The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Agreement Dissection"

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In "The Agreement Dissection", we finally find out why Priya was brought into Leonard's life beyond just keeping him away from Penny ... to nullify the roommate agreement.

Unfortunately for Leonard, but fortunately for the viewers, the roommate agreement-free zone didn't last long, but it provided the backbone for one of the funniest episodes of The Big Bang Theory this season.

Sheldon Busts a Move

For the first time, I wasn't annoyed with any of the characters, not even Priya or Amy. They both were well-utilized in the story and weren't annoying human beings.

Perhaps, Sheldon did Leonard a favor by blackmailing him and Priya, because now he has a reason to break up with her. As we all know, Leonard still belongs with Penny.

Amy in large doses usually grates at me, but drunk Amy is hilarious.

I hope her relationships with Penny and Bernadette will help bring out that side of her even when she is sober. We really don't need two characters who can only function as full human beings when they are drinking. Though, it would be intriguing to see what would happen if drunk Amy and Raj were to hook up.

Jim Parsons, as usual, had the funniest moments. I'm not sure anyone else could have eaten - or not eaten - greek food in such a comical manner. He is able to use his facial expressions to perfectly reflect Sheldon's circumstances.

The only part that I didn't really find funny was the smoking monkey.

It was a distraction to the Sheldon and Amy moment. It isn't often that the two of them are alone together and I would have enjoyed it better without the monkey. Though, it was good to find out from the vanity card at the end, that the monkey wasn't actually smoking.

Over the last few episodes, The Big Bang Theory has effectively turned into an ensemble show including not only the boys, but the girls as well. If Priya would disappear, the universe would be perfect on my favorite nerd show.

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FYI This was the episode Parsons turned in when he won the 2011 emmy


Can anyone post a capture of the vanity card at the end of the smoking monkey episode pls?


@Nyctereutes: Yes, that was a storyline that could have been developed. It was a hilarious move and I'd have loved to see that develop @Marissa: Priya is Ray's sister.


BTW David - as a woman of East Indian orgin - I liked your comment about Priya being beautiful - she is - and I admire your well developed "worldly" taste but so is Penny. They had to get someone equally beautiful or, let's face it, how fun would THAT be?


The male/female dynamic is always interesting and leads to some cool opportunities for the writers to explore. (Loved the spying with Burnadette - the Sheldon/Amy kiss...classic!
The Sheldon/Amy dynamic adds a great dimension to Sheldon's character that can go in so many directions. The writers have obviously written in Priya as a character that could either stay or go. I like the air of deviousness she's amusing. But we all know it will have to end well or things might be awkward for Raj and Leonard - and the writers would never do that to the ensemble. Penny is lovable and is destined for a life with Leonard.


David, how shallow can you get??? They should keep Priya because she is the 'best looking of the bunch'? Whatever. I'm not saying she's not stunning, or that Penny isn't equally as pretty, but what does her looks have to do with keeping her in the show? SHe's been there too long now, and she's annoying. I would say all the negativity is coming from the fact that she doesn't really fit with the group as a whole, and she doesn't understand them like Penny does. Trust a man to say it was all about 'jealous women.' You really are clueless.


I did not think I would like this show, now I cant miss it. It is so funny.


I know I don't speak for the majority here, but I just love Amy, I always have and I was sooo excited when she kissed Sheldon


absolutely hilarious! we want more and longer episodes :D


I found it disappointing that it wasn't shown how the "pregnant Amy" gossip came out. For me, it seemed like a lack of continuity.

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