, but in whatever roles the weekly bits require. That would explain the inconsistencies, or why relationships are so on-off back and forth (as lead ins for songs, for instance). That said, though, I think there were some nice things from that in Sexy going forward. No, I didn't believe about Brittany and the stork, although I could suspend belief about Brittany and Santa Claus ... but Brittany is being portrayed some consistently in what must be her first relationships longer than one night in both Artie and Santana. And, although, I think it's an inconsistency in Santana, and probably a development from the orientation of the creators and the themes they're interested in, developing Santana into a kind of bull dyke might be fun to watch. Also, Puckerman's current relationship makes sense to me because he hasn't been portrayed as someone who would appeal to the _Quinn's_ of school society, but as someone who only has sex on his mind so much that he'll score where others won't, but not because he's anyone's Prince Charming (and Lauren might make him feel like he could be her Prince). And, everyone ending up in the celibacy club at the end was just the message about how naive, how out to sea, we all are -- enough that people would join a club about it, sit around a table ... and still not have a clue, so to speak (and typical that Rachel would take over).


I just have to say...I agree with Kitty and Rank. This show was AWESOME first half of first season, after the break it kinda started rambling a little bit but then it came all together with Journey wich I loved!! So I was really looking forward for season 2...but when it comes to all these guest stars, under developed story lines, too many characters in off and on relationships, and etc. it just feels like they are not focusing on the show itself but on trying to keep it "trendy" with to date topic issues but it's definitely not seeling with the loyal fans since the beginning.
RYAN MURPHY, GO F...CKING do something


Loved Santana in this episode. CONGRATS TO NAYA RIVERA!


Oh, and while I'm complaining can I just stress again how sad it is how the show treats relationships in general? Bot romantic and friendly ones?
Lets face it, Brittany and Santana are like the only stable pairing on the show.
Finn and Rachel were broken up for a crappy reason, Mercedes and Kurt's friendship was just forgotten about sometime this season just like Quinn's and Mercedes' and we aven't even seen Emma most of this season, so no Wemma at all.
And neither Artie and Brittany, nor Tina and Maik really had any story to them. They were just put together and stayed like that without any screen-time, story or development behind it which is probably the reason I find them so BORING!
Puck and Quinn, the couple a lot of people are waiting for was never even started and Puck and Lauren is just SOOO ridiculous and boring. I guess I should be happy the show at least proves they can stick with one pairing for more than 3 weeks, but it started with Puck suddenly being into Lauren for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. I MISS SEASON 1!!!!


@Fizzy: I really don't mind the show developing Santana into a bisexual or lesbian character. In fact, ever since the first season, I loved the interactions between Brittan and Santana and the consistency of their "relationship" (whatever it was/is). And I couldn't be more happy about more Santana screen-time.
Besides, I think nobody minds Glee sending messages about tolerance to gay/bisexual people. This open-mindedness was part of what made the show great in the beginning, when they didn't overplay it so much!!!
But I still think Santana's outing to Brittany came out of nowhere and just felt weird. Until now, she never seemed to mind what anybody thought, and she didn't mind walking the hallways holding hands with Brittany. Plus she never seemed to want more than whatever relationship she had with Brittany.
So going from there to a heartbroken meltdown-love-confession in the middle of the school hallway within just one episode?
If maybe the show had taken the time to explore their friendship and Santanas character a little more beforehand and maybe built up to this scene than I probably would have loved it.
The sceneitself was great, the acting was amazing and the characters are awesome together.
But the way this overall story - I don't even know if you could call it that after ONE episode - was executet, it sucked!


Santana was terrific. Holly Holliday was terrific. I gag whenever the Boys Choir comes on, as only the one guy sings. Everyone else just mouths the words.
The message is just ridiculously heavy handed. The only guy who pulled off good advice was Burt. This show is not the fun show it was when it started. The Lauren thing is also ridiculous. Great to have a heavy character who is so confident, but it is a ludicrous plotline with her and Puck...I don't think you can have it both ways, Broad (a woman thinks a stork brings babies! A stork is currently nesting on her garage!) and Solemn. (Curt needs to become an adult! Santana bares her soul and feels it gets trampled!) I think the two kinds of stories aren't compatible.

Anna maria

*like, not lie

Anna maria

I hope they don't ruin Santana..what is she after all? Bisexual or a lesbian? Brittany is clearly bi bt she isn't..oh well, I think they were great but this development was too out of nowhere, I can't say I lie it yet. I hope they don't exagerate on the gay storylines.

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