NCIS Review: Don't Mess With the Great White!

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Compelling as the hunt for the P2P Killer was, myriad tensions between agents and agencies defined last night's NCIS, leaving our beloved department in a state of turmoil.

E.J. Ray. Vance. So many characters bent on tearing apart the team, or at least not letting it function as it should. The episode title, "Two-Faced," was certainly apropos.

This palpable tension and deception, combined with a Dexter-esque serial killer plot, made for a strong, but unusual episode. No killer apprehended; plenty of carnage.

Gibbs and E.J.

Viewers probably felt like Abby, needing a hug from Gibbs after watching E.J. do her thing. Her arrival was more mysterious than negative, but she's clearly made enemies now.

In her first appearance, I actually thought E.J. was cool, or at least had the potential to be. She was eccentric, attractive, and willing to stand up to Gibbs, showing gumption.

Last night, however? This wasn't just a butting of heads. This was an attempt to undermine him however possible, be it lying through omission of blatantly stepping on toes.

As DiNozzo said, you do NOT mess with the Great White.

While E.J. definitely has some claim to the Port-to-Port Killer case, the manner in which she's trying to assert control over it - with Vance's help no less - rubs me the wrong way.

You can't help but wonder if there's more to this soap opera than we even know at this point. Is Vance trying to double down on his bid to catch a killer, or something more?

Of course, Gibbs needs a rival besides the killers NCIS hunts down. It wouldn't be gripping TV otherwise. You have to assume he'll prevail, even against multiple obstacles.

It was great watching him lay the smack down - refusing to leave his desk, telling her to back off Tony, whispering at her in the interrogation room, and trusting Ziva's intel.

But Vance outranks Gibbs, E.J. tells Tony. Ha. Directors come and go, but there is only one Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He may lose a round or two, but this fight is just beginning.

More fireworks between the two are inevitable, and as turned off as I was by her theatrics and the soapy feel of last night's episode at times, I'm excited for the next act.

Sarah Jane Morris' meddling almost overshadowed another high-profile guest star last night. Enrique Murciano made his debut as Ray, Ziva's boyfriend of several months.

Ray on NCIS

CI-Ray plays things a little closer to the vest than E.J. Yes, he basically lied by omission and didn't tell Ziva he's the CIA liaison on the P2P case. But isn't that what CIA agents do?

Ziva’s reaction was awfully severe, even after he provided her with the game-changing tip. His feelings for her seem genuine too. Is it really "over" like Ziva told Tony? Doubtful.

There's too much left to explore with this smooth operator for Ray to simply be out of the picture. His much-hyped arrival was worth it if only to watch Tony awkwardly squirm.

It's interesting that with Ray and E.J. present, Ziva and Tony both interacted with their love interests simultaneously, yet ended up a bar by themselves at the end of the night.

Again, I felt their back-and-forth jealousy bordered on a little too much melodrama at times, but only briefly. Michael Weatherly is comedic gold and can salvage most anything.

Speaking of the scene at the bar, how freaky was that eyeball?

A little campy for NCIS, you could say, but a fun way to leave this story arc hanging. It was clear from the opening moments that this would not be your standard murder case.

A sociopathic killer who leaves no trace and who taunts the investigators with obscure clues? Who lures victims with creepy dolls and is seemingly a step ahead at all times?

As a Dexter fan, I couldn't help but draw obvious parallels. Not what I expected at all going into this episode, but I'm intrigued to see where the hunt for the P2PK goes next.

What did you think of last night's NCIS? Discuss!


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There was no NCIS on last night and we have until May 3rd to see a new episode, so on reflecting on what could be the season finale, I would just like to say, and I hope that I am not jinking anything here, what a pleasure it is NOT to see Tony and that sleazy Agent in any kissing scenes or in any romantic scenes at all. Just the fact that everyone knows that they are sleeping together is enough for sure, but to not see it and try and erase that memory when she is finally gone gone gone - is quite a relief. I think the writers know this too!! Can't wait to get back to the Tony I adore with his movie references and his smart comments to McGoogle. Ahh for the good old days again !! Bye bye Barrett...


I think they named this episode correctly. Two faced is what she is. I also think Vance may know like he did when he broke up the team before a while back that something is going on. EJ is coming from Spain where the murders started. I think she could be similar to Dexter but not his charm. Something is missing. Maybe we will get more back ground. She just seems like a rotten person to me. I do not like her.


really love EJ! and how Tony is with her!


really love EJ! and how Tony is with her! Hope Ziva goes far away or is killed by the killer or something like that!


And I agree with you Vince - can't tolerate that Barrett chick either and am a little more than disappointed that Tony was so quick to chase her and have sex and dinners at his place with her. I doubt very much that she will listen to what Gibbs told her and leave his "Team \ Tony" alone....I'm also sure that all or most of the writers are men and they may be writing their fantasies thru Tony - well stop it - it's awful. I hate the fact she wore his Elvis Costello shirt. It irks me no end. Hopefully, next episode they will get right to the case and the camera off that short, wide-loud mouth tart posing as Team Leader - quite badly too I might add. I think she has another "agenda" in searching Tony out!! Hate how she grabbed his tie in the elevator and said she will be "sticking around". Not if the fans can help it!!!


yes your right editor everybody wants some tiva.


Are you sure you're a fan Michael.
EVERYONE wants Tony and Ziva together !


OMG this ep was amazing! Part of me really hates EJ and the other part likes having her there. It's always fun getting to see either Tony of Ziva squirm. But in the same ep is great. I started smiling when CIRay told Tony that Ziva thought of him as a brother. I would say neither Ray or EJ will stick around much longer. To me the only reason to have them around is to make Tony & Ziva check their feelings for each other. Who is the p2p killer? I think Jeanne. I dont mind the soap opera stuff. If u had Jeanne, EJ, Ziva, and Tony in the same room u could grab the tension. This is an amazing story arc and I just can't wait for Tuesday!!!!!


Never miss NCIS from episode 1, Don't like the new agent or Ziva's new friend, hope neither of them stay long


The show has ever given us badly written female characters that law and Order SVU as for the cases being personal UM arent all cases personal is it that like cop 101

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