Off the Map Review: "There's Nothing to Fix"

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"There's Nothing to Fix" gave us enough that was broken to make for an interesting hour of Off The Map. It seemed that no one got away unscathed. Not even Zee’s garden.

Zee wasn’t so much shocked at finding Tommy and Mina the morning after as she was outraged that their night of wild abandon trashed her garden.

The light of day was filled with regret as word of their tryst spread throughout the clinic. I was actually hoping to see more awkward interaction between Tommy and Mina but perhaps we'll have that in the coming weeks.

An Off the Map Scene

Mina then had to deal with the clinic’s most obnoxious patient. I thought it was great that not only did Mina tell him off but that he died without being redeemed one bit.

I was expecting a cheesy angry man sees the light story and was impressed when they didn’t go that way. Some people just aren’t nice. Period.

Again we saw Tommy starting to come into his own as he stood up to Keaton and treated his patient the way he thought was right. After he fought to keep that man alive all day, he wasn’t going to walk away with one more option left on the table, even if it was literally his own blood.

When Tommy admitted that he was a little woozy after giving blood, Ben told him to go get a cookie. Really? He just saved the guy's life when Ben wanted to let him die. Seemed the least Ben could do was get Tommy that cookie, maybe even some orange juice.

Did it seem odd to anyone else that Ben had to be convinced to accompany Ryan to New York? One minute he told her how much he’s there for her and the next he handed her a ticket and wished her good luck on her trip. He knew she was scared and she hated the city. Why did Otis have to convince him to go with her? Yes, Ryan's a strong young woman and I'm sure she could handle almost anything on her own but she was going to find out how soon her heart would give out.  Of all the times a girl could use some hand holding, that would be it. It seemed like Ben should have wanted to go from the beginning.

Thankfully Otis finally came out and told Zee that he wanted a second chance with her. He seemed positively giddy that the accident that nearly blinded him proved how much Zee still cared for him. It was kind of cute. He was definitely blindsided when Zee admitted she could never have children. As much as he’d like a child with his smile and Zee’s fire, there are certainly other options for this couple. Like the orphanage down the road filled with homeless babies. Either way, Otis and Zee have become the couple I root for every week.

The look on Lily’s face when she realized that boy drowned was haunting. Although she would have died with him if she hadn’t let him go, that’s a decision that will plague her for a long time to come. I'm not sure anything can fix that. We’ll have to wait and see.


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OTIS and MINA forever


Loved it!


Guys, this is fiction not a documentary. If it bores you, don't watch it. I'm sure there are plenty of other channels you can watch that would bore you less :) I love the show and the cast as well. There are things that need to be worked on, sure, but I'm convinced writers will improve with each coming episode. As for the cast - they're doing a great job.


As a retired Emergency Room Physician Assistant living in Nicaragua, I suggest the producers change the name to "Way, Way, Off the Map".




I love this show! :)




The world does not need another Dr show, even one set in an exotic-type place. Enough of Drs sniping and fighting and bumping each other while saving poor people. This show is so cut-&-dried I could write an episode my by doing cut & paste with the standard elements.


If you are reading my entry from just previous and wondering what Otis and Tommy are quick with . . . It is their wit--sense of humor. I realized after pushing enter I missed a word. Obviously my wit needs some rest . . .


This show really deserves a chance! The acting in it is wonderful. My favorite characters are Otis & Zee but Tommy and Mina are great as well. I loved how Mina said she basically "yelled that guy to death!". The only one I really haven't got that excied about was Ben. I don't know why. He's hot just kind of boring to me as a character. I guess i like the quicker of Otis and Tommy. I also loved the part where the dad stayed with the baby. Yes, I realize i'm a sucker.

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