Glee Round Table: "Sexy"

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We're back with a new edition of the Glee Round Table. Given the events that took place in "Sexy" - Holly returned, Emma split with Carl, Santana came out - there's a lot to break down.

Below, lead Glee critic Matt Richenthal joins his esteemed colleagues Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger to discuss the episode. Feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt: We got a healthy dose of Brittany this week, highlighted by the following logic: "The key is to use your curling iron in the bathtub to keep you from being burnt."

Steve: Easily the speech Burt gave to his son. Forget words of wisdom about gay sex. This advice could easily apply to anyone just starting to experiment in this area.

Eric: Holly absolutely cracked me up. I loved her jab about Emma's close legs and also about her own sex tape with JD Salinger.

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What was your favorite performance from the episode?
Matt: I didn't love the developments with Santana (read below), but I have to give credit to Naya Rivera, Heather Morris and Gwyneth Paltrow for the rendition of "Landslide." It was just beautifully done all around.

Steve: "Afternoon Delight." There was no major dancing, no especially creative twist on the single... but Emma thought it was about dessert! Hilarious!

Eric: You guys did see Paltrow during her cover of "Do You Wanna Touch Me," right? Easiest answer ever.

Were you happy to see such a focus on Santana and Brittany?
Matt: No. Not all characters need to be three dimensional. I'd be perfectly fine with Santana and Brittany just being around to throw out the occasional one-liner and to serve as the slut and the ditz, respectively. While their scenes were very well acted by Rivera and Morris, the sudden seriousness between two people who earlier this season talked about their "scissoring" and have never seemed anything but casual just felt forced and unnecessary.

Steve: I disagree, Matt. Aren't you the same critic who sometimes complaints about a lack of character development? This storyline was all that (and a bag of chips!), so how can you look down on it?

Eric: Tough one. But I see Matt's side. One scene, Brittany thinks babies come from storks. Then, the show wants us to take her seriously enough to hold this kind of life-changing discussion? It can't have it both ways.

Is this it for Carl and Emma?
Matt: Unfortunately, I assume so. Emma had been showing such evolution over the last few episodes, too, standing up to Will and coming across as far more confident than ever. But now she'll clearly pine over him, while he's dating Holly, and the show will continue to keep these two apart.

Steve: It has to be. I'm fine with the couple splitting, but it would have been more effective if there was any build up to it. The series had Emma marry Cark out of nowhere, then we didn't see him for months, and then he showed up... and left again. A bit disappointing and mishandled.

Eric: Yes. Good rule of marriage: when your wife isn't sure if she's in love with someone else or not, it's over.


I am not a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow but I did enjoy her "Landslide" number. I thought the other songs were sub-par, not what we expect on Glee. My only objection to all of these episodes in the second part of the season is that Chris Colfer has been singing backup for Darren Criss for too long. I miss all of Chris' songs-- obviously, he is my favorite character. Also, bring back Mercedes' singing. I am an old lady who is a total Gleek and "Kurtsie". It pains me that Blaine, who was originally cast as the "boyfriend" seems to be on the friend-only track with Kurt. I have given up waiting for them to get together; there is such a thing as dragging a plotline for too long. Same feeling about the Quinn/Finn/Rachel story. Why are these 2 girls fighting about a guy who is such a doofus? Overall, the highlight of the episode, for me, was Burt/Kurt's talk. I wish Burt Hummel could be my dad! I hope that Burt and Carol (where has she been?) will have a baby so that Burt could no longer afford the tuition at Dalton and Kurt would have to come back to New Directions. One last observation: why don't you have any female input to your roundtable discussions?


"Sexy" was absolutely hilarious! Especially the bits when you see how clueless the kids are about sex. The group's reaction to Brittany's pregnancy was priceless, especially Rachel's!!
Gwyneth's performance was amazing, and I'm a little disappointed in the reviving of the Quinn-Finn relationship.

Matt richenthal

@Adam: I didn't see it that way. Santana's speech was how she was afraid to herself. Didn't you watch the reference to how Kurt was treated at school? It was absolutely a reveal that she considers herself to be a lesbian.


Burt is the best father EVER! Just image how awkward that really was, yet it shows how much he loved his son that he would even go to the local clinic just to get pamphlets about gay sex. If ever gay kid has a father like burt, it would make life a lot easier.


I feel like people who don't think that the Santana/Brittany plot hasn't been developed just haven't been paying attention to how they interact with each other. I thought it was great


The Santana and brittany story development was perfect. It's funny that one reviewer would like them to be their respected Stero-types while Naya Rivera is the best actress Glee has onboard. If the show does not explore more character development then we would be suffocating in Rachel, Finn and Quinn. Don't misunderstand, I do like them, only in healthy doses. This week was a well needed break from Rachel's obsessive Finn centered dialogue. While I do enjoy their love triangle , It has spent most of season two in an endless circle. What Brittany and Santana are onto is the beginning of a new and completely serious relationship based on friendship ( something the show has never had before, gay or straight). This does not mean that the girls cannot throw out their funny lines and get laughs. It just means that the show is growing.


I think the entire Brittany/Santana story this episode was beatiful. They've been building up Santana's character; as of recently there's been strong hints that she hates being alone. SHe wants somebody to love (read: Brittany) but obviously she's too afraid how the world is going to treat two bisexual girls that are in love. That's why I think this storyline needs to be explored. Believe it or not, many people, especially within the LGBT community, watch Glee for the messages, in addition to it's entertainment value. Before this episode, Glee has completely pushed aside lesbian and bisexual representation--with treating the "Brittana" relationship on a comedic level (save for Duets) and having Kurt express his disbelief in bisexuality the episode before last (which, I still cannot get get over how offensive that was). Female teens struggling with their sexuality in the generally close-minded society that is highschool has a role model in Santana to look up to. Sure, there was Kurt. And he's been a fantastic representation to the gay community (aside from the biphobia comment). But Santana has a lot of inner turmoil up in there; like she said, she was afraid to admit she loved Brittany, another girl, because she was afraid of the consequences (i.e. the same homophobic treatment Kurt received when he was at McKinley) But Santana and Brittany bring even more to the plate--not only in the fact that they're two girls that are fluid--but that it involves a girl in love with her best friend. Almost anybody, no matter the person's sexuality, can relate to the scary prospect of confessing feelings to a friend. And a same-sex friend? The message that sends--especially on an extremely popular primetime network show like Glee--is phenomanal. I'm really excited to see how this storyline plays out for the rest of the season!


I think the head reviewer needs to watch the episode again. Santana didn't suggest or claim to be gay in the episode? She professed her love for Brittany but that's as far as it went. I guess your continuum on the matter of sexuality is relatively short?
I thoroughly enjoyed Santana's character development. It was strongly needed and was enjoyable to watch and take in. She's not too bad of an actress either.
I can't wait for regionals!


Last night's Glee was an embarrassment. The show made fun of anyone choosing to stay celibate until getting married and even mocked marraige. It seems that the show that I once enjoyed when it was about a glee club and the kids in it, is now about the sexual fantasies of Hollywood writers. This show has lost its way. Even the music wasn't very entertaining. The "Afternnon Delight" was stupid. I was a fan. No more. I appreciate that the writers may disagree with my position on sexual morality but I drawn the line when that position is mocked.

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