The Good Wife Round Table: Debut Edition

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With The Good Wife on hiatus until March 22, this is the ideal time to debut our first-ever TV Fanatic Round Table dedicated to one of the best shows on television.

Below, lead Good Wife critic Matt Richenthal is joined on the panel by fellow TV Fanatics Jeff Kirkpatrick and Carissa Pavlica, as they dissect pressing issues related to Alicia, Cary and company. Reader feedback is encouraged...


Will Peter win the election?
Matt: Definitely. Season three has Peter vs. Alicia in court written all over it.

Carissa: I'm at a loss with the election. I've tried to decide which would make a better story and both work. If he wins, it might bring back old fears in Alicia and draw them apart. If he loses, I guess he'd have to find something to do, and it might bring his work closer to Alicia's, which would be more interesting to me.

Jeff: No doubt. Otherwise there won't be anything to keep him and Alicia in the public eye, nor would there be a reason for Eli to stick around. There's sure to be more tests and scandals ahead, which will require Alicia to remain a "good wife."

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Are you on Team Peter or Team Will?
Matt: Team Please Can We Never Hear About the Lame Missed Voicemail Ever Again. Also, Team Will. He's intelligent, passionate, loyal and has never cheated on Alicia with a stripper.

Carissa: I'm only on Team Peter because the show is The Good Wife and I want it to continue. I'm on Team Alicia, really. Whatever makes her happy, even if it is cheating on Peter. That's the kind of girl I am. Even with that bravado, I think there is something about the bad boy that turns Alicia on and that's why she's still with him. Will is probably not challenging enough in the long run.

Jeff: No doubt. Team Peter, only from the perspective that I don't want to see Alicia have an affair because it would denigrate her character too much. But it's tough not to root for Will cause he's just so darn awesome.

Should Alicia leave Gardner & Lockhart?
Matt: From a show's point of view? No. From Alicia's point of view? Absolutely. She would be free from any emotional hang-up with Will and she might be on a faster track to make partner. What if Cary really does come back, making four times the salary of Alicia? She might have to put her career above all else for a change.

Carissa: Never. That's one story I wouldn't like. The dynamic of the entire team is so fantastic. To lose it would really wreak havoc on the show. Unless a much better candidate than we have seen so far shows his/her cards, that is. Rita Wilson was a horrible character.

Jeff: No way. Alicia's interactions with the people at G&L are the lifeblood of the series. Every time she rounds a corner and is required to do one more thing that doesn't sit well with her morally, I remain further in awe of Julianne Margulies and the depth of this character.  Pitting her against the folks at G&L would lose momentum, sort of how it did for Cary.

Kalinda and Cary: Better as friends, or should totally be hitting that?
Matt: They gotta hit that. Why? Consider the potential couple's nicknames: Calina? Kary? Both are genius!

Carissa: I love them both so much. Both are so incredibly sexy and mysterious. That kiss? I could smell smoke after the heat they generated. Any story giving them more airtime is great, and after that kiss, I think a pairing is worth a visit.

Jeff: Better as friends. To put Kalinda in a relationship would peel back too much of the mystery that shrouds her character. Doing so with Cary, I think, would disrupt her relationship with Alicia too much, and I've grown very fond of their almost sisterly dynamic.


Will Peter win?
He knows how the game is played and with the support from Eli, a win seems likely. Team Neither!
Probably for the whole of season 1, team Will would have been ideal. Now Will seems lost, unable to reassure himself of what he wants, letting a silly voice message control his relationship, and Alicia is seeing different sides to him that makes Will's character questionable.
Peter has done everything to fulfill his needs and none addresses his past mistakes. Alicia should not have gone back with him without serious penalties, there is a lot they have not addressed, which makes his actions more deceiving towards the attempts to patch a beyond repair marriage.
Team neither all the way. Alicia should stay right at her home Gardner & Lockhart, I guess Bond is really out of the picture now. Kalinda and Cary cute, but better as friends.


I get that the show's name is 'The Good Wife' but I don't see how that should imply that Alicia must stay with Peter. I am Team Will, because I think that Alicia has the right to be happy, something that she obviously isn't now. Peter and her are so far emotionally speaking, that it's odd to see them still married. However, due to Alicia's "conscience", as Eli would say, I guess that Alicia and Will won't get together any soon. I kind of like Eli, he does all the dirty job at Peter's campaign but yet I grew very fond of him. Thank God the annoying Grace didn't showed up at this episode! Love TGW!


Will does not have staying power. Glances across the office are one thing but he has no "plan" and has no idea what a plan involves. And her kids would turn him into mincemeat.


I don't get why people think Kalinda and Cary relationship could affect Kalinda and Alicia friendship. Alicia is not an idiot and I'm sure she doesn't pretend her friends to chose their partners based on "her" liking or approval.
I also don't get why Cary and Kalinda need to be "domestic" to be "serious" or why they need to be just a casual hookup not to be uncharacteristic. Litterature is full of couples who were serious and passionate, without being domestic or just a casual hookup.


Why do people think any relationship with Cary will make Kalinda uncharacteristically domestic? No one is talking about them getting married or anything. I think a casual hookup (or two) would be totally in character. I'm ambivalent about Peter v. Will. I don't like to root for an affair and I see no long term potential between her and Will, but I do think that it would be very interesting for her character if she cheats on Peter-- I could see her feeling justified b/c of what Peter did to her (a revenge affair, if you will, Betty Draper style), but she would forfeit her moral upper hand in the marriage. It would make for good tv.


PS I forgot ... Alicia shouldn't leave L&G, but Diane and Will should know that she's been approached.


As Matt, I think that Peter is going to win the election. Luckily this Peter vs. Alicia in court will push Will and Alicia closer and that would make my day as I am Team Will. The title doesn't mean she has to stand by Peter until death. With regard to Kalinda and Cary, not sure I want a serious relationship between these two. Indeed I like her relationship with Alicia and it's good for her to stay mysterious.


I agree with Jeff on all accounts, but the fact that I don't root for Will as a love interest for Alicia. Alicia is MARRIED and both she and Peter have committed to this relationship so everybody else should stay away! And I totally agree with Jeff: Alicia having an affair would totally denigrate her character, she would not keep any of her class and poise that she kept while she was handling this difficult and humiliating situation.
Furthermore: Peter will win, I'd like to see more of Eli, really love the L&G firm and Kalinda/Gary as a couple is a total mismatch. There's more to life than hooking everybody up!


Matt and Geoff- so what your saying is regardless of the fact that Alicia does not love her husband she should suck it in and bear it. [He humiliated her,hes arrogant selfish now using his whole family to get re-elected.Promised Alicia the kids wouldnt be used in his campaign but now Zach is up to his eyeballs in it.But according to you pair thats fine as she will have to wear it.] GIVE ME A BREAK>Do you know that when Peter wins the election they go live in the suburbs and play HAPPY FAMILIES this storyline would have gone full circle. Eli Gold is leaving.This year it has slipped in the ratings and you dont have to be a genius to work out why. We still have an election that has gone on forever and become nothing but a joke.I'am out of here.


Peter is definitely winning the elections!
I agree with Matt = season 3 WILL be Alicia vs Peter and it's gonna be fuuuun!!! Like Carissa, I'm team Alicia. I really want her with Will but I don't really what that would do to the show... Alicia can't leave Lockart & Gardner, I mean that's what makes the show! And I SO want to see Cary and Kalinda together! I loooove those 2 characters sooo much! And I don't think it's gonna ruin all the mystery around Kalinda because it's not gonna be a traditional relationship.

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