The Good Wife Review: Who Got Voted Out?

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The Good Wife offered significant movement in its two major areas last night, as Bond was ousted from the firm and Childs forced to withdraw from the election.

Yet I most enjoyed "Great Firewall" for the case of the week, which featured a pair of solid guest stars and a twist more surprising than either of the developments cited above.

Alicia, Diane, Will

First, let's stop and give mad props to Ken Leung. The actor who played a snarky, fast-talking Lost character, adept at English and sarcasm, shined here as a man struggling to formulate words, coming across as defeated as anyone who had been tortured for five years would be.

It was an impressive performance that showcased Leung's versatility.

John Benjamin Hickey also appeared as the founder of a social network site, donning far more clothing than he typically does in his role on The Big C. More than any show on TV,
The Good Wife specializes in bringing on guest stars that never distract from the key characters or plots. The show manages to hire relatively big names without it ever feeling like stunt casting.

The series also redeemed itself here. Many critics took "Net Worth" to task for seemingly focusing on nothing but jabs at Aaron Sorkin when taking on a case that mirrored The Social Network. But the Mark Zuckerberg clone was brought back this week, in a way that jarred Alicia and once again proved how impressively this drama resides in the grey.

When Will first uttered to Diane that the firm's goal was to stop Hickey's character's company from releasing the IP addresses of Chinese dissidents, Alicia looked up, encouraged that she was a part of a case that appeared to center on human rights. But this soon proved to be the exact opposite, of course, in what goes down as one of my favorite scenes to date.

Confronted by Alicia's accusation that he was simply aiming to get his client full reign over China, Will denied, stammered, hemmed, hawed. But then he sounded like the Will we've always known, even if Alicia had built him into someone else in her head. Will is clearly a good person, but he's also been one to focus on profits and the precise letter of the law. This is nothing new, and it speaks to the intelligence of The Good Wife.

How many other shows could have a main player act in what seems to be a shady manner, yet is actually consistent with his character and not even a turn off? Will is great at his job and this is why. He said it best to Alicia: how can she remain so naive, considering all she's been through in the last year? Some might call this cynical, others realistic. I just call it fascinating television that treads in matters few other shows dare to touch.

I've spent a lot of time on the aspect of this episode that has the least far-reaching consequences, but that only because I found it to be the most interesting. It wasn't exactly a shock that Diane and Will won out over Bond, and Julian may have had Bond fooled, but I'm proud to say this was one maneuver I saw coming the instant he made Bond an offer.

Still, was I tense during the equity partner vote? Absolutely.

As I've said many times before, I've unfortunately lost interest in Kalinda this season. I wasn't excited to learn the details of her mysterious past even before the show chose to drag it out for weeks on end.

I was also wasn't shocked to see Childs drop out of the race. I'll miss Titus Welliver terribly, but all signs point to season three pitting Alicia and company against a new state's attorney's office, led by her husband. There are numerous directions in which the series could go from there.

In conclusion, there's only one question left to ask: who performed a better, behind-closed-doors celebratory dance: Laura Linney in Love Actually, or Alan Cumming upon learning about Childs' nanny?


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I love The Good Wife. If I have time to watch only one show during the week, this is the one. I feel the show offers a variety of drama, humor, romance, legal education, etc. Kalinda is my favorite. Love her mysterious character. Hope we don't find out too much about her back ground. The "wondering" and the "unexpected" are intriguing. You do wonder what makes her tick, but once we know, it won't be a surprise anymore.


As a fan from the start I have watched every move the writers have made, it seems that if they don't start mixing up the storyline from suppose to real lifestyle we all will be watching a differnet channel come May. Their ratings are on the decline and CBS doesn't play around they will pull the series in order to up the profits. So Kings and your staff of writers get with it and start with dropping the Will/Alicia storyline and work on something new like how the upcoming election is going and what it will mean to the Florrick family. We can't keep on seeing the court room every week this has nothing to do with the title THE GOOD WIFE. Open it up with outside scenes and more Cary and Kalinda action.


Really enjoyed the episode I laughed out loud when Eli began dancing. I am also a huge fan of the scene between Alicia & Will because if she really does love him she has to accept him as he is/ or should he be trying to be a better person, not sure but I agree with you it read true for Will's character. I was pissed at Juluis the whole episode for betraying Will & Diane (silly me no faith in characters:) I didn't understand the whole Kalinda address thing but I am hoping the writers will turn her story into something interesting.


I enjoyed the complexity of this episode regarding the fight for the firm as well as a very interesting case. Being in the heart of the Internet biz, I thought the case for providing IP addresses was brilliant. What I did not like about this episode is that regardless of Peter and Alicia's relationship, they haven't shared a scene together in weeks. They live in the same house and they started sharing a bedroom again. Yet - how is it that Alicia only ever seems to be at home alone or with one of her children. No home is that one-dimensional. Especially with Peter celebrating this week - one would think Alicia would have some involvement in that. Come on - even if they don't stay together - you have to keep it believable.


This episode was just what the doctor ordered plenty of twisted and back stabbing going on, down the road we will probably see a big shake up involving the firm that will completely disolve from a major corruption being brought on by the SA office. Alot of heads will be rolling trying to cover dirt they have caused. This is when we will see who really is the good guy and who is the bady, the way the story line is going everyone will see the true GOOD WIFE.


Oh I love the good wife, it's the best show on tv and this episode was up to the standard of the rest. In other words it was awesome! I also have not had enough of Kalinda's past, it's pretty interesting and makes for a good story. Unfortunatly i can also not see Bond and Blake just go like that, even though i just wish they would! Should be interesting!


Oh Will, I think you really disappointed Alicia this time. In fact for the viewers, Will has shed many eyebrow raiser moments that make us question where he stands. Of course he has this relationship thing going with someone else, but where does he stand with Alicia now that he knows she did not get the message? I laughed at Will and Diane's comment about them being a couple without the sex. Quite frankly they do act like a couple, their friendship goes deep and I'm glad things came through in the end for them. Although in the beginning I routed for a connection between Alicia and Will to resurface, it was troubling that they allowed a message to control their relationship. It's even troubling now Alicia might consider staying with Peter permanently. I may not completely want a relationship for Will and Alicia, but I know that a relationship between Alicia and Peter would be headed for the worst. Even as we have a real feel to politics and Peter prevailing in the polls, he hasn't shown much compassion for the past. He merely grabs situations by the throat and makes demands that appear convenient, but nothing more. He is not forgiven. I enjoyed the reoccurring guest stars. Diane's Ex BFF definitely brought all to the table, you could sense that she and Diane were no longer friends. I was happy to have Bond leave, his plotline soured with his absence. He should have at least been suspicious of a Diane and Will's bond (no pun intended). They have been getting closer, even in their staged fights. It was shocking of him go against Julius' word. Even with all the trickery, we were all thinking what David Lee said while Bond was throwing Diane to the curb (Move On with IT!!). It didn't seem as good knowing that Will and Diane were wining and Bond was set up through Julius. Bond sure has a lot of people that just "don't like him". Let's also applaud David Lee for his comic relief during what could be a stressful scene, at least he now had Bond's office for his secretary (?). Although I like that Zach takes interest in wining one for his father, I don't appreciate him getting in bed with Becca. She is not as trustworthy and her recurrences have been proven distracting to Zach. I was surprised Jackie was not even the least suspicious of her intentions. She is usually picky about the people she likes. Along with Kalinda, at one point I expected Blake to be a helpful lookout for her, but we haven't heard from him since their altercation. Is it premature to warrant a relationship, even a small friendship. This was the first time we've seen Kalinda uneasy. Question: why give an address notification? She didn't give an old one? Her anonymity was what made her personality, things have seriously been changed. I am uncertain of the destination this series would carry us on, but it looks for an interesting journey.


When Kalinda asked Alicia how she felt about Peter winning, she said she was happy but not looking forward to going back I don't think she loves him anymore. She chose to stay with him out of loyalty to her family but not because she loved him. Either she will fall in love with him again or they will have to separate one day or later. Although she made up a wrong image of Will in her mind, I am still rooting for this two.Because Will is always honest with her.


I doubt Alicia has never considered the conundrum that legal vs moral presents for lawyers.... that is what i love about this show - it always portrays that very realistically. I don't think this is the first moment of realizing that for Alicia. I think what was shocking for her is that Will is not exactly who she has built him up to be in her mind. That last gleeful slow dance with Diana and Will, where Diana says 'we are the perfect couple' - and Will says 'without the sex'- shows that they are on the same wavelength in that way... but its pretty clear that Alicia isn't. And this maybe was the first death knoll for me in her attraction for Will.
Even though I have enjoyed their tension and actually been rooting for them to get together... this episode makes me think that ultimately it would not work. Her husband - a politician who cheated on her with a hooker - has actually shown more moral conscience/compass than Will.
very interesting.


As always, excellent writing and great acting. I, too, like the more vulnerable Kalinda and tender moment with Cary. I think some tough times may be ahead for Kalinda, though. I don't see Bond and Blake going away quietly. There will be consequences to that betrayal at Lockhart Gardner. .

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