Supernatural Review: "Mommy Dearest"

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So it's all about the soul power?

The soul has been a key element of season 6. First, with the search for Sam's missing one and then, with the race to gather as many souls as possible. That little thing has a lot of energy.

So, "Mommy Dearest" combined this particular plot line with Eve's agenda.

Supernatural Pow-Wow

Unfortunately, Eve's arrival as the all powerful Mother of All seemed to come and go rather quickly. Was she actually that easy to kill? Did Dean really eliminate her or like every major enemy, will she return for one final attack?

If that was the final confrontation, then frankly her character was never that large of a threat. Sure, she could create hybrid creatures to attack the entire world for her own collection of souls. Yes, she was the cause of all of the monsters that Sam and Dean hunt. Yet, in the end, her presence felt so absent that she seemed more like a fleeting monster of the week.

Nevertheless, Eve did bring all of the major characters together. Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Bobby all garnered realatively equal amounts of screen time, leaving no one to the background. Plus, they were able to go on an actual mystery hunt that required all of their efforts.

Of course, the hunt also showed off Sam and Dean's greatest strength and weakness. The boys' ability to protect and help others at the cost of themselves is what makes them heroes. It can also end up being one of their greatest downfalls.

Castiel managed to call them out on this concept, which wasn't brand new, but significant nonetheless. However, Castiel really wasn't in the position to be making judgement calls.

Really Cas? You and Crowley working together? So that's the dirty little secret that's been murmuring around in Heaven.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Crowley had survived, but that also meant that Castiel was behind the deception of his death. Crowley appears to be that much more of a threat now. If he has one of Heaven's most powerful angels on his side, then Sam and Dean need to worry. Hopefully, they won't have to face off against their friend.

As much as there were big reveals for the night, the episode still managed to toss in a few laughs. While not as many one liners, Dean stole the show with his scientific naming of the new hybrid creatures: Jefferson Starships.

Not only was it a funny name for the monsters, but it was humourous hearing the members of the group shout it out while trying to remain serious. It was just another classic Dean moment.

Overall, a fair episode, but it would have been nice to see Eve stick around a little longer. Compared to the other enemies of seasons past, she came across as the weakest of the bunch. It's just too bad she wasn't the menace that everyone claimed her to be.


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Sam shouting "They're Jefferson Starships!" to kick off the fight at the police station was the laugh of the night for me. And I'm glad to see Crowley's back, since he's easily the most charismatic baddie on the show.

Sp mckenna

@ Vanessa - Joe Silver was played by Canadian actor Travis Turner

Sp mckenna

@ Aries93 - Welcome! It's great to hear from everyone about Supernatural. I'm sure Castiel has some reason as to his connection with Crowley. He wouldn't team up without a reason. @Marie - I enjoy when Supernatural uses real music so that was certainly a treat in this episode. It hasn't been used as much lately in favor of score music.


I think we're seeing a Buffy Season 6 ending here, in that We all think Eve's the big bad of the season but in reality its someone on the 'good' side. I Really think its gonna be Cas & Crowely.




I don't think we've seen the last of Eve. No one stays dead on Supernatural! Everyone(thing) can be brought back - we've seen it time and time again. The Castiel/Crowley pairing goes a long way in explaining Cas's strange behavior this season (aside from the 'war in heaven' thing). I thought this was one of the more solid episodes of this season. I've been luke warm about Supernatural most of season 6. This renewed my interest: good hunting, good interaction between the boys, and a seriously good plot twist - and even a little music! That is one thing I'm really missing, the music. It added texture to the show that seems to be missing lately


Jefferson Starships


How are we all?
My first time commenting on a Supernatural review. :p I am still in shock to find Castiel working with Crowley. I knew from last weeks episode that rumors were going around heaven, but not those rumors. I think there is a really good reason for Castiel working with Crowley. He's not hesitant to kill demons, so for him to work with Crowley, he is obviously getting something out of it. Perhaps those weapons having to do with heaven?
As for Eve, I think for her character to be killed of so abruptly either means that Crowley is this seasons villain or she is simply not dead. Yes, Phoenix Ash is her Achilles-heel, but if characters like Meg can return from the dead, than certainly Eve can be resurrected too. Her character has a lot of history and resolves around each and every demon out there. I don't think it's the last we've seen of her.



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