NCIS Spoilers: Season Finale Serial Killer Details!

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NCIS' eighth season will conclude with a dramatic serial killer plot that spans several episodes, beginning April 5. TV Line unearthed some interesting details today.

A psychopath dubbed the Port-to-Port Killer is at the center of the story arc, and this is one formidable adversary. Possibly even more so than the Reynosa Cartel.

We say that because Gibbs will expand the team to combat him.


At least two new special agents will soon be introduced to assist with the case.

One of the two new recurring characters is described as “a well-traveled, experienced federal agent who is happy to be reunited with his team in their new DC home.”

Presumably, this is in addition to Sarah Jane Morris' character, E.J. Barrett.

Morris' newly-introduced character just arrived from overseas in this week's NCIS episode, leaving quite an impression on Tony and causing a stir among many fans.

Michael Weatherly (Tony) previously said that Morris’ Special Agent will “arc out toward the end of [the] season and be a part of that epic season-finale situation.”

The cast is under contract for next season, but do you think the serial killer will claim the life of one of our team members? Or E.J.? Sound off in the comments!

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The person who is killed is definately a woman. Look at the body as it goes down. The vehicle is ducky's ao the person is DEAD!!!
The killer is very tall so it could be CIA Ray who says "that's what I do not who I am." or the new agent"giant" they introduced. Note too that the person with the missing seems to be very alive and is briefing the agents. Look at EJ's face while this happens...she seem very uncomfortable.


First, what if DiNozzo is investigating EJ or her team? Maybe someone on her team is the P2P killer, and DiNozzo is sleeping with EJ just to get close to the team to find out what they know. Tony just seemed to take an interest in EJ way too fast, and that made me suspect that he was up to something other than just being DiNozzo. I would hate to see either Mike Franks or Kort or Fornell be killed off. They all make good characters. CIA Ray might be more involved that we know too, but that almost seems too convenient. But, if someone sent Ducky a fake Abby email, then that means whomever the P2P killer is, they have not only infiltrated NCIS, but we might have already seen the who is is.


they better not kill off or take off eny of the cast that has been part of the how sence it started including zeva. it would ruin the show.


I am the P2P killer! Abby is next!


I don't care who they take off it JUST BETTER NOT BE ANY OF OUR TV FAMILY. We love NCIS, and could probably quote some of them word for word. We love being retired we can watch all the old ones over and over. Please don't change anything !!!!!


Nice try 'IWasntHere' & 'Me' trying to fake everyone out like you are from the show, but try again. Show do not leave storylines open, it may take them a couple episodes or seasons to finish things, but they close them eventually. The next body that will be found is someone not listed in the credits because they don't make an actual physical appearance, there is a corpse made to look like them, that is it. You are right about the eye being Kort's, but wrong about the body. If you would do your research, the :30 promo has been released, find it & watch. The heart of NCIS is obviously Gibbs, and the next body discovered is...
*********************** EJ & her team were stated to be in Hawaii following a lead, now what retired Lt. Col. with personal ties to Gibbs retired herself to Hawaii?


The guy is right, I used my video editing software and played it milisecond-by-milisecond and then lightened the video and played it the same way and when you lighten it you see everything clearly, it's like CBS darkened the video before showing it. What do you work on the show or what???


Yes it can be and is Kort's. Not only seeing it in the preview, but when McGee said the eye was in the database, he then said it was classified. Things are only classified when a higher-up does the classifying, the CIA can't just come in and add classified records to NCIS databases w/out approval, hence someone at the top would have classified it & knows. Watch for either finding out the director knew about Kort's classified access, or someone a little higher up than Vance (If you view the cast list for the 2 final episodes, you will notice a different SecNav each episode). You will also find out why McGee says the guy was here, because he was, only not in the way or fashion anyone expects. The eye wasn't just taken from Kort and put right in the glass, it has been used. The killer has used it to access the building, the elevators, etc... Why do you think EJ wanted to test it, they don't just test the eyes of every body they get in the morgue, she had a reason for testing it. Finally and sadly for all of you rough & tough out there, watch the promo either in slow motion or freeze frame, frame by frame you notice 2 things about the takedown scene in the rain, first, the taller of the 2 figures does a slight headturn upon going down, you can recognize the hair, moreso, look down, notice a familiar pair of cowboy boots, and third, when looking at who he is taking down, notice the parted down the middle hair familiar to one character in particular. Something else I have been getting a kick out of reading all the boards that fans post on, everyone thinks just because all re-currents have re-signed that they will remain on the frontline. There is another death occurring during 'Pyramid' which will leave an open spot that needs to be filled, a good fit for someone with leadership skills, just because they are all signed does not mean their positions stay the same or that they are going to be in every episode as they have in the past, sometimes actors / actresses have to do a little less because of physical conditions. - I was never here...


Maybe the ambulance backs over Gibbs in that preview scene. Did anyone think of that? -the mammoth


I don't think people on here realize that when a character is killed off or taken out of a show by any means that it usually is because the actor or actress no longer wants to be in the show for some reason or another. There are times when characters are killed of or taken out by any means solely because the director or producer wants to kill them off/take them out, but it is usually that the actor or actress no longer wants to be in the show. The fact that the cast (this includes Vance, too) is under contract for another season means that it is highly unlikely that any of them will be killed off. This does not mean that one of them can't be killed off. They may all be under contract, but it may be that whoever wants out will have to die in the show in order for them to get out of their contract. Or the entire cast could be returning and someone such as E.J., a member of E.J.'s team, or some minor character such as Fornell, Kort, or Gibb's or Dinozzo Jr's father will die.

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