The Good Wife Review: One Word Changes Everything

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It was election day on The Good Wife and though the case may have surrounded "Foreign Affairs" the domestic ones were far more interesting.

Alicia got blindsided. Was Wiley just fishing for a reaction when he came to see her? 

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Alicia was sitting there with her glass of wine having a private moment. Friends, family and colleagues were celebrating Peter's win. She had not only survived the eleventh hour television interview, her performance may have won her husband the election. And then with one name, her world crumbled.

If Kalinda had planned on telling her, she waited too long. Kalinda's a smart woman.

She had to know that if this secret was going to come out, odds were it would happen before the election. As the two friends stood by the elevators you could tell that Kalinda wanted to come clean, she just couldn't bring herself to do it.

With Wiley's casually uttered comment about Leela it all disappeared, Alicia's new start with her husband, her new best friend. It was all based on a lie. Alicia walked down that hallway looking as though she'd been sucker punched.  In essence, she had. 

Surprisingly the final scene, although wonderful, wasn't my favorite of the episode. That honor went to Will as he watched Alicia's interview. I was expecting him to view it in disgust or frustration. Instead all I saw on his face was admiration. He's not only attracted to Alicia, he respects her. 

Perhaps as Alicia's world falls apart, Will will take Kalinda's advice and tell her how fantastic he really thinks she is. I'd bet fantastic is the last thing she feels.

Although this episode certainly didn't need a guest star, I couldn't believe they had Fred Thompson play Hugo Chavez's lawyer. I never saw that one coming. Insert crazy dictator here for comic relief.

And enough with the 'in my opinion' judge. The gag went on too long. It's time to let it go.

The only comic relief I needed was in the looks Cary leveled on Kalinda. It was so amusing watching him try and walk the line between friendship and self preservation. "Don't tell her you slept with Peter before you put in a good word for me. OK?" Only Cary could pull that off and still make me like him. 

The highlight of the case for me was America Ferrera as Natalie. She's been a joy to watch and I've loved her awkward but sweet interactions with Eli. I was sorry to see her storyline come to an end.

So how does Alicia pick herself up this time? What's her next move? Does she confront Peter? Call out Kalinda? Or will she take her time and weigh her options? Watching this smart woman figure it out will be fascinating TV. I simply can't wait to find out what comes next.


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Sorry I guess i'm the only one who sees a different side to this show. What you all think is going to happen won't, the writers are doing a nice way of fooling everyone and it will not end your way.


I cannot understand why some viewers are so adamant that Alicia must stay with Peter because the show is called the Good Wife? How idiotic is that? So whatever he does, she must stay because the title says so? And Peter's indiscretions may have been two years ago but the guy has been in prison!! His career was almost wrecked by the scandal-what, you think he would have stopped if he had not been caught? You think he only got his shit together for his family? The guy is obsessed with his career, not his family, and if he was truly sorry for his behaviour he would not continue on in a career that makes his past a constant source of pain for his family. He wants Alicia because she is The Good Wife, and he has taken advantage of that for a long time. I can not see Peter coming back from this, and think Alicia deserves better, but reading some comments here I am starting to understand why a woman in her position would be so wary of leaving. Too many women blame other women for shit they couldn't do a thing about. If a man wants to cheat, he'll cheat. He either loves his wife or he doesn't. (And vice versa). Peter is a power hungry dog and always will be. Alicia can do fine on her own, Will would be a bonus. ;)


Anyone who would stop watching this show if Alicia chooses to be with a really nice guy, who has always loved her and treated her well, must really hate her for some reason. That's totally irrational thinking. SERIOUSLY, you'd rather see her stick by that rotten sleazy rat who has chosen to cheat on her MANY times, used thousands of dollars of family money to pay for kinky sex with hookers, put his wife's health at risk, corrupted his kids, and embarrassed, humiliated and degraded her in public?? You really need to ask yourself why you think a dirtbag like Peter is all Alicia deserves. I think she deserves a lot better that that. Even being alone would be a lot better than being with Peter.


Are we all ready for another Perry Mason thriller LOL ...If the next 3 episodes swing the Will way this CBS series will lose another viewer along with about 3 milliom more so let the chips fall.


Its post time what is going to happen now ? Only the writer know and we will have wait and speculate for the next 3 episodes, there is so much on your plates both pro and con. The big surprize will shock the best of everyone.


Posted by "A Big Fan"---one consistent thing about The Good Wife is its ability to show that no one is perfect - everyone is human ie. makes bad decisions but to me the interesting part of this series >>>> Exactly my point in first post that everyone on this show has feet of clay. I am not defending one over another or saying Peter is better than Will or vice versa. What I was trying to point out is no one character on this show is perfect. People on this board who insult others personally regarding their opinions expressed about fictional TV show characters (when there is no way of knowing anything about their pasts, or how the writers will portray them in future episodes, only what we have been told in two seasons) need to get real.
This is not reality tv or Jersey Shore.


wow leave this forum for a minute and it completely blows up:) don't want to add oil to the fire...just would like to say : every relationship is different cos everyone is different - how one person chooses to treat a wandering cheating spouse is going to be different from the next. The one consistent thing about The Good Wife is its ability to show that no one is perfect - everyone is human ie. makes bad decisions but to me the interesting part of this series is how they live with their decisions after - surely thats really what its like for everyone not just characters on this show. How do we live with our decisions good or bad. Alicia choosing for a variety of reasons to stay with peter after the first reveal of his cheating. Alicia choosing or not to pursue a relationship with Will given she has seen he has a ruthless and quite morally flexible work side. Love how the writers don't make it seem so black and white cos really life and people aren't built like that. Think we would like it to be but really not. My two bits. Hope this forum can stay focussed and discuss things peaceably without resorting to personal abuse - we're all entitled to an opinion even if we don't agree with someone else's eh. Now to get off my high horse:) cheers everyone.


I'm a Alicia fan, and it doesn't matter who is right or wrong when the results come in it will be neither. She has enough smarts to see through both of them and will move on with her life not the life everyone thinks she should have.
With an inside scoop the writers will put it all up front in future episodes, key people will be written out and disapeer from the show. Then you all can look back and wonder why.


I really tried staying out of this debate cause it's getting too heated for my taste, but COME ON!!! So Peter has morals because his transgressions were two years ago, but Will doesn't have any because he's doing it in the present??? LOL I just can't help but be amused.
First, Will didn't make Alicia do anything. Yes, i do not agree with people purchasing married people, but it's not like Alicia was just standing there helpless to Will. She did react to him. You can try to call it a crush or whatever to diminish that but those feelings weren't just one way street. Then he saw that she stayed with Peter, admitted he was wrong to have tried anything (by the On Tap episode), then he dropped it and tried to move on. On Season 2, unless i missed something but when did Will pursue Alicia? Doesn't he have a girlfriend? And wasn't Alicia who brought up the voicemail? It wasn't Will. It was ALICIA. And he lied to her about what he said. If he was so evil and wanting to break up her family, wouldn't he have told her the truth and push for her to leave Peter for him?
You don't like Will. That's fine, but trying to vilify him in order to make Peter look better everytime one of his secrets is out is really not appealing to me.
I am team Alicia and whatever makes her happy, but at this point, she should just be team single. And if she decides to leave Peter, that's her choice and doesn't make her a bad person for it. Don't get me started on the maybe she is too blame too for Peter cheating. Like really?? You don't stay in a marriage just cause of the children cause at the end of the day, if your children really loves you, they would want you happy not trying to hide your real feelings to please them. Good Wife shouldn't be equal to doormat.


"Love and respect from a single guy to a married woman is crossing the line and is heading to total disaster of her family." You can't possibly be serious. Love and respect are a problem for you -- but a married man can be out humping hookers almost twenty different times, as well as shtupping at least one other person that we know of, and that's BETTER for her family?? Open your eyes for a change. (You people keep trying to blame Alicia if her family splits up. NO, that blame is entirely with Peter.) And WILL "has no morals"?? Does PETER have any? Obviously he has even less. You have such short memories that you think that, just because we don't know for SURE that Peter is still banging hookers, that he must have completely reformed. Don't kid yourself. Where do you think Peter is when he's not at home and he's not at campaign headquarters? He doesn't have JOB, you know.....

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