Glee Review: Taking a Holiday...

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At various times, this episode of Glee was fun, frustrating, educational, profound, humorous, romantic and simply random.

Shall we run through all these aspects of "Sexy?" Let's give it a shot...

Will and Holly

FUN: I really wish every day were a Holly Holiday. Gwyneth Paltrow is perfect in this role, bringing an energy and snark to lines about wet hugs and sex tapes with JD Salinger, while sexing up performances such as "Do You Wanna Touch Me." Just great times all around any time she stops by.

FRUSTRATING: It's not so much that I hate when Glee preaches, it's that it does so in an unrealistic manner. Emma and Carl have never had sex?!? Brittany thinks babies come from a stork?!? These quirks are funny when used in a one-liner, but they become irritating when used as actual plot points. The series wants us to focus on such a serious topic as sex (or drinking, or whatever is on the agenda next) while presenting utterly cartoon-ish characteristics.

If the show wants to be considered a platform for social issues - and creator Ryan Murphy has made it clear that's his goal - I'd prefer if it tackled them from a more believable standpoint.

EDUCATIONAL: Wait, Kim Kardashian is only famous due to a sex tape? I've been thinking she was just oozing talent this entire time.

PROFOUND: Loved Burt's speech to his son and, while I take issue with Santana's revelation of love to Brittany (more on that below), I must applaud Naya Rivera's performance during "Landslide" and also during her big speech.

HUMOROUS: Emma considers the Real Housewives racy, Brittany is confused by breakfast and Holly thinks Will is wasting his "fine man butt." A lot of funny quotes, which is saying something considering the relative lack of Sue.

ROMANTIC: Will doing the tango with Holly? Hot. Holly finally admitting that she should open herself up to a relationship that lasts more than 36 hours? Vulnerable and sweet. Meanwhile, Puck may not have gotten to motorboat, but he got a smooch on the lips. That's almost as nice.

RANDOM: In many ways, this was a significant episode. Santana came fully out of the closet, Carl and Emma broke up and Quinn made her intentions clear to Finn (as well as her return to total bitch-dom). But Glee often feels like a hodgepodge of events and scenes thrown together around a weekly theme.

One second, Santana can't open up, the next second she's breaking down by singing a few lyrics. We haven't seen Carl in months, and then, just as suddenly as he appears behind the drums, he's gone again. Blaine and Kurt run into Sue in the coffee shop and are instantly convinced they need to sex up their routine, complete with bubbles that resemble... let's just say... something very personal to guys? It all just felt random and under-developed.

But then Holly was a ball of fun. And you can't claim there wasn't an attempt at character development, considering the admissions made by Emma and Santana. A hard episode to judge all around. What did everyone else think?


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I find myself to only be dissapointed lately with glee when it comes to the core relationship of rachel and finn.
Trying to put back finn and quinn is ridiculous and unrealilistic. She cheated on him...with his best friend....and god pregnant by him....and then tried to pass it off as his...through a hot tub what world would he get back with her.
And yet he couldn't forgive rachel for kissing puck after she found out that he lied to her about sleeping with santana. She was hurt and she didn't let it go further and told him right away. Yet she is the bad person?
And plus im dissapointed with the lack of Rachel singing lately...i know some people get sick of her singing all the songs but i love her songs and it is a big part of what has always made the show for me. Her version of Poker face with idina menzel is one of my favorite songs ever.
And i must say i am quite suprised with glee for missing out on an oppurtunity. They sing a justin beiber song on the show but rachel is working on writing a song and they don't incorporate a song from the most famous teenage (well a little past teenage now) singer/songwriter right now taylor swift.
I think glee does miss alot of oppurtunitys to incorporate newer songs into the show. Or maybe i'm just pathetic because sometimes i hear a song and think of where it could be placed in an episode lol. Like for instance when i first heard the song meet me halfway by the black eyed peas i thought it would make a perfect finn and rachel coming together song last season. Again maybe i'm just a weirdo. Besides my rants about those two things i am really enjoying how they are handling issues while keeping the show light hearted. :)


I think the entire Brittany/Santana story this episode was beatiful. They've been building up Santana's character; as of recently there's been strong hints that she hates being alone. SHe wants somebody to love (read: Brittany) but obviously she's too afraid how the world is going to treat two bisexual girls that are in love. That's why I think this storyline needs to be explored. Believe it or not, many people, especially within the LGBT community, watch Glee for the messages, in addition to it's entertainment value. Before this episode, Glee has completely pushed aside lesbian and bisexual representation--with treating the "Brittana" relationship on a comedic level (save for Duets) and having Kurt express his disbelief in bisexuality the episode before last (which, I still cannot get get over how offensive that was). Female teens struggling with their sexuality in the generally close-minded society that is highschool has a role model in Santana to look up to. Sure, there was Kurt. And he's been a fantastic representation to the gay community (aside from the biphobia comment). But Santana has a lot of inner turmoil up in there; like she said, she was afraid to admit she loved Brittany, another girl, because she was afraid of the consequences (i.e. the same homophobic treatment Kurt received when he was at McKinley) But Santana and Brittany bring even more to the plate--not only in the fact that they're two girls that are fluid--but that it involves a girl in love with her best friend. Almost anybody, no matter the person's sexuality, can relate to the scary prospect of confessing feelings to a friend. And a same-sex friend? The message that sends--especially on an extremely popular primetime network show like Glee--is phenomanal. I'm really excited to see how this storyline plays out for the rest of the season!


I am an avid Glee fan. I have absolutely loved it since the beginning. I will say however, I was not all that comfortable with the shift between Santana & Brittany. This comment comes from a gay woman too. I just do not want them to overplay the gay card. I think those girls acted their butts off. They did great. I am just a little wary for them to push it. I mean, the sex ed message was great, the situation between BLain & Curt is great. I think the storyline with the closeted football player has potential. someone posted that someone dies and they seem to think it sadly may be Santana. I think it makes better sense for it to be that football player.i don't want to see anyone die! But, if it happens....well I just sayin. I felt for Santana! I came out in high school ^ it sucked. I felt her pain. So, I have mixed feelings. Still a big fan!


Like most episodes this season, there were some strong parts, but they tried to do too much and it got muddled. Check out my full review here.


Everybody's got a "random". Best line of the show.


Okay, lets start with the positive.
I started out loving the episode. Holly is AMAZING and I almost had tears in my eyes during the Landslide scene between Brittany and Santana.
Also, while I think it was totally weird (if nor wrong) from Blaine to go to Burt and ask him to have a sex talk with his son(?????), the talk itself was a great scene. But then during the last 10 minutes or so, the writers managed to completely RUIN the whole episode!
I love Santana, but the outing felt very forced and sudden. I just hope they don't make another stereotype tortured closeted-gay character out of her!!! Plus they already did that storyline and I loved the Brittany-Santana frindship/relationship or whatever. I'll be so mad if they ruined that!!!
Also I hate the Puck/Lauren fling. I just don't buy it and to be honest she is getting on my nerves!!!
And why way everybody in the celibacy club at the end? I thought it was funny with Rachel and Quinn, but the all of the sudden everybody wanted to be in there after a few songs about sex????
And speaking about Quinn... they had to really put her back together with Finn? That is just stupid! Sure, they have history, but that involves the time when Quinn cheated on Finn and told him he was the father of Puck's baby. I would say maybe they forgot, but Holly was nice enough to remind Finn of that little incident. I could go on for hours about how ridiculus that paring is! And this random scene with Quinn and Finn (I refuse to give the a couples name, cause they just DON'T work together) also had the nice bonus of turning Qhinn into the bitchy, fake and superficial character she was during the first episodes. THANKS A LOT WRITERS. I was thrilled that Glee got picked up for 2 seasons at once ast year but if they keep going like that, I won't even watch the end of this season.


@Matt Richenthal:
Just because Carl said he'd be at a hotel does -not- imply that he and Emma are breaking up. Anyone who knows how love works sometimes has had it happen where an argument or disagreement has them spend a bit of time apart to think things through and really dissect the situation. Besides, knowing how the writers are in this show anymore? They probably want the fans to intentionally presume the worst. My guess is it's going to be a Carl vs Will for Emma's affection sort of thing which will [more likely than not] be how Glee scores another season. Even if they do win regional the whole set up of this series solely focuses on drama so.. we'll get something else [more likely than not] randomly thrown in I'd bet. Also, is it just me or are more fans also losing the ability to put 100% effort into watching each new episode? It used to be whenever Glee came on I was unable to be reached that whole hour. Now I seem to get more entertainment watching American Idol.. Glee really needs to step it up or return to it's roots. 'Nough said.


AWESOME ep. Finally, Will is with grownups. He's sexy again! Gwyneth was a breath of fresh air. But Klaine seems to be in the friendzone, like MissGossip said.
Which is such a waste.


I don't think that Santana was coming out in this episode, i think she was just admitting that she was in love with Brittany. She doesn't know if she is gay or not yet, she just knows how she has feelings towards Britanny and in this episode she vocalised them, she didnt come out. Kudos to Naya Rivera for AMAZING acting on that last speech and during Landslide!


Knowing how preachy the writers are I have a gut feeling that we are about to see a suicide coming up. They have announced that someone is going to die and I do think it will be suicide. I hope they don't kill of Santana just cause she came out. But I have a bad feeling. Loved this episode.

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