Private Practice Review: "What We Have Here ..."

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The past should be left in the past ... right?

Especially when you’re talking about a woman who almost killed you and stole your baby, but what about an ex-husband? On Private Practice, Katie Kent returned to stir things up a bit for Violet and Pete. Billy, Charlotte’s ex, also made an appearance.

These storylines just weren’t enough for me though.

Violet and Katie

I neither liked nor disliked "What We Have Here ...", but one thing’s for sure: Whether or not you are a fan of Sam and Addie, last night definitely couldn’t have been easy for you. I know it wasn’t for me. We’ve waited a month for the return of Private Practice, and still don’t know where their relationship is going.

We knew that Addison wants a baby. We knew that Sam already has Maya and Olivia. So, why are they still fighting about it? This storyline has dragged on for months now, and I find myself only anticipating an end result.

I’ve certainly grown tiresome of waiting though.

Then, there was Katie. When the creepy music played and Katie suddenly appeared in Violet’s office, I was on the edge of my seat. Throughout the entire episode, I found myself wondering how Katie could have been released after only 18 months.

That just does not seem long enough for all of the terrible things she did to Violet.

I was relieved to hear Pete say what I wanted to say to Violet throughout the entire episode: “You can’t fix her. No matter how hard you try. You can’t fix everyone, Violet. The sooner you accept that the better off we’ll all be.”

Yes, the sooner Violet accepts that she can’t fix everyone, we will all be better off. I get that Violet is who she is, but I thought that she acted recklessly when going to see Katie.

Violet can be unbelievably stubborn at times, and she seemingly acted without regard for Pete and Lucas. I wonder if this will be the last we see of Katie.

Although I don’t think it was ever needed in the first place, I’m glad that Violet finally gave her blessing to Sheldon to continue dating Marla. Sheldon deserves to be happy, and I’m hoping Marla will be his date to the wedding next week.

At first, I found it a little strange that Cooper was reaching out to Billy to help Charlotte with closure from her previous marriage. I can’t say that I was able to picture any past chemistry with Billy and Charlotte, but I am glad that Charlotte got the closure that she needed. I absolutely adore Cooper and Charlotte, and want them to get their happily ever after.

I wasn’t fully satisfied with this episode, but next week Charlotte and Cooper are getting married. I can’t wait!

By the way, Amelia’s such a great friend and is a rock star in the operating room. I’d love to see her get her own storyline.

Did you like this episode? Are you still rooting for Sam and Addie? Do you think that Violet violated any doctor-patient confidentiality laws? Discuss!


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I totally agree with Aries93 and tanz in all points.
Additionally I think that almost all characters on Private Practice act very, very immature and reckless, particulary Violet! The only ones I still care about and therefore watch it, are Charlotte, Cooper and Amelia. The others ones just became more and more annoying.


love addisam too! they will break up and they get back together next season or maybe addie will be pregnant end of this season :O anyway i hope they have a happily ever after love them! and hope the new doc is for amelia


I totally agree with Eysa. great post. they do come from lousy marriages and of course Maya suffered from Nae/Sam divorce, he doesnt want to put a new child through the same thing, He wants to be sure they are both committed to each other. I like that Point of View. I hope they work on the relationship once and for all I have no doubt there is Love between them.


I like the angst between Sam and Addison, I understand both of them but we need to move on with the storyline they are having the same conversation over and over again, I know they love each and they dont want to let go maybe what they need its time. I really love how realistic it is. Addison loves Sam and wants a baby with him, Sam wants to know that addison is committed to him and that they are ready for a baby, both come from awful relationships Nae/Derek so I understand that Sam is scared.
Bring More addisam.


Amelia is definitely Team AddiSam. she is awesome. Loved the last scene between Sam and Addison so passionate, I cant wait to see more of them. Love AddiSam


To be quiet honest I am sick of this, Private Practice has lost all charm and seems like when things get dull they kill someone off. Its seriously getting annoying the writers need to stop recycling storyline if they want to have a job. I am really starting to grow tiresome over the Sam and Addison relationship, ovbiously Sam never wanted the same thing Addison has. What gets to me the most is how he keeps acting like he didnt see this coming thats how this show started!! For goodness sake give the woman a child already she sure deserves some happiness! I really hope they get their act straight soon because I am really happy to let go of watching this show as it is just becoming a dragged story. Also Violet, stupid careless woman! I really really dislike her she wants everything and is possibly the most selfish person anyone can write out, I really want the writers to teach her a good lesson..


2 months. Thats how long it was Naomi and Sam kissed. It was Feb 24th. And like @Teniba said, it served no purpose. I am still quite frankly mad that it's been 5 episodes now that we've had to wait. Why drag it out? If they're gonna break up, then just do it. I don't wanna have to wait months to find out whither or not they're gonna last. 2 episodes would have been fine, but 5? Seriously? I didn't mind Addison and Sam, but as it went on, they got boring. There is no passion there. And clearly Sam does not feel the same anymore considering he was going to chase Naomi after the kiss. I'd prefer those two over Sam and Addison. If only Audra McDonald were not leaving. I think Shonda broke the seal of friendship between these two. She ruined the bond they had and turned it into a stereotype that the best friends (who are make and female) get together. Completely ridiclois. Just please, break them up. As for the other storylines, they were handled pretty well to me. It was good to see crazy Katie again. I'm glad she's not suing Violet anymore, but I amnactually glad that Violet may have her liscence suspended. She has crossed the line too many times over the 4 year span of this show. She's a nosey bitch and I hope her medical liscence does get suspended. As for Charlotte and Cooper, it's good that Charlotte got closure with her ex-husband. I must say that I was shocked when he told her he was gay. That I did not see coming. But it's good to know that she believes she did nothing wrong. So excited for the wedding next week. :) I must say that I enjoy Amelia and her comic relief. Although, I'm still waiting for her to have a storyline. She's getting treating more like a supporting character rather than a main character. The character needs to branch her wings out. I hope something comes her way soon. :D Overall, it was okay. It wasn't good, nor bad to me. I give the episode 3/5 stars.


You're being much too kind. This episode just truly sucked.


and by the way, what was really interesting about having that naomi and sam kiss on the deck? it served actually no purpose at all?


the writting on sam and addison has been hawfull after maybe episode 7... really terrible they didn't just know what to do with those two... and now they want to break them up but are just dragging that process for a cliffhanger that i think is preditible for season finale: they have broken up but addison is pregant by the way! Other than that why they have to drag a breakup over 3 to 4 episodes is beyond comprehension!

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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Sam: When you're in love with someone, Addison, when you're in a real relationship, you don't do that.
Addison: Our relationship is real. Sam, I love you.
Sam: Then, why'd you give me an ultimatum?
Addison: We discussed it.
Sam: We did not discuss. You said we either have a baby or end it. That is not a discussion.

Sometimes wanting a baby it's like nothing else matters, but you have to think about what you two have been through and that you could die.