Glee Round Table: "Sexy"

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We're back with a new edition of the Glee Round Table. Given the events that took place in "Sexy" - Holly returned, Emma split with Carl, Santana came out - there's a lot to break down.

Below, lead Glee critic Matt Richenthal joins his esteemed colleagues Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger to discuss the episode. Feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt: We got a healthy dose of Brittany this week, highlighted by the following logic: "The key is to use your curling iron in the bathtub to keep you from being burnt."

Steve: Easily the speech Burt gave to his son. Forget words of wisdom about gay sex. This advice could easily apply to anyone just starting to experiment in this area.

Eric: Holly absolutely cracked me up. I loved her jab about Emma's close legs and also about her own sex tape with JD Salinger.

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What was your favorite performance from the episode?
Matt: I didn't love the developments with Santana (read below), but I have to give credit to Naya Rivera, Heather Morris and Gwyneth Paltrow for the rendition of "Landslide." It was just beautifully done all around.

Steve: "Afternoon Delight." There was no major dancing, no especially creative twist on the single... but Emma thought it was about dessert! Hilarious!

Eric: You guys did see Paltrow during her cover of "Do You Wanna Touch Me," right? Easiest answer ever.

Were you happy to see such a focus on Santana and Brittany?
Matt: No. Not all characters need to be three dimensional. I'd be perfectly fine with Santana and Brittany just being around to throw out the occasional one-liner and to serve as the slut and the ditz, respectively. While their scenes were very well acted by Rivera and Morris, the sudden seriousness between two people who earlier this season talked about their "scissoring" and have never seemed anything but casual just felt forced and unnecessary.

Steve: I disagree, Matt. Aren't you the same critic who sometimes complaints about a lack of character development? This storyline was all that (and a bag of chips!), so how can you look down on it?

Eric: Tough one. But I see Matt's side. One scene, Brittany thinks babies come from storks. Then, the show wants us to take her seriously enough to hold this kind of life-changing discussion? It can't have it both ways.

Is this it for Carl and Emma?
Matt: Unfortunately, I assume so. Emma had been showing such evolution over the last few episodes, too, standing up to Will and coming across as far more confident than ever. But now she'll clearly pine over him, while he's dating Holly, and the show will continue to keep these two apart.

Steve: It has to be. I'm fine with the couple splitting, but it would have been more effective if there was any build up to it. The series had Emma marry Cark out of nowhere, then we didn't see him for months, and then he showed up... and left again. A bit disappointing and mishandled.

Eric: Yes. Good rule of marriage: when your wife isn't sure if she's in love with someone else or not, it's over.


I always found it funny when people complain about story lines on this show feeling forced or sudden, or unnecessary. EVERYTHING on this show is forced and sudden. I though Brittany and Santana's development was fantastic and probably one of the highlights of the season. And to people who actually pay attention to the show, Santana's confession was not out of the blue. These two have been shown to have a solid friendship, along with a sexual relationship since the first season. So it's nice to see the writers stop treating them as an in-joke a give focus to what is probably one of their more interesting pairings. I also enjoy the fact that Brittany appears to be alot more coherent in her interactions with Santana then anyone else, including Artie. Anything that veers her away from the child-like mentality the writers have forced on her this season is a good thing in my opinion. I want nothing more than to erase that god-awful Christmas episode from my memory. Glee has so much potential with ALL the characters they've created- yes, even the "slut" and the "ditz"- that it's nice when they finally take advantage of it.


"Remember Finn in the pilot episode? He tossed people into the dumpster for God sake! That totally required a badass to do such a thing" @kreeto i am speechless, you don't have to be badass or cool to do this kind of stuff, you have to be a jerk
i agree that finn should be more popular, and now it's looking like it's going to be, but what you wrote is utter madness about brittana, i love them together and it's nice to see that they are taking center stage after all the rachel madness


Reading Matt's reaction to Brittana, I honestly thought I was being punk'd. Criticizing the writers for writing three-dimensional characters? Shouldn't your "critic" badge be taken away for that? And "sudden"? "Forced"? Try paying attention once in awhile, Matt. Then maybe you wouldn't be surprised by a storyline that's been built up for over a year.


Definitely disagree with Matt on the 'Brittana' thing. I know SO many girls going through what both Britt and San are going through and it's heart breaking. They've been leading up to this relationship since season one. If you actually look at them in the background and the way that Santana just looks at Brittany definitely made me think from the start that this was inevitable. I feel their story is the realest so far. Not to mention beautifully acted.


Santana-Brittany's scene was moving and well-played but I have to agree that it was too sudden. Also, I love Santana but the development of her character is probably getting sort of weird. I'm afraid she's going to wind up being another Kurt. A once funny character, but after a series of serious episodes, it has lost it's capability of making people laugh anymore. Same goes to Brittany. (I'm still hoping that this isn't going to be the case) Besides, don't anyone think that there's already too many gays in the show? I've got nothing against LGBT, but is this realistic? I once read somewhere that Kurt's aunt might come into the picture to serve as a mentor to Kurt, who is by the way, gay. Who else might be gay after this? Finn's development, although passive, but I thought it was good. Despite there's a possibility that Quinn is planning to dump him after the prom, I think he deserves a little better than Rachel. Remember Finn in the pilot episode? He tossed people into the dumpster for God sake! That totally required a badass to do such a thing. But Finn had lost that quality ever since he joined Glee, which was a little sudden, and he's been acting stupid and good-hearted ever since. It's nice to see that he's not really a total loser. I used to think that Finn should be with Santana, but given the recent development, I think the show should find another hot chick to pair Finn up with.


I totally disagree with what he said about Brittany. Just because she's kind of stupid doesn't mean she hasn't got any feelings.


Is next weeks episode the last in the season?


Kurt is so frustrating. One episode he tells Burt to "educate himself" so Kurt can come and talk to his dad like any other the next episode Kurt acts like he'd rather have Sue throw him down the stairs than have "the talk." Obviously "the talk" is all kinds of awkward, but he asked for it, didn't he? Burt is such a great guy/dad and it is really needling to see Kurt constantly jerking him around and never being satisfied with his efforts. Quinn obviously only wants Finn for prom reasons. She'll probably dump him afterwards whether they win or not. Then Finn will try to run back to Rachel and hopefully Rachel will kick him to the curb. And am I the only one around here who doesn't really like Holly Holiday? I find her spacey and awkward - I know she's supposed to be, but it's not in a good way at all; it's just obnoxious. During her scene with Santana and Brittany (when they were sitting on the mat on the floor) Holly had a bunch of lines that were supposed to be funny but were really, really lame. A lot of her lines are like that, actually...


If Santana is really worried about being bullied for being a lesbian, then she's even stupider than Brittany. What dumb jock would be anything but thrilled to hear that a hot cheerleader is macking on the ladies?


I actually loved the development between Santana and Brittany. I disagree with what Matt said, there's nothing wrong to give each character another dimension, especially in a show where everything is incredibly fast-paced and the writers have to come up with a number of plot points.. what i DID NOT like was Brittany telling Santana to wait for her, that she would be with her when she broke up with Artie, it's sort of cruel.

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