The Amazing Race Review: A Sad Day

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Watching the end of this week’s leg of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business I now know what it must feel like to have to choose between your two children: awful. 

The reality that the cowboys were going to be towards the back of the pack, if not last, was evident very early after Jet messed up the Roadblock.  However, we were able to dream that another team would get U-Turned as well and Jet and Cord could use their speed to make up ground, pass a team and avoid a last place finish. 

Jet and Cord Ride In a Boat

As the Detour wore on, however, it became obvious that a worst case scenario was developing.  The cowboys would be U-Turned, alright.  But one by one each of the teams I wanted to see forced to do the other half of the challenge - Kent and Vyxsin, Kisha and Jen or Gary and Mallory – skated by the double U-Turn without doing anything. 

The only option which remained was U-Turning the Globetrotters. This didn’t help our emotional conundrum; with the cowboys, they’re the two most popular teams and we were guaranteed one would go home. It was truly a sad episode.

Flight Time and Big Easy can’t be blamed for U-turning the cowboys, they had no other choice.  They even commented that they didn’t want to send Jet and Cord to the other challenge, but felt they had no option.

The real problem with the episode was the format of the leg.  By placing the Double U-Turn last, a lot of the drama was removed from the leg.  The first few teams that arrived at the Double U-Turn knew they were done with challenges, knew there were teams behind them and didn’t want to make enemies when they didn’t need it.

Let’s hop in the time travel machine and go back to the fifth leg of the race.  Remember when Flight Time and Big Easy and Jaime and Cara were both U-Turned, but each had an opportunity to come back during the Roadblock?  The twist of the Roadblock after the Detour kept the leading teams uncertain of their spot and led to an earlier U-Turning.  Without that pressure this week, no one needed to U-Turn.

The real tragedy this week is that a terrible team like Kent and Vyxsin go on while one of the best teams of all time, Jet and Cord, are sent home.  I should clarify: Vyxsin is certainly worthy, but Kent is not. 

Kent and Vyxsin Carry a Couch

Two weeks ago he showed us a bad side of himself and hasn’t done much to redeem himself in the legs since then.  This week was no exception as Kent bitched and whined his way through the Detour.  The task of delivering luggage was too taxing for the skinny man.  Never mind that four other women, including one team of only women and his partner, Vyxsin, all managed to complete the task without complaining.

The cherry on top (or whatever the negative version of that saying is) was Kent once again lacking any sort of pride and allowing Vyxsin to carry him in the cart at the end of the Detour.  Perhaps even more confusing was her acceptance at doing so and subsequent praise of his fortitude on the challenge.  Are we missing something?

In the end, we lose one of our favorite teams, Jet and Cord.  Below is a quick eulogy of the cowboys.

Two time The Amazing Race runners, brothers Jet and Cord were best known by the nickname “The Cowboys” and for their signature cowboy hats.  Revered for their never-say-die spirit, Jet and Cord’s time on each appearance on The Amazing Race ended sooner than it should.  The pair was revered for their unflappable kindness and civility, regardless of the circumstances.  One of the most feared teams ever to run the race, the pair ends their The Amazing Race careers with several leg victories and countless hearts of women all over America, but no titles.

More from this episode:

  • Zev absolutely killed it this week.  If you need reminding, check out our quotes section.
  • Is anyone else annoyed at the faux build-up that the producers like to lay on us to create drama where none exists?  This week moves such as not showing us what train the cowboys got on or trying to make it seem like Jet and Cord were close to catching Flight Time and Big Easy when it was unlikely they were close.  The last scenario illustrates the problem with this editing ploy: we’re now jaded and don’t believe what we’re seeing.  We’ll never know if the Cowboys actually got close to Flight Time and Big Easy.
  • I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while: Jen looks like a female version of Rajon Rondo.  I’m not sure who that’s more insulting to.
  • Watching Zev and Justin force down the cheese fondue was really disgusting.  I found it very hard to watch by the end.


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I have watched AR since season 1. I am really disappointed. This season had some of my favorite teams back (minus Rob and Amber). The Cowboys played such a great game. As well as many of the teams. I like many of the remaining teams minus Kent and Vxyin (like her not crybaby him). If you are suppose to do the task how can come you don't have to figure out the answer for yourself. This has happened to the Cowboys twice. I feel it is okay to help other teams but not with the answers to a assigned task. The U-turn should not be at the end because the Cowboys had no way of recovering. Big Easy and Flight Time had no other choice. This should have been a 2 week leg so the Cowboys at least had a chance. Shame on you AR producers.


I have watched every series, every episode of the Amazing Race since it began... but now it has lost it's lustre to me. Why were Jen and Keisha not penalised for losing their map? Why can the teams get away with cheating, by giving the answers to each other?
Jet and cord have played straight and fair and in no way deserved to go home... gutted!
The Cowboys weren't given a fair deal and as such I no longer care, this show has gone downhill...not going to bother next season.


I have watched the AR since the beginning all 11 seasons. It is the ONLY reality show I watch and the only 1 I would ever want to be on but I am DONE for this season. Jet and Cord have always been polite, helpful and good sportsmen. They don't yell at their partner(Ron and Kent) or others or push people out of taxis(Kent), they play fair and never give up. I was rooting for them and Flight Time and Big Easy but with the Cowboys gone I won't watch the rest of the season because I know F.T. and B.E. are next to go. To have Gary and Mallory and Kent and Vyxsin survive with the non-elimination legs reeks especially how EASY their speedbumps were. I just can't support the rest of this season.


I think there has been too much of this sharing of the answers in this season's AR and it is totally killing the show. You are supposed to win the show through your own hard work and determination not piggy riding on someone else's work!!! I mean come on...example one...globetrotters did it last night and they also did it with the flag challenge back at the beginning...can you guys not do your own work...another time where the cowboys bucked up knew there was something missing and went back to do it right ON THEIR OWN!!!! I don't know if I can stomach watching the end of this season, truly. Jet and Cord, best team ever!!!


I agree that the Cowboys were not given a fair chance, there should be a penalty for giving out information to other teams. They should be brought back! It will absolutely make me nuts if Blondie and her Dad win, he's fine, but I want to put a sock in her mouth. Kent is Vyxin's very own triple detour. Justin and Zev are working together and hopefully make it to the final 3. Somtimes I think AR makes some very poor decisions. Like when Kent and Vyxins missed the 2 "scheduled" planes they got a penalty. What were they supposed to do? Just sit there until the race ended? Another sore point I've had was when the Chinese brother and sister won the race which ended in China,they spoke the language and had been there...can you say "unfare advantage"????


Last night's episode was disheartening. Seeing the cowboys lost when they were the only team that played fair. That is, without getting any help from the other teams that decided to gang up on them. The producers should make a rule about giving answers to other teams. Penalties should be meted! Suddenly, this race is NOT SO AMAZING anymore....


No fair! The cowboys were cheated!!! Ban The Amazing Race!!!


I have always been a fan of The Amazing Race until last night's episode when Jet and Cord got eliminated. They were the only team that played fair in the Lichtenstein challenge. Everybody else cheated including the sisters who didn't even have to go back when her map flew off of her pocket. The show should have penalized the cheaters. Not doing so is like advocating that cheating is only way you get ahead in life. Is this the message that the show wants to get across? Too bad. I really thought the show was Emmy worthy.


So sorry to see the cowboys go. That blonde chick is so damn annoying. She makes me cringe everytime she acts so goofy. She makes Phil smile but she makes me yell Shut up at my TV


i'm agreeing with everyone on here about other teams suffering a cheating penalty. the amazing race is supposed to be about teamwork, determination, and (sometimes), sheer luck. when teams regularly join forces, or all gang up against one team, the show starts to feel like survivor, where social connections and tricks are the most important thing. i don't watch survivor for that very reason, and i'm getting a little fed up with amazing race for allowing stuff like that to happen. (this is the 2nd time this season the cowboys had a hard time with a clue that everyone else shared.) the cowboys were by far my favorite team, but when you have 5 teams working against you, what chance do you have?

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