Supernatural Review: "My Heart Will Go On"

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C'mon, Titanic wasn't that bad. It did at least have Kate Winslet's rack. (Well, in Dean's opinion of course.)

The idea that Balthazar would go back and change history because of his dislike for the 1997 film was amusing. He would be pompous enough to go through with such an act, but it was the fact that he was following orders that was truly surprising. Especially orders that came from Castiel.

Sam, Dean, Tattoos

So, no, it turned out that it wasn't really because of Celine Dion's song that caused the famous ship to avoid the iceberg, but rather an effort to gain more souls for some mysterious war machine. What is the war machine? Well, it seems to be just as secret as the soul collecting and the battle in Heaven itself.

Castiel has remained extremely quiet in terms of the angelic struggle. Plus, not getting any chance to witness any of it makes me wonder what is truly going on. This war has certainly changed Castiel and the types of decisions he has come to make. After all, altering the timeline seems like a drastic move. How is he really handling the situation?

Yet, what happens if he does win the battle? Are fate and destiny thrown out the window? Can you really choose your own path to follow? The domino effect of ideas seems endless, especially when going back in time to change history now seems to be possible. Let's not even get started on time travel rules.

The introduction of Fate, while clever in the Final Destination sort of way, does beg the question about the roles of particular supernatural beings. Does she even have a purpose anymore? Does a character like Death or God or even the Angels? Where is the line drawn or has the aversion of the apocalypse caused so much chaos and change that the line has become completely erased?

While I was pleased that Castiel garnered more screen time and offered a slight reveal at his agenda with the soul collecting, this episode lacked a sense of urgency. Sure, the new timeline offered "what if" moments, but the danger of Fate never seemed imminent. 

Even the return of Ellen felt wasted. It was a fun idea to pair her up with Bobby and offer a compassionate side to the grizzled character, but she could have easily been replaced with any other character. 

The typical Supernatural spark just didn't burn as bright in the episode.

That's not to say that there weren't great lines from the brothers or jokes about "too soon?" As always, the music choices fall under the fantastic category fitting in so well with the specific moments of the show. From "One Way or Another" to yes, Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," the music added to the humorous moments.

After a tremendously long hiatus, I was expecting more of a bang from the show's return. I have a feeling though, that as these final episodes wind down, things are going to get kicked into high gear. I still have no idea where everything is headed, but I can't wait to see how Eve, the war in Heaven, and Sam's patched up soul will culminate together.


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IDK about anyone else, but that Mustang was pretty damn sexy


Let's recap this shall we; Season 1: Search for Daddy
Season 2: Search for Yellow Eyes, Yellow Eyes plotting opening Devil's Gate, Sam dies
Season 3: Dean's last year before going to Hell after making deal to let Sam Live
Season 4: Hello Heaven! Dean is reincarnated, Heaven vs Hell a.k.a Lilleth breaking seals.
Season 5: Apocalypse starts and is over by the end of the season, Sam + Lucifer in cage
Season 6: Soulless Sam - Mother of All - War in Heaven Or at least, this is how I see/experience it,
How can that be 3 seasons of apocalypse and saving the world, are you even watching the same show??? They can't investigate a ghost haunting every other week like in season 2 because then they didnt know better then... They are now targets for much higherlevel creatures than ghosts and random level 1 creatures. So why should they go back to deal with pesky lil ghosts when they got fucking 'Eve' on their back and the war of Angels and whatnot. It's a normal progression for the show, their goals change, their priorities change and basically 'Saving the world and creating own Destiny' is pretty much what they've always wanted to do, and are doing IMO. Also, how can you whine about freaking filling episodes when like i said, the apocalypse was started and ended in 1 season. They see we'll get to a headwrap on the Mother of All, Soulless Sam and all the rest; THEYVE JUST INTRODUCED THEM IN THE NEW SEASON. This show is moving incredibly fast cause i can name many more shows with longer dragging storylines than what seems to be wrapped up season per season here on Supernatural (Not that i dont love it btw) You guys are spoiled, go watch another show...
Less complaining more thinking and actually watching the show kkthxbye


It does seem like I contradicted myself but what I meant to say was that it seems like we've been dealing with the apocolypse for the past 3 seasons. I'm tired of them having to save the world and all. I hope that next season won't be another one in which they have to save the world because otherwise I'll start rooting for the bad guys to win.


really i love the show supernatural but please let the show
supernatural end with season 6


Tom, you just contradicted yourself. You said you don't want fillers. But then you say you dont want to hear about the apocalypse and the mother of all? The main storyline of the series? You want them to do side cases, aka fillers. Contradiction, yep. Sure is.


I'm surprised no one caught the fact that this episode aired on the 99th anniversary of the Titanic sinking (in this universe, anyway).


LOL..I LOVE people who claim they're not watching the show anymore and yet they seek out the recaps, read them, and then post that they don't watch the show anymore. LOL..welcome to delusionville. Seriously, when you do all that, do you actually think that anyone buys that you're not watching the show?


I don'tt think she meant an actual war machine, fueling the war machine is an actual expression.


@Need help she did die, but when Balthazar unsunk the Titanic, they were alive. But, since he sunk it again, they are dead again


When did that woman come back? I thought she died in that explotion?

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