The Chicago Code Review: "St. Valentine's Day Massacre"

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Murders are down but shootings are up in Chicago as Superintendent Colvin goes on the hot seat after 5 people are murdered in a restaurant in "St. Valentine's Day Massacre". 

I have a love/hate relationship with John Heard. He does such a great job of portraying people you want to hate that I have a hard time separating him from his characters.

On the Case in Chicago

For example, he played the Mayor of Chicago and two minutes after we met him he threw Colvin to wolves regarding the shootings that took place and I hated him. 

You have to feel for Superintendent Colvin, the Mayor is willing to dump her like a bad first date and she is barely squeaking under the gun on the vote of no confidence.

It takes a strong person to stand up and try and continue fighting for a position that it seems like everyone has turned against her on. I am not sure if I would have her strength to keep fighting both my superior and my subordinates for my job. 

I do love how well Jennifer Beals has gotten into the role of Colvin. When the series started Jason Clarke was acting circles around her as Wysocki. In the pilot I could feel her playing make believe and going through the motions like a 10 year old playing dress-up. 

Not anymore, someone has clearly been coaching her. Did anyone else catch the Presidential style hand gesture she was using when talking before the vote?  I have seen Obama, Bush, and Clinton all use this same hand motion (closed hand, using thumb to point across the end of fingers). It was subtle but powerful. 

My final realization for how far Beals had come was when she and Waysocki were walking and talking at the end. It actually felt like a real conversation. As they discussed why they were no longer partners, and Wysocki cracked a joke her reaction appeared completely genuine. I loved it! 

Sadly Wysocki was still being his snaps decision self. Evers is a more patient man than I will ever be. If Wysocki had pulled over and told me to get out before I had even finished my sentence, I would have had some choice words for him and would have gotten out and taken the bus. I understand Wysocki is loyal to Colvin, but come on! Let the man finish is sentence. 

We also got our first glimpse of the fall out of Vonda and Isaac becoming intimate. I am betting we have not seen the last of the “Anna-conda” lawyer. It was too great a setup at the end for it not to come around. I hate to admit it, but, it was really touching to see Vonda be able to calm Isaac down. We all have those times when only someone who knows us inside and out can calm the storms that rage. That alone makes me hope they make it. 

I want to give my full thanks to the writers for using this week’s voice over to actually apply to the story and not try to sell me on living in Chicago. It has been my only pet peeve about the voice overs as I mentioned last week

Finally, I am really curious about something Wysocki said. Is it really illegal for a convicted felon to wear body armor? Does anyone know? If you know, post a reply. 

What did you think of this week’s episode? Would you have voted for or against Colvin? Sound off below!


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Hey Reviewer, not sure if you ever check back on these but to comment about your Q. Here in BC, Canada it's recently been legislated that anyone other than a peace officer (police, jail, etc) can not wear or buy body armor/kevlar.


No lawyer is as slimy as Anna-conda. I hate to say it, but in the real world of "law and order", cops are boring and NEVER this bright and witty. And lawyers are just like accountants...keepin' track of those billable hours without much conscience. Having been involved with police work for the last 45 years, cops are looking for that pension and the few who are gung ho soon learn that no one cares and you're better off to just go along to get along. No Serpicos anymore. These public employees just want their benefits and pensions.
That's why I love these characters..they are so outrageous and quick. The real world of law and order is excruciatingly dull; the patrol officers do most of the work. If they don't figure out who the perps are, the detectives will NEVER figure it out.

Dee gardiner

I justo love this show it just keeps getting better and better will it be back for the new season


I love the Chicago code, but they need to get their locations correct. Millers Pub, where the shooting took place is located downtown, not in Lincoln Park. Being from the city, it pains me to see them keep messing up the locations.


@Ali, I was going to mention him, but as I also review Leverage, I was afraid I would go on and on about how I expected him to whip out a cell-phone, a credit-card and a sync-cable and escape. It was great to see him, I am really excited for Leverage's return later this year..


Jennifer Beals was amazing last night. Really - showing how a strong woman keeps it together like that, under that kind of pressure and that kind of spotlight. I agree with the reviewer here, that I wasn't quite convinced she had Colvin dialled in, but I know her work well enough from other projects that I knew she had the steel to pull if off
Last night's show was hers. Good work!


Enjoyed the episode but dislike the relationship between Vonda and Isaac. I felt it coming a few episodes ago and I think with all their training they should know better than to get involved with your partner. Great example is how that relationship effected the outcome of the lawsuit. Had the “Anna-conda� lawyer not seen them in the hallway they may have been able to use Vonda's testimony and not settle the suit.


Why didn't you mention the guest start Aldis Hodge at all? He was the best part of the episode.


So, if you're unarmed, you can wear body armor? (720 ILCS 5/33F‑2) (from Ch. 38, par. 33F‑2) Sec. 33F‑2. Unlawful use of body armor. A person commits the offense of unlawful use of body armor when he knowingly wears body armor and is in possession of a dangerous weapon, other than a firearm, in the commission or attempted commission of any offense. (Source: P.A. 93‑906, eff. 8‑11‑04.)


google - Article 33f - Unlawful Use Of Body Armor

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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Colvin: No one mention the person we wanted to see is brain dead?
Bidwell: Never asked about his condition, it was my mistake.

Wysocki: You find out who Joe Anonymous is?
Colvin: You heard the show?
Wysocki: [nod]
Colvin: Everyone heard the show?
Wysocki: [nod]