Glee Review: Taking a Holiday...

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At various times, this episode of Glee was fun, frustrating, educational, profound, humorous, romantic and simply random.

Shall we run through all these aspects of "Sexy?" Let's give it a shot...

Will and Holly

FUN: I really wish every day were a Holly Holiday. Gwyneth Paltrow is perfect in this role, bringing an energy and snark to lines about wet hugs and sex tapes with JD Salinger, while sexing up performances such as "Do You Wanna Touch Me." Just great times all around any time she stops by.

FRUSTRATING: It's not so much that I hate when Glee preaches, it's that it does so in an unrealistic manner. Emma and Carl have never had sex?!? Brittany thinks babies come from a stork?!? These quirks are funny when used in a one-liner, but they become irritating when used as actual plot points. The series wants us to focus on such a serious topic as sex (or drinking, or whatever is on the agenda next) while presenting utterly cartoon-ish characteristics.

If the show wants to be considered a platform for social issues - and creator Ryan Murphy has made it clear that's his goal - I'd prefer if it tackled them from a more believable standpoint.

EDUCATIONAL: Wait, Kim Kardashian is only famous due to a sex tape? I've been thinking she was just oozing talent this entire time.

PROFOUND: Loved Burt's speech to his son and, while I take issue with Santana's revelation of love to Brittany (more on that below), I must applaud Naya Rivera's performance during "Landslide" and also during her big speech.

HUMOROUS: Emma considers the Real Housewives racy, Brittany is confused by breakfast and Holly thinks Will is wasting his "fine man butt." A lot of funny quotes, which is saying something considering the relative lack of Sue.

ROMANTIC: Will doing the tango with Holly? Hot. Holly finally admitting that she should open herself up to a relationship that lasts more than 36 hours? Vulnerable and sweet. Meanwhile, Puck may not have gotten to motorboat, but he got a smooch on the lips. That's almost as nice.

RANDOM: In many ways, this was a significant episode. Santana came fully out of the closet, Carl and Emma broke up and Quinn made her intentions clear to Finn (as well as her return to total bitch-dom). But Glee often feels like a hodgepodge of events and scenes thrown together around a weekly theme.

One second, Santana can't open up, the next second she's breaking down by singing a few lyrics. We haven't seen Carl in months, and then, just as suddenly as he appears behind the drums, he's gone again. Blaine and Kurt run into Sue in the coffee shop and are instantly convinced they need to sex up their routine, complete with bubbles that resemble... let's just say... something very personal to guys? It all just felt random and under-developed.

But then Holly was a ball of fun. And you can't claim there wasn't an attempt at character development, considering the admissions made by Emma and Santana. A hard episode to judge all around. What did everyone else think?


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The kids nowadays don't are so lucky. The need for an episode like this is due to the dramatic lack of information about sex between youngsters. There are a lot of young girls gettin' pregnant, ad STDs are spreading again between youngsters. Our genereation (i'm from the 76) had more information (even if because the big fear of the widespreading HIV that caractherized those years) than nowadays teenagers. And btw it were just Phinn and Brittany who seem stupids. But they're the "dumb characters" since the first episode. The others guys are not so naive or stupid. They just lack information.


I loved this episode. It was something different and that is refreshing.
It's so hard to actually believe some of the acting some times but Naya Rivera's speech was so heartfelt and real.
It finally wrapped up carl and emma. Holly added some comedy! Overall my favorite episode of the second season easily.


Unfortunately, I think Glee was a one season wonder. This season has been for the most part, except the moments when Sue goes around tearing up the school which is Hilarious, not very good.


Well. I thought it sucked. For me, this is Glee at it's worst: a preachy central theme with a bunch of poorly constructed side stories strung together. If they want to do a preachy central theme, it's got to be wrapped up in strong, consistent story lines that MAKE sense. I'm sorry, but 90% of these lil segments were a pain. The ONLY redeeming point was "Landslide." However, I do strongly think that Santana's coming out needed a heck of a lot more building up to. With the amount of time they spend on Kurt's struggle with sexuality, I think its annoying that Santana gets like 4 episodes total making reference to her issues before this episode. Ryan Murphy really needs to understand that if he wants to address all angles of an issue, he needs to stop playing favorites with the ones that apply to himself. Everyone needs a fair, balanced story line. Also, someone needs to shoot Emma. BIG FAT DUH YOU STILL LOVE WILL. And Finn and Quinn. WOW. You really get back together with that lying woman? WOW. All together, this show is becoming more improbable by the minute. I may just stop watching unless they get some half decent writers up in the house. PS Bubbles and beach balls. If I was those girls watching the Warblers, I would have left, because clearly a fair lot of those boys just want to be with, well, boys.


Damn it I missed this episode! I always miss Holly Holiday episodes!! Why!?!

Matt richenthal

@WemmaFan1#: did you watch the episode? Emma admitted she is confused over feelings for Will and Carl said he was going to stay at a hotel.
I take that as a break up for certain.


What, Carl and Emma broke up? I am really SO happy, that she still has feelings for him, but did they really break up?


I didn't like this episode, but neither did I dislike it. It was average, I guess. But it was my least favorite episode of all time, period. I don't know why, but it wasn't my favorite. Maybe because this ep was so anticipated... I also don't like the fact that there's still 0.0% romance between Blaine and Kurt. I mean, animal is such a sexy song! How com they seem to make it such a un-sexy song? Like, really! ahfgsjfgsf
I hope next week's ep is going to be better! Oh, and I feel like Klaine is in the FRIENDZONE. Anybody agree?


I don't really care if it seemed random at the moment. I think Naya did an excellent job, both in singing and acting. She needed some more dimensions anyways


they havent hinted at Santana coming out since season 1. as far as we were aware she was Bi, who sexed it up once in a while with Brittany. Total shock really, and im sick of the show trying humanize these characters that we fell in love with because they were OTT stereotypes! :( Mr. Murphy Might want to take another look at a typical highschool. Just coz he is gay doesnt mean everyone else is....

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