Pretty Little Liars Review: "A Person of Interest"

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Sometimes telling the truth does more harm than good.

On "A Person of Interest," that sentiment seemed to ring true, especially for Spencer. While the girls finally opened to the police about almost everything, it didn’t bring any real progress to their search for A or Ali’s killer. What we got, instead, was some heavy sexual tension, culminating in new relationships for Spencer and Hanna (and almost Emily).

But the episode relied too heavily on misdirection overall.

At the Police Station

Hanna and Caleb actually kissed last week, but they became more like a real couple here. Stealing smooches while her mother showered, Hanna was definitely a little too bold with the Caleb situation. It wasn’t surprising that her mom found out, nor did her steadfast commitment to keep him off the streets shock me.

The two shared a real connection during their camping adventure, leading to some major making out (and maybe a little more?) in the tent. They are an extremely sweet couple, but Hanna is headed for trouble. Her mother’s suspicions were right: Caleb can’t really be trusted, as evidenced by his cell phone call to a mysterious stranger. He might be mixed up in this A business, which would be very hurtful to Hanna.

Also, Hanna seems to be treating Caleb like a project, a boy she can fix. Not a very healthy start to a relationship, especially for a young girl with her own daddy issues. Still, I can’t resist how adorable they were with each other.

Spencer’s investigation of motel room 214 actually just ended up being an opportunity to get together with Toby. When she heard the flute music coming from the room and saw the mysterious bag on the bed, it seemed like we might get some real information this episode. It was extremely disappointing to find out that the music was just pre-recorded and the bag only contained another snide message from A. What was the point of setting Spencer up like that?

It didn’t serve any real purpose to A’s plan, except to frustrate both Spencer and the viewers. BUT... how slick was Toby when trying to help Spencer get more “comfortable” in some pajamas? They ended up playing Scrabble (or at least Toby did) and then spooning. A goodbye kiss finished out their time together, leaving us with a new couple. Toby has sworn to protect Spencer from Jenna’s machinations, which will be really helpful now that she is officially a “person of interest.”

Also, I thought it was strange that no one in Spencer’s family has any faith in her. They all seemed to think she’s out to destroy Melissa’s happiness and encouraged her to get some therapy.

Melissa claimed to have been with Ian during the weekend at Hilton Head to get an abortion and that seemed to solidify their relationship, both then and now. In trying to protect her sister, Spencer withheld an important detail about Ian, which might be her undoing. Why, exactly, she would be in trouble instead of Ian is still unclear, but there will be plenty of drama for her in the upcoming episode. Because the girls came clean about the video evidence and their suspicious about Ian, the police became more interested in investigating Spencer.

Due to the focus on Spencer and Hanna, Emily and Aria seem to be spinning their wheels in recent episodes. With Maya out of the picture, Emily’s interest is piqued by Paige, but her unwillingness to go back into the closet ends this relationship before it really gets started. Aria being honest with Ezra was a good sign of her growing maturity, although it was weird that she felt threatened by Jenna, not to mention a little jealous.

Overall, it was a good week for hookups, but not so great for Spencer’s future. It looks like we're in for more drama next week, especially between Jenna and Hanna. It should be exciting!


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I am so mad at Caleb


I think Toby and Spencer together are sooooooooooooo cute . And I love the way Emily's character is developing. I love that she isn't ashamed of who she is , but I'm sad that her relationship with Paige had to end so quickly . I somehow think that Emily and Paige compliment each other in the relationship department because they are similar in so many ways . I hope that Paige decides to be more open about who she is and that her and Emily can actually have a good relationship together .


HOLY ABS TOBY!! He got a little more attractive to me after seeing him take of his shirt and the sweet way he kissed Spencer and assured her that he would do whatever it took to help her. Loving Caleb, but so mad that there is alterior motive...why is there always!!! I think Ezra better watch out for Jenna...she has something up her sleeve!


This show is moving along nicely. I like Spencer and Toby! Too cute. His looks are unconventional. But i dont think he's ugly. If only Aria would be come a tad less grating to my nerves...




This was an awesome episode!!! At least the best one after the break! I'm so sad that Hannah and Caleb are gonna be breaking off so soon. They were too cute! I also like Spencer and Toby even though I really don't think toby is good looking at all.


I loved this episode, it was awesome. The kiss between Spencer and Toby was so cute, I wanna know who Caleb was talking to on the phone? When Caleb first came on the show I was suspicious of him, then my suspicion wore off and now it's back. I really wanna know who the person with the black gloves is, everytime they show that person im like "Who is that?, I wanna know who that is!." I think that person could be A (but I dont know) I wanna find out who killed Allison and who A is. The ending of the episode was pretty intesnce with Spencer, I can't wait till next week tho. Next week looks like a good episode and an intense one. Overall good episode.

Sarah c

I knew Caleb had something to do with it! What will Hanna say if see finds out that Caleb is into something against the girls. I think he has something to do with A, but I'm not sure. I'm still a bit fuzzy on the details but I think that Jenna has something to do with it too. Of course she has something to do with it, but I'm not sure what. I also think see is not really blind. She has a to creepy way of knowing about people and things. Am I missing something or do we have to wait till the season finale?


When is pretty little liars on in the UK?!


YES!Love Spencer and Toby together!I'd have to agree saying that kiss was soooo cute.Can't wait to see more of them,and Toby was very slick with the pjs ;)

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