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After the abomination that was "Fortune," I was not prepared to watch the rest of the season continue to derail in its wake, and therefore approached tonight's episode with trepidation.

Fortunately, "Scion" appears to have put things back on track.

With having already witnessed what would happen to Clark if he had missed out on the loving, nurturing influence of his earthly parents, it was nice to see him try and emulate that influence with Connor especially when Connor has a much tougher inner battle to face with half-Luthor blood flowing through his veins. Trying to train Connor to use his abilities really did bring out a light in Clark, as Tess indicated. I particularly enjoyed Clark's explanation to Connor that there is a shadow inside all of us, but that doesn't mean we have to embrace it.

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It's always a treat when Clark's more tender and vulnerable side shows itself, as when he was asking Lois to give Connor the benefit of the doubt because she doesn't share Clark's understanding of the feelings of being an outsider, feelings that never do go truly go away. The way Lois melted when Clark expressed to her that she is the only thing that makes him feel normal sweetly reinforced the depth of the bond between these two.

Connor was absolutely right in his observation that Clark is only who he has become because of Lois. Sure, his parents laid the groundwork by helping instill good values in him, but Lois really does complete Clark. He's more focused with her in his life, and seems to be far more confident and at ease when she's around.

Lois truly is Clark's perfect complement.

Does anyone else find it amusing, though, that she didn't appear to have suffered any broken bones, bruises or other injuries after her tussle with Connor? Sometimes I wonder if the writers forget she is actually flesh and blood given that she typically carries herself with the bravado of a superhero.

I must say it was mighty sharp of Lionel to use Red Kryptonite to bring Connor's Lex side to the surface, although I had difficulty grasping how easily Connor tossed Clark around, unless Clark was intentionally holding back. Despite having similar powers, Clark is still twice his size and should have no problem besting Connor. I also kept wondering why Clark didn't narrow the focus of his heat vision and destroy the ring from afar, since he claimed earlier that the ability could be localized enough to light a candle. Connor certainly wasted no time in destroying the green kryptonite that way.

I suppose it is a testament to John Glover's acting ability that I despise the character of Lionel Luthor with the heat of a thousand red Krypton suns, but this episode just amplified everything I hated about him in his earlier incarnation (quite literally if you count that dreadful opera music to which he listens at a piercing decibel). It made his comeuppance via Tess all the more sweet when she kicked him out on his keister for failing to recognize his fingerprints would be directly opposite to this world's Lionel, thus disproving his identity.

Not so sharp now, eh, Mr. Luthor?

I hope Tess continues on this trend of goodness, because that last moment between she and Lionel seemed to threaten a reprise of the wicked witch we once loved to hate. As I've said before, I much prefer Tess as an ally rather than an enemy, and it would sadden me to see her succumb to Lionel's mind frakking this late in the game.

Did anyone else find it disturbing that the man in the blood-spattered lab coat told Lionel that he had "convinced Emil" to reveal that Clark had taken Connor to the farm? Was that blood Emil's? Harrowing, if so. If he's brutally injured, or even worse, dead, it should serve to only fuel Tess' hatred of her father and solidify her allegiance to the heroes.

To say that I had chills over that final image of Darkseid appearing to Lionel doesn't exactly do it justice. I crave moments like that, and would have cheered far louder if it didn't continue to feel like a tease. I cannot wait until we have a story centering on Darkseid to really sink our teeth into, but I'm awfully nervous to find out what Lionel will be capable of with the dark lord in his hip pocket.

Something odd occurred to me for the first time tonight when Connor revealed the "S" on his chest. Have they ever explained why the symbol is clearly an "S" now, versus the original  that looked like the number eight? Clark hasn't adopted the Superman moniker yet, so what does the "S" stand for at this point?

That's a head scratcher.

UPDATE: The director of Scion indicated that Dr. Lamelle, not Emil, was who was interrogated by Lionel's thug Ziegler, which makes much more sense.  I misheard when I when I initially watched the episode.


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I own a copy of "the last days of krypton" written by Kevin j. Anderson, that tells the back story of superman starting with he creation of the phantom says that the "s" is in fact a serpent inside a diamond.


does LANA LANG will appear in the season finale???? i really hope so......


@Jeffy Kirkpatrick
That's just it. The Kryptonian symbol used for the El family crest has nothing to do with our alphabet. It just happens to look like an S. And it's not really that big of a coincidence, since the general idea is that Superman is named (by Lois Lane, traditionally) AFTER the insignia on his chest. The "Z" for Zod, however, is a total coincidence. @Kate
Actually, we were seeing the actual "S" at least as early as Season 7's premiere.


I know Smallville hasnt stuck to the original storyline but please tell me how they had the balls to introduce Superboy, a clone of SUPERMAN, before Clark even masters flying!!!!!!


DC didn't let them use the "S" in the early seasons. They had to use "8." Clark was able to adopt his family's offical crest in S9.


@bamurdock I guess to understand any of it would require an understanding of why the S is the El family crest in the first place (not just here, but in comics, movies, etc.), versus a more obvious selection, E. As far as I know, which admittedly isn't much when it comes to the comics themselves, Krypton didn't use Earth's alphabet. So why would Jor-El use an earthly letter S for the shield symbol? Unless it really isn't an S on Krypton, and it just so magically matches the earthly letter S, coincidentally the first letter of Superman.


@Jeffrey Kirkpatrick
Hey, I totally agree that the writers don't put much effort into their progression (or lack thereof), so we're on the same page there. I'm just saying that, within the context of the show, the change of symbol DOES sort of explain itself. If that chest burning is the only conundrum, I'd say it's a non-issue. Jor-El was punishing Clark, not honoring him. I don't see why he'd give him the professional crest for that. As for Lex, you could be right. But the real point I was trying to make to "anonymous" was that the Lex we have at the end will be the real Lex. At this point, I don't care how we get him back, so long as we get him back. I wonder if Lionel's life will end up traded for Lex's somehow? We know that he wouldn't make that decision voluntarily, but who knows what Darkseid has in mind. (For that matter, who knows if the writers will be able to make sense of it.)


@bamurdock It still feels, though, like a half-assed explanation (not on your part, on the part of the writers) because like I said before, ultimately we know the S stands for Superman (outside the Smallville-verse). Also, i'm thinking that the real Lex IS dead, but that Darkseid's appearance to Lionel at the end of Scion, just as Lionel laments not having Lex alive anymore, is significant. I'm thinking Darkseid somehow resurrects Lex.


Lex IS the other half of Superboy's DNA in the comics. My understanding is that it was revealed much later than his introduction in the early 90's. (I don't read the comics.) And evil Lex is going to come back because the REAL Lex is almost undoubtedly still alive. @Travis S
We know what the symbol means. We were talking about the S's transformation from a more 8-like figure in the first few seasons to the actual "S" we see now. My take: it's like the Disney "D". It's got a very distinctive handwritten style in its embellished logo, but if anyone were to write the word "Disney" in a sentence, they would never attempt to make it look that way. The "S" is a special Kryptonian crest, based on an actual Kryptonian symbol. But when the symbol is being written-- just WRITTEN, mind you (even by chest-burning)-- it was never made to look like the "S" we all know. It may be NOW, by the general public, because it's become the Blur's trademark. But up till then, it was always written as a simple, chicken-scratch "8".


...the S is just the symbol of Clark's Kryptonian roots...he mentioned it last season when he donned the black suit. I don't remember the exact quote but he talks about wearing the mark to show his heritage and whatnot and where he came from...

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