Greek Review: "Agents for Change"

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"Agents for Change" marked the return of Frannie, the unlikely pairing of Rusty and Evan, and even a Justin Bieber concert.

Indeed, Tiffany Dupont reprised her role as Frannie Morgan, looking as great as ever. Her appearance led to some tension-filled scenes with Casey, making me nostalgic for seasons past. This girl was always a layered complication and it felt good to have her back for an episode.

Agents of Change

The best part about Frannie showing up in Cyprus Rhodes? Cappie’s reaction. Aaaahhh!

Who else is up in the air about Calvin’s position at Omega Chi? Part of me really wants him to leave and go join the KTs. It was awesome for him to stand up for Dale once again. The real brothers on this show are Calvin, Dale, and Rusty.

Chambers International purchased the patent for Rusty’s wire, causing Rusty and Evan to spend some time together. This was interesting because the majority of scenes the two have shared together over the series have been arguments and fights. Rusty seemed to recognize why Evan is the way he is, reminding me of why Cappie and Evan were friends in the first place. Although Evan has been a certified jerk the past few episodes, he hasn’t always been that way. Having Cappie, Evan, and Rusty become friends in the finale would not be something I would hate.

Let’s talk a minute about Pledge Spidey pretending to be Justin Bieber. As much as I love corny and unrealistic storylines (i.e One Tree Hill), this was just ridiculous. No one would believe that Pledge Spidey is Bieber, even with the hoodie and the hair. On a side note, how awesome would it have been if they had actually had Justin Bieber on the show?

Next week, we come to the series finale of Greek. It is sure to be a bittersweet ending after the past four years. What do you think is in store for our favorite characters? Is Spidey the one sabotaging the KTs?


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This was kind of a weird episode, I agree. I'm pretty sad that the series is ending next week, I started watching it back when it began, back in 2007, when I was in college (I'm an '09 grad). Aside from this week's ep, it's usually consistently one of the best shows on TV, IMO.


i was glad to see frannie back one last time and it gave cassie some closure to transition presidency. i only wish they had a full season to end things properly instead of just half a season. It would been easier to digest the rusty and evan becoming sorta of friends.


totvornottotv, I agree. I had not thought of something you thought of and that is who cares about Frannie now. Her friendship with Casey was the last thing I cared about on a list of things I want to see happen in the last few episodes.In fact it isn't even on the list of things I care about. We as fans deserved more especially more Cappie and Casey together. I don't see us getting much of that in the last episode either. I actually liked the Rusty and Evan stuff but I agree with you that it wasn't something I ever cared about. Rusty beings friends with Evan is a non issue because there is no way Rusty would ever be friends with Evan after what he did to his sister. They betetr not even go the route of meeting up in ten years because that will really po me LadyGannicus


I'm surprised to see so many negative reviews for the episode.
I loved it, though admittedly it didn't feel like a penultimate episode. Frannie's return was easily the best thing about the episode- how perfect is being an agent (or at least an assistant) for her character? It wouldn't have been the same without her. She gave Casey some food for thought and laid the seeds for the final episode. The Evan/Rusty stuff was a little weird and a bit forced, but in a way it was nice to see a kinder side to Evan and at least we get a hint of Rusty's future. I hope we get the same for Rebecca Calvin and Dale.


I cannot believe this is the episode we get before the end? WTH?! Fail writers! Fail!


greek i agree this was without any doubt the worst episode ever and considering its the second last in the shows history i was expecting some movement on relationships i actually care about not evan and rusty or frannie and casey what where the writers thinking with so little time to wrap up the show why wasn't more time given to characters who the audience likes,first having rusty work for evans dad at the end of this ep is stupid beyond belief also the fact that rusty wasn't there when they are trying to work out how to save kt is ridiculous he and cappie care the most about the house out of anyone in the show.One thing I will mention greek i was right i said last week that the person behind the plot to kill kt was spidey because his character hasn't served any other function in the show except to show parallels between him and rusty geek greeks.
I now know why rusty and evan haven't spent anytime on screen together because it was so awkward i cant believe they even attempted this resolution to the evan and rusty hostility the one positive from there road trip was rusty gave evan some very cappie esk advice which shows some of the impact his friendship with cappie has had on him.I also think the writers might be setting up the finale to be reminiscent of a old show called the wonder years where the two leads meet up a decade latter and there with other people I unfortunately see the writers giving cap and casey a unhappy ending because of the setup in this horrible episode.
The president of kt will obviously be rusty when cap leaves how can you possibly doubt that,cappie maybe constantly called immature by the other characters however he always has sage mature advice.
dale and calvin and the om chi storyline barely warrants a mentions it was so unbelievable and out of character for the om chi it made no sense.


Seems like a lot of people want to see Rusty, Cappie and Evan being friends and I am 100% against that idea. Civil is one thing but if Cappie and Rusty forgive Evan after getting Ben Bennett, Wade and Jeremy expelled then that is ridiculous. That has to be the meanest thing anyone has ever done on Greek and for the dumbest reason possible. There is no way that should be forgotten or forgiven.


I hated this episode. Any time I enjoy the Rusty scenes more then the Cappie scenes you know an episode I hated Frannie coming back and I actually liked Frannie when she was on. When she made fun of Casey still dating Cappie and Casey didn't even stand up for her boyfriend I almost shut the TV off. I was livid. With the exception of a few funny Rebecca moments I thought this was the worst episode of the series. I know not everyone watches the show for Cappie and Casey and I respect all the characters getting air time but this show is over in one more episodes for the writers to practically ignore them with one episode left is really annoying to me. US fans deserve better. greektv101.wordpress


Yeah, Spidey as Bieber was a stretch, but it was quick... I also kind of like the idea of Evan, Cappie and Rusty being friends at the end, and they definitely did a good job of humanizing Evan again after a stretch of bad episodes for him. Check out my full review here.


Pledge spidey being beiber is no different that the glee boys all pulling off their own version of him. It seems like the final season went by so fast now here we are almost to the season finale and i feel unsatisfied in how many things are still up in the air. I wish they were bringing it back for another season or make the finale a longer episode. I dont see how they will resolve all they have built up without leaving fans disappointed

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Frannie, I haven't seen you since you tried to get me expelled. Didn't work though, I graduated. Yay.


I hate being the underdog.