NCIS Spoilers: Season Finale Serial Killer Details!

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NCIS' eighth season will conclude with a dramatic serial killer plot that spans several episodes, beginning April 5. TV Line unearthed some interesting details today.

A psychopath dubbed the Port-to-Port Killer is at the center of the story arc, and this is one formidable adversary. Possibly even more so than the Reynosa Cartel.

We say that because Gibbs will expand the team to combat him.


At least two new special agents will soon be introduced to assist with the case.

One of the two new recurring characters is described as “a well-traveled, experienced federal agent who is happy to be reunited with his team in their new DC home.”

Presumably, this is in addition to Sarah Jane Morris' character, E.J. Barrett.

Morris' newly-introduced character just arrived from overseas in this week's NCIS episode, leaving quite an impression on Tony and causing a stir among many fans.

Michael Weatherly (Tony) previously said that Morris’ Special Agent will “arc out toward the end of [the] season and be a part of that epic season-finale situation.”

The cast is under contract for next season, but do you think the serial killer will claim the life of one of our team members? Or E.J.? Sound off in the comments!

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Talk about weird Jeykl & Hyde characters, how about that new Secretary. We go from one whose making "killing machines" to this new guy whose joking with Vance one minute about being surprised he was promoted to a snot the next saying "it's Mr Secretary when we're 'talking shop' .... I want Dinozzo and you don't need to know why"? Sounds worse than the last one if that's possible.


NCIS is a totally perfect show as it is! Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, McGee
Ducky,his assistant and Abby are the ones who make that show what it is. I preferred Jen to Vance. He's consistantly too nasty. Their professionalism and unique personalities are what meld them into a solid unit. Don't mess with it. Mike was one of
them and he fit fine. Intruders in that show are like a mouse trying to join a family of tigers. Does not work!! Leave it alone. That is my not so humble opinion.


I also hated to see Mike Franks killed. I also watch all of the re-runs on USA(BIG THANKS). The chemistry with the team is very believable, do not mess with it, please. I would like to see the "Spider and the Fly" episode. When this season ends, I will continue to watch all of the re-runs until the next season.


I truly hope if anyone else goes it is E.J.! She really annoys me also! I miss the flirting between Ziva and Tony too since SHE has been there! I really wonder exactly what Mike had on Vance?? Just maybe Vance has a evil side!!


I'm thinking maybe EJ is the port to port killer and Gibbs gets the kill tonight.


I love NCIS, I watch the marathons every time they come on. If anyone has to go I hope it's E J. Don't care for her at all. Every Tuesday night I am in front of the TV, my family knows not to bother me from 7 to 8. I hate Mike died, he was a plus to the show. Don't mess with team Gibbs.


I was so sad that Mike is gone. Wonder what Vance has up his sleeve, Hmmmmm, maybe he is trying to weed out another dirty agent. Yes, I agree Tony and Ziva need to continue to get closer. McGee is really looking too thin. Leave all the characters ALONE. My daughter and I watch every episode even in re-runs. After she goes to school, she says she is coming home on weekends so here and I can watch it together. That's how good this show is.


I really liked the Mike Franks character. So sad he was killed off. I am also one of those fans that would be upset if Team Gibbs was messed with in any way. I have no problem with Vance. The actor plays his role well. I would have no problem with other teams being brought in to HELP Gibbs, but not be the starring team. I love all the actors in their roles, but especially McGee and Abby.


promote people !! fans will still watch! there are good writer you can find and set limited time for actors on parttime ststus. but end resault great performace. with writers it can BETTER FOR ALL


Seems the last season was just weird. Too many writers that seem not to have watched seasons 1-7. 1st 20 seconds I realized they were gonna Kill off Franks. That sucked. If the ydont get rid of that fake team, & leave Gibbs team alone, the ratinging will drop to zelch.

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