Pretty Little Liars Review: "Monsters in the End"

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After weeks of complaining about the lack of real progress, I feel like so much happened on "Monsters in the End." While it may have seemed liked an overwhelming amount of information to deal with, I was incredibly entertained by an episode that felt exciting, revealing and a little chilling.There's lot to cover this week, so I'll just get right down to it.

Spencer, All Alone

Spencer really is bearing the brunt of A's anger. Her family's best efforts to raise her spirits involve forcing her to work with the one person who shouldn't be allowed near her. But she makes the best of a difficult situation, snidely commenting on Ian's familiarity with Hilton Head.

The little dig not only made her feel better, but it also revealed some telling information. Melissa's slip up about the ocean-view rooms suggests that she was never at Hilton Head with Ian. As I have suspected, she's really doing whatever she can to cover for her husband, but I'm still not sure why. Her pregnancy gives a good reason to keep him out of trouble. Or maybe she really is colluding with him on some bigger scam.

Ian seems determined to threaten Spencer into keeping quiet, which really makes him suspicious.

Regardless, Spencer seems likes she's through playing nice, which really angered A (and/or Ian). When she tries to meet Toby by the funhouse, she follows a text that is supposedly from Toby and enters the building to find a message from A ("Shut up or I'll shut you up!") before being locked in one of the small enclosed chambers. Why would any of these girls trust a text from an unknown number? Haven't they learned anything by now?!?

Unsurprisingly, Ian sets her free... but her family is with him, so she's saved from more mischief. Throwing caution to the wind, she embraces Toby in front of her family, thankful to be safe.

Elsewhere, Hanna is really breaking my heart. Everyone understood that she was genuinely hurt by Caleb, but still needed him to find out what Jenna wanted. She did her part and found out about the mysterious key that Ali had actually hidden in a snow globe she gave to Emily, but it was clear that Hanna has really been changed by her romantic escapade with Caleb.

She was suddenly suggesting that Aria create a fake social network page to trap Ezra in a lie. She's a far cry from the sweet, open-hearted girl from just a few episodes ago. Caleb's continued efforts to apologize and say goodbye were also sad to watch. It was terrible to see Mona tear up his note, but not unexpected since Mona suddenly wants to be Hanna's best friend again. She should have at least told Hanna what he really wanted.

I don't think this is the end for Caleb and, hopefully, he'll be back next week.

Despite breaking Hanna's heart, Caleb's information led to a pretty big discovery: The key! The key opened a storage locker and a whole set of new questions: How did Allison get these videos? Who was spying on these teenage girls for so long? Was the voyeur also a killer? The identity of this secret video-taper remains a mystery for now, but the usual suspects still come to mind - Ian, Toby, Jenna? Or it could it be someone we haven't even considered yet.

In other news, I thought Aria showed that she was at least a little more mature than your average high school girl when she chose to confront her suspicious about Ezra directly rather than engaging in social networking subterfuge. She wasn't happy to find out that Ezra was once engaged, but at least they've honesty dealt with his past. And it seems like there might be big trouble for the happy couple after Garrett's visit with Ezra. Their little romance might not be so secret anymore.

I've really reached my limit with the Paige drama and it looks like Emily has, too. Even though she flaked on the meeting and, possibly, her future with Emily, Paige did introduce her secret girlfriend to a whole new set of open and proud lesbian friends, so that was a plus.

Overall, I thought this episode gave us some thrilling moments and definitely heightened my anticipation for next week's finale. It's gonna be epic.


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ok wow. I was actually rather disappointed with this episode and feel like we're being sent in a loop again like the video of Ian with Alison which just ended being erased and forgotten; and the bracelet; and the treehouse; and the bloody trophy; and the hotel room. all meaningless dead ends. ooooo big deal they got a key that opened a storehouse where they found something that belonged to Alison. and a USB with useless videos of themselves that tell them nothing except Alison wasn't totally lying about a peeping tom after all. how about some REAL snooping instead of reacting to things that fall into their laps? like checking the registry of the storehouse. or setting up some cameras for their own safety. as low as it was to suggest, fake friending Jackie on facebook was actually a really smart and sneaky idea. i would love to see some real detective work/thinking like that. bring back Caleb! or even Lucas! they seem to have more brain cells than all 4 of these girls combined. i really wanna see these girls step their game up a notch and start gaining some ground from their tormentor. has anyone ever thought about texting A back? or asking him/her what the hell they want? my vote for stupidest moment of the episode: Spencer not picking up her phone -literally- and CALLING FOR HELP which a 5 year old would have been smart enough to do my fave: Aria being honest with Ezra. again. she may be childish at times, but she is totally a romantic dramatic trusting idealist, and I like that. cuz I'm like that myself


everyone please watch the episode "the storm". while the girls are sitting at the lunch the window behind them you can see a blonde girl wisp by. IT IS DEFINITELY ALI. she is alive and that is proof. none of the girls see her because they are talking but the viewer can. therefore the girls are not daydreaming this up like the episode where HANNA is in the hospital. although in that episode when she wakes up to talk with her friends the glass next to her hospital bed still has alli's red lipstick on the rim. ALI (OR IT IS AN IDENTICAL TWIN) IS ALIVE. NOT A SPOILER. A FACT.


I believe that there are two A's and that Jenna is one of them I also believe that A had nothing to do with Allie's death, I also believe she is still alive and that she is using the girls to find out who tried to kill her. I believe that Spencer's sister had something to do with it but if you remember in the pilot Spencer wasthe one outside the barn and said she heard Allie scream. What if she knows her sister had something to do with it.


Seriously, this episode was good.
I'm starting to think the police guy, Garret, I believe his name is, has something to do with Ali's murder or A itself. Ian continues to creep me out. How did he know where Spencer was, hmmm? Melissa is on whatever it is also. So, Alison knew they were being tapped and saved videos of it because she thought something bad might happen to her? That's what I'm getting from this. On sad notes Ezria looks like they are in trouble, that's kind of depressing . lol. I can't wait to see how that plays out.
And as much as I'm glad for Lucas coming back next week, I feel bad for Hanna and Caleb. I grew to really enjoy them. But Caleb isn't gone, the writers wouldn't do that given how much Caleb is loved lol.
An I was so proud of Emily for realizing she is better then having a closeted relationship. :D The highlight though (for me) was Spencer and Toby LOL. I love these two so much it's not even funny!


the stalker is obviously the guy from the begining of the episode a.k.a someone we havent met yet.
i actualy dont think its ian or jenna. not jenna cuz she's blind so why would she tape them? not ian becasue he wasnt looking for the key or any thing. i am actually leaning towards toby. i dont think he's a or that he killed alison but i think he was spying on them cuz he was in love with emily/spencer/alison.


My theory is a little crazy, but hell I'll post it anyway.... Spencer's house is right next to Ali's old house, right? What if it was Spencer's father who was watching them all those years and filming them? It would make sense that Ali could find those videos hidden on the Hastings' computer. Maybe Ali confronted him about the videos and he killed her because he needed to protect himself and his reputation.


I seriously think it was Melissa, she found out about Ian being with Ali and Melissa decided that Ali needed to go. I haven't read the books or anything cause I really like this show & I don't want to be disappointed. But I've thought it was Melissa since the end of last season.


has garrett been in the first half of the season?
i don't remember him at all oO


I am totally a "spoby" fan. btw I think -A is Ian. If you looked at the writing on the funhouse wall, it looked like a sideways I, uppercase A, and lower case n. Enough said.


lulu, you are right bout gareet but think bout it LUCAS is back...and the thing is i dont know and get, -A wanted hanna to fix the broken heart in this weeks episode and we didnt see it coming..but also why would garett have something againist the girls, maybe he had a crush on ALI

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