The Good Wife Round Table: "Foreign Affairs"

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Welcome to another edition of The Good Wife Round Table.

The last scene wiped out much excitement that could be had from the action of "Foreign Affairs" and our critics Jeff Kirkpatrick, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica weigh in on what they think comes next. As always, we welcome your input in the comments.


Now that Alicia knows Peter has lied to her, again, will this push her into Will's arms?

Christine: No or at least not immediately.  That isn't who Alicia is.  Even if she leaves Peter, she'll have a lot to deal with:  the complications of the split, her kids, the press.  I think it will be a while before she's ready to jump into a romantic relationship, even one with Will.

Jeffrey: I don't know. For all intents and purposes, she's a moral woman. She's still married. She's still in that bond she agreed to uphold even if Peter didn't. That may not mean much to some people, but to Alicia I think it does. She certainly has grounds to divorce him if she should choose to. I hope that if she does pursue something with Will that it's after she dispenses with her current marriage.

Carissa: All I can hope is that it pushes her out of Peter's. She may just have sex with Will out of revenge, but I think they deserve a better try than that if they choose that story direction.

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Will Alicia confront Kalinda. and if so, how will Kalinda react?

Christine: I can't imagine she'll be able to face Kalinda again and not say something.   I don't think you can swallow that much hurt and anger and not explode.  As for Kalinda, she feels incredibly guilty.  She'll try to explain and then she'll back away and give Alicia as much space as possible.

Jeffrey: I hope she does. Can you imagine the emotion that would come from that scene? They had essentially become best friends, or at least Kalinda had become the best friend Alicia has, so there's no doubt the fireworks will fly high when they do confront. Kalinda doesn't have a leg to stand on, sadly, because she didn't just keep the truth from Alicia, she lied to her face.  Alicia has had so much of that in the last two years that I'm honestly not sure if she'll forgive least right away. Everyone has a breaking point, and I think Alicia has about reached it.

Carissa: I have a feeling she will confront Peter before she does Kalinda. Dependent upon what she hears from Peter will direct her actions with Kalinda. Once.confronted, Kalinda will hold nothing back and her honesty and back story will either save or doom the friendship. Save, please save!

Will Peter and Alicia still be living under the same roof as the season ends? 

Christine: I'd love to see her kick his butt to the curb.  It's just been one lie too many.  There's only so much Alicia can take and still keep her self respect.

Jeffrey: For the sake of the kids, most likely. Alicia loves those kids more than anything, and I think will put them first above all else, even her own pain. Although, she might consider their direct exposure to the conflict would be detrimental to the children and choose to have Peter leave.  I agree with Carissa that I hope Peter decides to man up and do it on his own. He's already the bad guy, why drag Alicia into the fire pit along with him.

Carissa: If they are, it will be hostile. He should save his wife some heartache, tell the kids it is his misdeeds that need atoning and leave her in piece while they decide what the future holds.

Should Alicia consider going into politics?

Christine: I can see it happening but not until season 4 or later.  How much fun would it be to see Alicia and Peter go head to head in a Senate run?  The only thing that might hold her back is concern for her kids.

Jeffrey: Should she? No. Will she? As much as the writers keep tossing the idea out there it wouldn't surprise me.  There's only so long the series can go in its current iteration. Alicia will have to change and evolve in different directions than she has already. Politics would definitely be a change. How awesome would it be to see her run against Peter? I'd say that would make for something exciting to watch. Especially if Eli is on her campaign against Peter. I love when Alicia and Eli interact and would be willing to sit through an ill-advised senatorial run if it meant pairing those two up more often.

Carissa: Alicia is too honest for politics. If she tried it, I fear it would be her downfall. She's lived through enough personal attacks already. I wouldn't wish it on her.




Finnally someone has started to see the truth behind what happened 2 years ago, the writers are digging into the big frameup by Childs and who were the players. Its a shame that they couldn't include Alicia finding out what really happened that night instead of this low blow way they came up with. my personelLooking ahead I see what the writers are trying to make Kalinda the good guy and Peter the bad guy, would you want to know what happened 2 years ago or let it go and continue on with the new outlok for the future. If I had a friend who let me shoot my mouth off about my personel life and didn't say a word then they are not worth my frienship anymore, plus who would not mention anything about theirs just personel I would be very suspicious of her and would keep my life away from her.
What Peter was doing at the time of the series was right not to bring it up when he was telling Alica about the past, her friendship had gone past the hello type and would of bring on what we are seeing today.
How about Blake, how did he find out about it. Another coverup by Childs trying to blow the election but was a little late but just in time to destroy a lot of personel issues.


-Kalinda didi'nt sleep with Peter just because she finds him attractive but also to get information from him (she was working for Childs).She doesn't give a dammn about him.
-Alicia is not stupid.Peter is not worth losing a friend such as Kalinda.


Alicia into Will's arms? - Doubtful...
The interesting thing is that Alicia knew about Peter's affairs and moved past it in her own way. Although I would like to believe she simply accepted the situation for what it was and stayed in the relationship for her children and because Alicia preferred to keep things tolerable. Peter isn't forgiven, he has tainted flaws and loses appeal when he and Alicia are screened together. He is just not good for Alicia and yet things remain the same. Kalinda and Peter was in the past. Peter slept with several women and Alicia knew that, but finding out about Kalinda broke Alicia the most. Will is probably just as shady, and there is so many things we might not know about him. Alicia just has much thinking to do, but for the sake of the show it is doubtful that all odds would go against Peter, even after this blow. Kalinda's reaction would be uncertain, but the situation would come out and they would have to face it. Alicia usually tries to brush things away while still accepting the inevitability of a situation. It makes her actions unpredictable. Kalinda on the other hand could either be extremely emotional or extremely closed off. She could break down, just as much as she could change her entire life to suit a different situation. There is a lot we would not know about both characters. Okay, the season ends... There were plans to buy a new home together, that would be put on a hold. I believe Alicia is broken. She tried to close her mind off from Peter's hurtful mistakes and his cover-ups winded up biting everyone up. They might actually have to face what they've been avoiding and I hope they do. I definitely do not want them under the same roof, not the happily ever after type. Alicia is lacking some serious less drama in her life. Way overdue! As soon as the reporter mentioned Alicia as a politician, I thought 'wow that might actually be a good idea'. I doubt she would be 'The Good Wife' if she went up against her husband the next round. Hey just a thought, but Alicia could still be a 'good wife' if she got rid of Peter and remarried. Everyone should be better for it.


19 times isn't the issue its the one that was hidden from her involving her friend and coworker, all this time she was spilling her personel life out and Kalinda kept trying to steer her toward Will. That is big bombshell kick where the sun don't shine.
Questions; Why was she fired from the SA job, why was there a name change ? There is alot more to this socalled one nighter.


If Peter/Kalinda did have a one night stand that makes 19 times he has cheated on her yet fans still say she should forgive him.Give me a break. When are the KINGS going to give her back her self respect. My friends and I call the show MRS>DOORMAT.


Would anyone like to tell us how could this show go on for maybe 2 more seasons as the Good Wife if Alicia drops Peter ?


Listen very carefully to Alicia in the final seconds of the last scene. She says something. She says, "Will..."


While I agree that this may be the end for Alicia and Peter, why so many are happy about that is disappointing. Yes, Peter had a one-night stand with Kalinda years ago, probably around the same time he cheated with the hooker. Did he lie to Alicia by not telling her about it? Yes, but it's more complicated than that. Kalinda wasn't just some nameless bimbo he picked up in a bar. She's now Alicia's co-worker and friend. Revealing there past single indisgression to Alicia would probably destroy that firendship with Kalinda and likely make it very difficult, if not impossible, to work together. So Kalinda might have to quit now and find another job. And incidently, I do think Kalinda having slept with Peter and her repeatedly pushing Alicia (and now Will) to get together with Will are related. She was trying to ease her own guilt by convincing Alicia to cheat on her husband. Unlike many fans, I think Peter has changed and the Kings I believe have tried to show that. I expect he struggled with not confessing his dalliance with Kalinda, but probably given the relationships that had formed since that time, he decided it would do more harm than good and not to just himself. Alicia had never told Peter about her feelings for Will, her make-out session with him or her attempt to make it more than that. Should she come clean about that? If no, why not? How is keeping that all hidden any different? Maybe it's even worse because it all happened much more recently.


Alicia will not dump Peter she has more smarts than that, the Will issue is gone she has already seen the back side of his ego.
Her biggest problem is how to handle the Kalinda issue about being a close friend to her knowing all the time what happened over 2 yrs ago.
We will see.

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