Off the Map Season Finale Review: "There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle"

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Wow. The season finale of Off The Map threw viewers some surprising cliffhangers. "There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle" proved that there will be a lot of unanswered questions if it doesn't come back for season two.

I still thought Ben was an ass, despite his grudging acceptance of Mina and his heroic bridal carry of Ryan through the jungle to get her to the airport on time.

He was insulting to Mina until he realized that his negativity might affect her patient. Even when he supported her he obviously didn't believe his own words.

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When Ryan decided she was done fighting, Ben simply couldn't let go. Ryan hated NY. She hated being poked and prodded. She's tired of being a patient. Ryan knew her odds were poor and she wanted her final days to be at the clinic, her home. 

Ben didn't fight her. I wished he would have. That would have been more honest. Not only was Ben willing to keep his wife on life support for years because he couldn't let her go, he's also willing to sanction murder to keep Ryan alive. That's exactly what his old friend the organ donor was making clear to Ben.

When you pay for a black-market kidney, you tell yourself that the donor's still walking around with one working kidney. When you pay for a heart, there's no such illusion. Ryan would be horrified if she ever found out that her life was saved through because someone else was purposefully killed.

Mina was as strong as ever. I loved it when Ben was trying to give her a pep talk and Mina called him out on firing her. Somehow the woman who doesn't like kids managed to get a bunch of school children to assist her with surgery and then carried the patient until they found a ride. It appeared she accomplished it through shear force of will.

Lily's desperate run to the farm had my heart pounding. I expected to see the barn on fire but finding Mateo shot was a shock. Even though I don't believe Lily and Mateo are a long term couple, their final scene together was desperately tragic. 

I was a little unclear on Otis' intent with the new passport. Did that mean he's applying for citizenship in that country? I suppose the important part was that he took steps to prove to Zee that he's in this for the long haul. 

Finally, Tommy manned up and told Mina that he loved her. Although Mina didn't respond verbally, at least she didn't let go.

If nothing else, Off The Map is worth tuning in each week for the spectacular scenery alone but ABC has yet to announce if they will be giving it a second season.

So, if you hope to find out if Ben will really go through with his plan, if Mateo will live or die, and what Tommy and Mina's fate will be, I encourage you to contact ABC and let them know you'd like to see these jungle docs come back for more soapy angst next Fall.


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Off The Map was a great show. I think the title threw people off. It sounded like it was going to ba another "Lost". Can't you try it again with a new title? The actors and actresses were wonderful and the stories interesting and fun.


Warm regards to d maker of "off d map".it was really amazing to see how doctors can work under odd circumstances n at d places where theres no proper medical aid.i was really hoping to see what happens to mateo?and I was let down by d fact tht I wont come to know abt it coz theres no more" off d map".i use to stay awake whole night jst to watch this series and now im left wit lot of unanswered questions.hope to see more of it in cumng days.


this show was amazing please bring it back it left me hanging on the last episode


off the map is really the best. i cant wait to watch season 2....


this show was so great! rewatching season 1 dvds right now!! bring it back for a second season!!


I can't believe I find a series that is really good and they take it off after season 1?? Such a shame to have all this other CRAP on TV and cancel a GREAT show!


I love this miniseries ... one the best programs I have seen in a very long time. Please make Season 2 and don't leave us hanging. This is truly a great quality show that is both entertaining and quite educational, especially if you like medicine. Please bring it back!


Wasn't aware of this show till I got the first season on dvd for christmas. LOVE IT!!! Can't believe I will be left hanging like this. PLEASE reconsider bring it back.


Well im waiting for the season 2...pls bring back the off map... we love it here in the Philippines.


Please bring off the map back!I loved that show!

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